Re-defining the ministry of prayer

Those whom the Lord is grooming in the present day ministry of prophetic intercession, needs to see and clearly understand the priority of precise representation of the Father’s eternal purpose in their prayer and interaction with other saints. The dynamics and complexity of the ministry of intercession can be clearly seen through the way and manner Jesus handled issues. When he is expect to go the predictable part, then he turns and go the other way.  He was a strategist in dealing with both political and religious issues of his day. he knew what it meant to be led by the Spirit. the word of the Lord tells us that only those that are led by the Spirit are the Sons of God.

  What defines your ability and authority to exercise governmental exicution in prayer flows from the position of Sonship. humility, obedience and trust are the core values of this order of people the Father is calling to share in the ministry of prayer.  We must never allow our prayer be hijacked or confined by false image crafted from the soulish [self-centered} passion of the unregenerated mind.  

 Every thought and imagination that exalts its self against the written or revealed knowledge of God for our assigned mission must be discerned and dealt with.  The Lord will reveal his mind in prayer through a vessel that has gone through seasons of affliction and purification of heart. The Lord uses these tools to refine and define those apprehended for his glory. We can never separate effective intercessory prayer ministry from a sold prophetic word base foundation.

 The clearer we press into the mind of the Lord in understanding issues that shape human destiny, the sharper our intercessory cutting edge becomes. What will eventually define the issues {the transforming power} of your life, family, business, ministry and the society in general according to the scriptures will not be how much of informational truth you have, but how experiential truth has reconfigured and shaped your perception in becoming one with Christ in the place of intercessory execution .


 Eventually, what flows out of your {innermost being} belly, the place of awareness will be the determining factor of the next dimension of your intercessory development. The condition and state of your heart determines the kind of capacity, authority and dominion you will demonstrate in the midst of this present global {crisis} darkness.

Therefore, you must carefully identity and separate yourself from cultural religious defilements and the carnal tendencies that may try to creep in to defile your soul in the place of prayer and intercession. You must have a clear focus and direction of the Spirit as we migrate into a day of understanding the purposes and mission of kingdom based prayer in this new season.

 We must constantly desire the feelings, emotion and thought of the Father within our innermost being, so we can also please him even in our intercessory engagement.   The idols of humanistic philosophy and weak cultural belief system that pollutes your ability to be effective as a believer, can no longer be allowed to continue, your attention and focus must be to continually bind our emotion, thought and desire on the purifying altar of the Spirit as the fresh word of the Lord is being poured forth.

 Agreement with obsolete religious template of thinking must be divorced; we must seek the ancient pathway that leads to the preferred place in Christ in this new day


2 Cor 6:16

16 What agreement [can there be between] a temple of God and idols? For we are the temple of the living God; even as God said, I will dwell in and with and among them and will walk in and with and among them, and I will be their God, and they shall be My people.  AMP


Therefore, Wisdom is once again crying out to all who are simple and prudent in heart to come; learn, eat and drink of this freshly prepared wine and meal of the Spirit. The fruition of this reality comes only by embracing the cross and turning all the religious and soulish ideologies {strongholds} of our hearts into woods that must be consumed by the  fire of the Spirit. In other words, the present ministry of prayer is indeed calling us to a higher dimension of spiritual sacrifice.

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