Understanding the Principle of Kingdom Partnership

Understanding the principle of kingdom partnership

This present season prophetic article

By Isaiah-Phillips A.


Beloved, since the age began, God has always desired men and women who can partner with Him in advancing His purpose and plans within the earth. We know too well that God does not preach the gospel of salvation nor that of his kingdom to other except he first raise a spokes man for himself.

Kingdom reality and its impact does not come without the aid of a man and woman who have completely given themselves over to the mission of the Lord in whatever field they have been called to function. The Lord’s plan of redeeming the world from the clutches of sin had to come through the availability of Mary and Joseph, the portals and parents of Jesus Christ the Messiah before such purpose became a reality.

God requires the cooperation of {spiritual} man for the ingathering of souls into His Kingdom. With this understanding, it is clear that partnership is God’s idea for accomplishing His purpose at all levels. The mercy and the grace of God are about to be poured a fresh on those who have offered themselves for the manifestation of the kingdom of God in this season like never before. But it is highly important for us to ask ourselves some basic questions on how we have dispensed the grace {resources} given to us in time past for the building and establishing of his Kingdom.

The grace and the gift of God are given to enhance the development in life to make the right impact in the communities’ cities and nation we.ve been assigned by the Lord. The platform of enjoying the resource of the Kingdom in this present season is largely dependent on how well we have been able to give an account of our stewardship, “He who is faithful in little, much shall be committed into His hands”.

Those that God has called and will be calling in this Ministry gift of helps (partnership) will need to take to heart with clear understanding the principles and scriptural basis for their functionality  in order to flow in the full benefit of their mission (Rom. 12: 6-8).

Your effectiveness and responsibility is basically built on the levels of your spirituality in regards to the law of seed time and harvest time. You must understand with clarity that every seed sown is to enhance the development and acceleration of God’s Kingdom in the life of the minister(s) and ministries you are called into partnership with.

The ability to count the cost before embarking on this laudable project is highly important as you will face a new level of resistance in your financial stability because the enemy does not want the kingdom of God to be accelerated into higher realms of possibilities.

The enemy will challenge any person or group of people who desires to help finance the work of the Kingdom. So, it is important for you to be spiritually persuaded, you must count the cost and receive the faith and grace for this loadable assignment. Obviously, the reward of supporting the work of God in the hand of a true genuine minister can never be measured in quality and quantity. The father never owes anyone for he is our great reward!

The scripture says “who would want to build a house and will not first sit down and count the cost if he is able to finish it”. This scripture stands as an arrowhead to launch men who will be Kingdom financiers in these last days to a new realm of understanding.

The enemy does not want the work of the Kingdom to be built, but the Lord says if we would sit down to count the cost; in other words balancing our zeal on  knowledge ultimately helps to  bring the work to a desirable finish.

Spiritual knowledge must be sought for, concerning giving and assisting the work of the ministry so as to not get weary by temporal financial set backs which are bound to come don’t be fooled. The level to which we allow God to work concerning our finance is to the degree of our impact in giving to ministers and ministries who are at the fore-front of their mission and calling. The more we give to the work of God, the more we receive of His grace over our lives, family, business and ministry. Luke 12: 22-24


All successful projects can in one way or the other be traced to the foundation and structure of the precise partnership. An example of this can be seen in the concept of church in the Acts of Apostles. The church stands as a true representative of a functional community in giving and receiving of God’s Kingdom resource for development. The life of the people shows the three levels of connection (relationship) in life which are; dependent, independent and interdependent. This connection also reveals three stages of ministry development. A clear understanding of these stages will help the minister to flow and function with a higher capacity of the anointing and wisdom in his area of calling and gifting.

Today, it is sad to know that most ministers called of God, gifted and empowered for their generation lacked the basic ministerial support because of the insensitive attitude of some brethren and church leaders. The word of God teaches us that life is in stages. Each stage prepares us for the next as we respond to its instructions and dealings.

Young itinerant ministers and ministries are supposed to depend on the corporate church community for their support and welfare, especially in the areas of finance and socioeconomic development. Where there is lack of adequate finance to express their gifts and anointing in the areas of their calling, this invariably leads to discouragement and frustration in most cases.

This has nothing to do with the period in which God processes His man, in complete trust and obedience to His will in pure faith. The same God who led Elijah to the brook also commanded the widow of Zarephath to feed him after the brook dried up. The second stage demands that we grow mature and become independent in our service to God and man.

At this point faith is released to believe God for some basic things because the level of maturity at this stage has grown to a point where God responds to the truth of our hearts in meeting our needs. A lot of testimonies are given at this stage of how one prayed and got results. This does encourage the minister; even though the level of responsibility and accountability is enormous.

