In days of the resurrection of the soul…

In days of the resurrection of the soul…

Rev 20:4-6

4 I saw thrones on which were seated those who had been given authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony for Jesus and because of the word of God. They had not worshiped the beast or his image and had not received his mark on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years. 5(The rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were ended.) This is the first resurrection. 6 Blessed and holy are those who have part in the first resurrection. The second death has no power over them, but they will be priests of God and of Christ and will reign with him for a thousand years. NIV

This is the day of resurrection.  The nature of the beast and dragons we presumed dead are rising in their full power and authority within all human soul in this days of great darkness. Only the grace and love the Father has for us will keep us victorious in this season. Only the Lord knows why he said the righteous will fall seven times but we get up again. The same love the Father demonstrated over 200years again by sending his Son to die for the salvation of man is increasing in a greater force in this present season to keep us from evil.

As the heart of Christians all over the world starts getting cold, the fire of God’s love is on the increase  to keep the heart alive from compromising.   The epic battle of the last day’s saints has begun in full force. The dragon is after the man-child born by the woman in the book of revelation. Is not the book of revelation about the revelation of Christ? Yes it is. Everything we read in the book a dimensions of life and existence that we must experience first within us and then through us.  The more we seek the revelation of Christ the more  the soul will fight and try to stop us from becoming what we’ve been destined for.  What we have defined to be sin in the charismatic days are nothing to be compare to the level of iniquity the soul of men will be craving for in the season.

The ministry of lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and the pride of life will gain unprecedented control of the lives of those who have refused their soul to be beheaded through the ministry of the sword of the Lord.  As we press for the resurrection, we must be certain the soul is beheaded lest the dragon within the soul also regain life to fight and deceive us. As many who do not have the mark of the Lord will be deceived in receiving the serpents mark assuming it is the mark of the Lord. The battle line has been drawn and we have been summoned to fight. This fight is completely different from what we’ve defined to be warfare in our primary understanding of spirituality. This battle is not initiated by the devil. It is God warring against his own bride so die to the flesh but live after the Spirit.

Those who have already accepted the mark of the beast will fight through the power of deception and lust, those who carry the mark of the image of the Son of righteousness in their heart. This season calls for courage, faith and the undiluted love of God in battling for the souls of the nations.  In our weakness, his strength his perfected. This mark represents our spiritual image, origin and identity in a polarized society.  No matter what may happen to us in these last days we must never compromise this divine nature.    As the days of darkness eclipse the soul of the nations, we must not take enough oil in this journey to that preferred place in him. His word must remain the light to our feet and lamp to our part.

As we continue to see the handwriting of his appearance on the walls of religious intolerance, the political ideologies of nations we continue to get weaker and unstable such that the way of the man of Sin will be fully prepared. The stage is being set and we must be aware of this. Nation within us are raise against each other. Brother will fight and kill brother. Just as you said, the house of Saul shall continue to fight the house David. Yet we know the scripture already foretold the future outcome, the house of David waxed stronger and stronger

This are the last days and we must set our affection on Christ our first love, irrespective of how we feel or what is being suggested to our minds. The enemy is losing the battle. The soul will never overpower the spirit. We learn from the mistake of Jonathan. He knew David was going to be next king by divine providence but still refused to shift his allegiance, until he died fighting the battle of Saul-his father.

In this new day, everything that represents the unsurrender soul must be beheaded for the Spirit to gain precise ascendance.  It will be an understatement to say that Saul is very power and deceptive  the feeling of the unregenerated soul in leading millions of Christian to make ungodly decision that will cost them dearly.  That fact you are able to identify your spiritual position is victory. Many are not aware of the spiritual state and so they’ve been deceived to think all is well. What a false place to be. Not to know where you are spiritually.

He his your victory….halleluiah

The prayer of Soul transformation And spiritual development


Let Us Pray

Please note: this prayer point is not intended nor designed to be a structure model for your own personal prayer relation. This prayer point came as a result of a training we had on building the house of God sometime ago back in the fellowship. I was inspired by our training to pen down this prayer line in the spirit of total surrender to the will of the father. I personally believe it can help jumpstart the process of availing ourselves to the present demand of the spirit, in regards to achieving his eternal purpose in and through our lives.  This prayer is the cry of my own heart and I do believe it should be the heart cry of anyone seeking the appearance of Christ in them.

Let us pray…

Lord, you have called me and I am responding to your calling this very hour. You have invited me and I have received your invitation. I am aware that only those you have invited have the grace and capacity to approach you; I am privileged this day to be counted among those you deem qualified to be purified for your use.  Your word says many are called, but few are chosen; as part of the chosen generation, I yield to the process of becoming a true representative of your desire and demand for my generation.  Lord, as you advance in your mission of purification and transformation; I present my spirit, soul and body to you, as instrument of manifesting your honor, glory and power in the earth.

I am your house and this day I allow you entrance into your dwelling place. The place you bought with the precious price of your Son’s blood on the cross, I do recognize that you own me and I am your bondservant. This day, I open the door of my life for you to begin the work of pruning and renovation, Lord, I am your house, remove all that needs to be removed, destroy all that needs to be destroyed and restore yourself in me accounting to timing and mercy.

I realize that my life has been limited through the strongholds of my past, a past I have refused to speak about because of the fear it always causes me, a past I sometimes pretend doesn’t exist. Lord I do understand that you cannot truly heal and restore me until I truly allow you to take charge of my past and present burden.   My past fear and failure has kept my soul imprison but I know you are willing right now to free me from these strongholds.  Strongholds I have allowed into my thinking and reasoning faculty to determine my future. I have indeed allowed strangers to invade your temple, which is my body; by bringing false image into your house.

