Youth lifestyle

The Hollywood concept of stardom and heroism, paints a false picture to how life is designed to function within the minds of the young adults. The craving for identity and acceptance in the society is leading millions into an adventure of extremity and great danger. In the pursuit of self-discovery without the right mentoring competence to help teenagers discern between illusion and reality, many have blindly fallen into unnecessary trap of deception.

Exploring and restoring the kingdom message III

We have seen great increase of restorational truth and these truths are giving clear direction and further insight to the frontier of the gospel of the kingdom in this season. Through the wisdom of scriptural consistency, we have both hindsight and insight to how the Lord uses different methods and patterns of warfare in various occasions to accomplish his unchanging purpose for the Church in the wilderness. The purpose of God for Israel is to develop and transform them into a kingdom of priests that will accurately represent the glory of his kingdom to the kings of the earth.