Now the last stage reveals the true ministry of partnership. Here, everybody depends on somebody for greater impact in the work of ministry. Irrespective of the level, whatever you have at this stage of ministry can never be enough to fulfill the vision of God. Help by the spirit must be sought for to assist the work in order to move it to the next height. Partners are raised not just for financial support but also for the total spiritual edification of the church. Every joint supplies its gifts for the building of the total church.

At this point God knits the hearts of people together in prayers and other forms of support for the advancement of Kingdom. This was the stage of the Philippian church that assisted the church in Judea and Galatia for the establishment and welfare of the people. This has nothing to do with their doctrinal connection or individual benefits but the command by the Spirit for the mutual benefit of the churches.

The grace to understand the uniqueness of each person’s calling and gifting will help other parts of the church to function better especially in releasing resource. For too long, the enemies have succeeded in blocking the members of the body of Christ from enjoying each other’s giftings because of the spirit of Mammon, self-interest insecurity denominationalism.

There are people that God has called and commissioned with Kingdom wealth to help strengthen the feeble knees and the weary hands in the field of labour that are shut up within the walls of some of these institutions who perpetually obstruct their people from giving to a ground that is not directly connected to membership or so called vision. And so, they perpetually engage themselves in some kind of soul motivated project instead of diverting required resource to help their fellow (ministers) brother who is urgently  in need.

I believe that wealth and prosperity are gifts in the hands of men who understand the burden of advancing the purpose of God’s Kingdom to the next frontier. Wealth is never a tool to gratify our selfish desires. It is never to be abused for building self empires and ungodly security. The bible says, “God is the one who teaches our hands to make wealth that He may establish His covenant”. The moment we lose focus of the assignment of money, the spirit of Mammon hijack the soul and brings us into an attitude of pride self-delusion and ultimate destruction if repentance is sought after. That means, the enemy can easily take advantage of our ignorance and arrogance to hinder the advancement and impact of the work of God in a community or region. Every partner in the Kingdom must understand why God has placed certain resources in their hands. This cannot be over emphasized.


It is easier to be willing to give when you don’t have than to give when there are screaming needs all around you. A partner is one who is committed to advancing the work of His father because he or she is always led by the Spirit and not one who only gives when it is convenient. A partner is one who thinks first of the man on the field, in a desert somewhere waiting and believing God for their next supply of food and gospel materials.

He or she is ever mindful of God’s men and women on the field irrespective of his condition. He is ever ready and willing to put a smile on their faces through his provision. He lives his life to support the minister of the gospel in whatever area the Lord will demand.

A careful look at the foundational pattern of the early church finds its expression in true Kingdom partnership, which of course, helped a great deal in advancing the work of the church at all levels. How the churches were interconnected both in the gifts and grace of God upon their life; not one of them lacked one thing (Acts 4: 32-37).

As we advance in this revelation of this present season concerning the release of Kingdom wealth, Kingdom financiers will partner with ordinary men and women whose heart has been processed thoroughly by famine and drought in their field of ministry. They will witness a great release of abundance as God visits their land with rain and bread. The power of the word of God in their lives would attract the kings of the earth to favor them just like Nehemiah attracted favor from the king, who allowed him to take wood in the king’s forest for the building of God’s house. (Neh 2: 5-8).

The level of wealth that would flow into the hands of God’s stewards in these last days cannot be gathered since their storehouse is built for the furtherance and the establishment of God’s purposes. But at this point, it is important for us to note that the work of the adversary like Samballat and Tobiah would be further taken to a higher level in trying to stop those appointed by God for the release of this Kingdom wealth since Satan’s major weapon of attack is built on deceit, selfishness and pride.

(Tim 3: 1-2) The enemy is perpetually flooding the heart and mind of people today with endless chains of needs and wants (James 4: 1-3). Their desire is to continually satisfy their carnal {passion} desires, thereby shutting their bowels of mercy. Believers must identify this spirit self-centeredness and deal with them on intercessory ground for these strongholds to be completely broken.

It is God’s will and responsibility to see to the provision of His men but it’s also our sole responsibility to discern and receive the provision already given to us by the Lord (Eph 1:3) for other around us. As God initiates the hearts of His {leader} people with this Kingdom principle for divine provision, they must build the platform whereby they can interface with their partners in true Kingdom relationship, which is the core purpose of partnership. “The soul that waters shall be watered back”.

The minister has the responsibility of constantly watering the ground that produces his “bread” both in prayer and sharing of the present truth. The ground (The partner) must be cultivated in spirit and in truth for better productivity in his life. In no way must it be assumed that the partner does not need the assistance of the minister.

The minister must not lose his responsibility as a spiritual man to discern the need of his partners just like Elisha discerned the need of the Tushbite woman even through the need was not obvious to Elijah until it was found out that she had no child. Elijah had enjoyed the blessing and the provision of this woman by building a place of rest for him anytime he comes to town. This shows the heart of God in taking care of His ministers who remain faithful to the assignment assigned God will meet us at the point of our need.