Every false altar and idol I have allowed access within my thoughts, emotion and feelings,   pretending to give me peace and joy I cast away right now. This moment, I bind my will and desire to the authority of the kingdom of God and I lose the hold of the enemy over my mind in the name of Jesus Christ. I break every allegiance I have with false gods seeking my worship. I declare that my life is designed for the glorious manifestation of Gods purpose in the earth.

Father, I am ready and willing to submit to your process of pruning so I can be perfected in your likeness and nature.  I am your vine, so prune me that I may bring forth the best of your fruits and wine, Lord I know there might be times when I am going to complain about the process of the pruning and the pain of conforming into your image, yes I know those days will surely come. I understand that change comes through pain and dissatisfaction but I understand that it is for my good.

As you begin to demand change in my life, help me to always remember that it’s for my reformation, development and transformation according to your word in Hebrews 12 and Philippians 2.  I submit to your process and pattern of building; build this house-my life, according to your plan, design model, Father.  Send your tools and material of perfection across my path; help me to see them when they arrive so I do not fight what you have ordained for my reformation.


Therefore Lord, I fully yield to your hammer of breaking my stony heart into shape, I yield to your chisel; carve and shape me according to my ordained destiny. Engrave your law and covenant upon the template of my soul. Father, it’s not my will but your will be done! Let your kingdom come this day into every aspect of my life. Break every loftiness and pride in me; destroy the false personality that words and family have built within me, expose me to your illuminating light like you did to Saul who became Paul. Let the veil of religion and humanistic tradition be completely removed from me, so that I can see you in the holiest place of your sanctuary within my heart.

Father, you are the potter and I am the clay so shape me with your apostolic hands of grace and mercy. Build me with your tender love and goodness, bring me to the place of complete death to my own ways so that I may find your way, truth and life in all I say and do. Bring me to the end of my day, that the mystery of your seventh day may begin in my life. I am done with the day of man; translate me into your ascended life.  Christ my Lord, you are the desire of the nations, let my life be an instrument, designed to radiate your glorious appearance all across the globe.

Breakdown every wrong image and ideology of your nature and character built within my mind. Destroy the false order of Babylonian lifestyle within my soul, put to end my own day and let your day begin immediately. Lord I yield my spirit and soul to divine union with your word, I offer myself on your altar of sacrifice.   Grant me the focus and strength to journey on until I am restored into the original image ordained for my life. My desire is to diminish in every area so that you my Lord may increase in every area of my life. I will not go the way of the world; rather I go through the straight and narrow path that leads to life.

You are my life, therefore I do not worry about my life, what to eat, drink or wear. Your life is more than these; I choose the higher life in Christ, a life that is eternal in nature, a life that grants light into every dark area of existence. This day, darkness has no more power over my soul because I stand in the position of the transforming light of Christ. My entire life is illuminated through the proceeding word of God.


Understanding of the Holy one is given to me; therefore I am not confused about the things of the Spirit, The Holy one guides me, leads me and directs my path to the will of the Father on a daily basis, I do not rebel to his counsel, I do not grieve him; rather I bring him joy through my daily obedience and submission to his voice.  My Father, as I am growing into all things, my life is not bound in any way to this earth system.

I am free from the curse of the Law, therefore, I live and walk through your sustaining Spirit of grace and mercy, increase of kingdom truth is my portion, increase of your kingdom life is my passion, and the increase of your wisdom and revelational understanding is my pursuit.  I will not stop seeking your face and desire in all that I do. I cultivate a lifestyle of continual communion with your Holy Spirit and word. Speak to me that I may hear your heartbeat.  I receive the seeing eyes, the hearing ears and the heart of accurate understanding. Like a child growing up to become a son, this day I declare that I am changing into the image of My father, therefore, the ministry of Sonship is my portion; I am rightfully taking my place as he assumes his place within my heart.  I am born of God and I am not limited in any area of life.

I bring forth after the image and likeness of the incorruptible seed. Yes, this day the seed of life is quickening my mortal Body and I am producing after the nature of the holy one who dwells in me. Greater is he who lives in me than he who is in the world.  I am neither afraid nor anxious because the Lord has not given me the spirit of fear, I do not walk in anxiety because my mind stays on the Lord all day long.  He lives in me; therefore, sickness and disease of the soul and body have no place in my body.

I do not lack anything good because the word of truth says, if I seek first the Lord’s kingdom and righteousness, all things shall be added to me; I seek the righteousness of the kingdom of God in truth and in Spirit.  I walk in the consciousness of what I say and how I respond to people around me, I will be guided by the Holy Spirit in my choice of words, I will be directed through the life of Christ within me, I will not allow my flesh to dictate how to response to complex issues. I know that I am a city set on the hill and I will display the wisdom and knowledge of God as Solomon did in his time. I will rightfully represent His mind in all things and to all people in need.  My life this day is a testimony to many who will cross my path, they will see Christ in me, my words will build, encourage and not destroy them, my words will encourage and not tear down, and my words will sustain and not drain people of life. I am a light giver; I am a life giver. I will give what Christ has given me to the world around me, they will see Christ in me, through me the glory of the Lord’s kingdom will be made manifest in Jesus Name… amen


Josh 1:8

8 Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. NIV