Solomon’s leadership built on the foundation of prayer


2 Chronicles 1:2-7

2 Then Solomon spoke to all Israel-to the commanders of thousands and commanders of hundreds, to the judges and to all the leaders in Israel, the heads of families- 3 and Solomon and the whole assembly went to the high place at Gibeon, for God’s Tent of Meeting was there, which Moses the LORD’s servant had made in the desert. 4 Now David had brought up the ark of God from Kiriath Jearim to the place he had prepared for it, because he had pitched a tent for it in Jerusalem. 5 But the bronze altar that Bezalel son of Uri, the son of Hur, had made was in Gibeon in front of the tabernacle of the LORD; so Solomon and the assembly inquired of him there. 6 Solomon went up to the bronze altar before the LORD in the Tent of Meeting and offered a thousand burnt offerings on it.  7 That night God appeared to Solomon and said to him, “Ask for whatever you want me to give you.” NIV

Here we see clear fundamental principles that define the heartbeat of a true leader displayed by Solomon before the Lord.  Several points can be extracted here in regards to the type of men the Lord is searching for in this season, but we shall focus on one; which is obviously link to Solomon’s understanding of the importance of prayers in leadership. We all know that an effective prayer lifestyle is one of the capstones of any successful vision in life.

However, in the case of Solomon he took this spiritual knowledge to another realm entirely. Here was a young man who has just been appointed to be the next king after the mighty King David reign. He clearly understood the complexity of leading a nation like Israel through the seasons of watching his father handle very important and delicate issues of governing the land. Solomon’s apprenticeship under the leadership of King David, known as a one of the greatest leader known in human history is no joke. The profile and footprint of David’s leadership is still one of the mysteries men are studying and using as reference point to the concept of governance, warfare and socioeconomic development in society today. Here is Solomon in the same shoes of David, sandaled with the responsibility to lead one of the greatest nations on earth.

A nation the Lord holds dearly to his heart. A people destined to be a priest to the rest of the world; Solomon found himself in the position of leading this people with all the experience of war, political diplomacy and economic interventions at his disposal, yet he could accurately see the loopholes in his father leaders and cost of intervening without a solid spiritual base . He understood that to merely depend on his father’s strength {resources} or wisdom will spell doom to him and the entire nation. Mind you, almost everything Solomon needed to build the temple of the Lord was already provided by David; Solomon will still not depend on this man-made provision for what is ahead of him. He knew without Gods direct approval and involvement in the mission ahead of him it bound to fail. He knew that depending on all this human preparation without the resource of heaven will certainly lead to futility. The scripture told us that he gathered the entire leadership to the mount of the Lord to offer a sacrifice no other king in history will ever offer to the Lord again; a thousand bull was offered that night as sacrifice to the Lord!



This action gave insight into the position of the heart of Solomon concerning what was ahead of him. The ability to recognize the Lord pattern, direction and purpose for his people in leading them to the next realm of purpose was crucial to him. Solomon journeyed to Gibeon before the bronze altar {of prayer} made by Bezalel under the command of Moses the servant of the Lord.    The advance of the present reformation in regards to the ministry of prayer is built on this concept, Solomon showed us. As we know, we are in the center of a mighty reformational move, even though it’s not yet glaring to the ordinary eyes like many would have desired to see, yet the Lord is powerfully moving his church to a new position of strength and sight in the Spirit.  This move is renovating and re-shaping the internal configuration of the Church structure. the people of the Lord will never be the same again. The redefinition of Christianity is inevitable in this new day of the Lord.

Any genuine move of the Spirit always starts from within before its physical expression and impact become felt. Once we understand this concept it become easy for us to partner with the Spirit instead of looking for religious signs and approval. One of the most tragic reasons why the Jewish people missed their day of visitation was the fact that they needed Christ to give them a physical signs {proves} that he was the one sent from the from God.  even though Christ fulfilled all the prophetic promise of the coming messiah, they still refused to accept him.  Many are still making the same mistake in the midst of a mighty outpouring of the Spirit {life or nature} of God. The past charismatic Pentecostal movements sad to say, limited or do I say, misrepresented the definition of the outpouring of the Spirit to the gifts and mere manifestation of the new born spirit. they have camped and built ministries around parts of the fruit of the spirit like love without understanding the transitional purpose of the Lord.

We understand the release of the Spirit according to Joel’s prophecy was actually in two dimensions; the first was the initial outpour which is known as the former rain while the last outpour is known as the latter rain. These two carried unique purpose and missions in the strategic restoration of the Church’s destiny.

The first outpour represents the prophetic sound from heaven calling all nations to the mountain of the house of the Lord, while the second trumpet demand an internal change of nature from those who heed to the sound of his voice. When these two realities take their rightful place within the spirit and soul of man they then prepare us for the final union with Christ in full manifestation of his glory.  We can’t start and stop in Passover because it’s the place where the master initiates our freedom from captivity neither can we camp around Pentecost because of its glorious beauty and manifestation of power; we must journey to meet the bridegroom so we can receive the seed of his reward for mankind.

King Solomon, a typology of wisdom showed us how the pattern of an ascend prayer life. Each time we approach the Lord with a prayer request we all giving the opportunity to present our state of spiritual maturity. Every new level of maturity {spirituality} demands a redefinition and recalibration of what prayer means. The greatest contributing factor to inaccurate prayer is the present of perception. This is why it’s important to realize that nobody really gets to graduate from the school of prayer since it’s directly too how we get to be spiritually measured.  Our prayer life is directly connected to our present faith and revelation of seated truth within the heart.

The prepared atmosphere and condition of Solomon’s state played out in presenting his request to the Lord. If the Lord’s replay to your answer is ask me whatsoever you desire it will be given to you what would you ask for? You can only as for the provision within the core realities of your need. It takes both revelation and wisdom to know that the fulfillment of our prayer request is within the core realities of the Fathers will for us, when he gets satisfied through our service to his purpose, then we get our provision met through the satisfaction of his pleasure.  No provision outside the vision of God for your life can bring fulfillment. Solomon seems to understand this in his approach of request. He did not ask for what will satisfy his soulish desire; rather, his request was kingdom motivated and destiny driven.


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