(HEB. 3: 4)

The pattern for partnership is built and established on a heart that is burdened in seeing the work of God’s Kingdom advance in an accelerated capacity. Indeed, it is God that locates and knit the hearts of men together in partnership so as to witness a release of God’s anointing in a dimension that will bring the nation before the cross of Christ.

First, it is important to know that partnership cannot be initiated by the flesh. Trying to package your messages for the sole purpose of creating financial partnership I do not believe is the right way of seeking support even though the Lord might use your material to connect you to people.

Motive for ministry should not be making money but blessing people with whatever the Lord has given to us. It is not the way we look or are able to persuade people with eloquent speaking to grants us favour but the connection of our hearts to the Father who connect us with his resource here on earth. The Lord knows how to direct the hearts of men to those who are connected to his uncompromising truth.

Partnership is divine since it involves men giving their substance (money) or prayers to someone they cannot see or monitor their stewardship. It must be clear that faith, obedience, integrity and the direction of the Spirit must be visible in the ministry of true partnership or else one may get discouraged by not seeing immediate result of what person been supported. Once a seed is sawn, one has no more say concerning that {seed} gift since it has been sowed already. Apostolic [insight] Wisdom must be received in order to know how to disburse the seed to the areas of need right from the local needs to global level.


It will be an understatement to say that those who give to the work of the Kingdom will be given back to in “good measure”.

Partnering with men of good character and integrity is actually partnering with God in all ramifications. When this is clearly understood, one would walk in the divine provision at all levels. The grace and the anointing in the life of such man of God will definitely flow into the lives and hearts of those who are truly connected to him or her in true spirit of kingdom covenant partnership.

It is unfortunate that this ministry of helps had suffered setbacks in time past due to the lack of accurate teaching priest in this area. Most men who preach this only touch and emphasize one aspect of the truth, which is centered on the building of their own ministry while they discourage their people from sowing into other ministry outside their community.

They say, “It is better to sow on a ground you know than the one you don’t know”. This statement undermines the concept of God the Church of Christ represent as a global community.  This also shows lack of revelation and accurate understanding in regards to body ministry. The body of Christ definitely is not made out of one denomination or group structures, the Church we are told is made up of many members. Imagine what will happen in the structure of the human body if one aspect refuses to function. It will definitely affect other parts of the body with great impact and consequence.

We are never to merchandise or pervert the truth for our own selfish purpose and gain. But we are admonished to build; train and release people into the areas of their gifting and grace to serve the body of Christ. One aspect of the body (ministry) is a larger part of Christ body. We must never monopolise God’s resources; spiritual, financial or human capital.

Ministers and members of the Body of Christ must be encouraged to release their resource in partnership with other godly ministries and Churches who are desperately in need of their support. Remember, it is God that knits the hearts of men and not the church leaders. The wealth that could be released for the end-time harvest will only come to the ministers that believe in the philosophy of releasing men at all levels. Barnabas was released to Paul because of the greater assignment given to Apostle Paul.

Without the ministry of Barnabas, Paul would not have been able to penetrate the council of Elders in Jerusalem with his message since he was new to them. But he was endorsed because of the integrity of the ministry of Barnabas. We must learn to endorse other arm of the Body that needs encouragement. Ministries and their leaders will scout for preachers oversea, paying large sum of money just for a week meeting while there are local anointed ministers who can deliver the same message if not better than the foreign counterparts but the fact that they don’t have a huge ministerial cloud around them they are automatically rejected.

When established ministers begin to believe in young up-coming ministry (ministers) irrespective of where they are; the spirit of sonship and fatherhood would be restored to the church in such a way that sends the right signal that the Body of Christ have come of age.

I believe God is raising partners for all those who are presently faced with one lack or the other in their field of work. The God who supplies our needs will release men both within and outside our ministry to help us fulfill our calling. We must not be discouraged to stop building the walls, since He who has called us is faithful to His promise. We must remain faithful to His word and not allow the present need to side track us from the eternal call. “For the Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want…”

As the Lord stirs your heart starts supporting ministers and ministry doing the will of God. This ministry needs your support.  The Lord has given us a mandate to declare the uncompromising gospel of his kingdom to this generation and with your prayers and financial support we can move mountains hindering communities and regions from accepting message of truth.

If you feel the urging of the Holy Spirit to be part of this team please feel free to either write or call the phone No:+27-0767916036, +021-876-26-24

E: mail bimbo.isaiahphillips@gmail.com gatekeepers@live.co.za

Account type: FNB CHEQUE ACCOUNT: 62-110-4848-13, Carlton Centre.

Your support will be greatly appreciated!

Isaiah-Phillips A.

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