Exploring and restoring the kingdom message III

Exploring and restoring the kingdom message III

Exploring and restoring the kingdom message III


Understanding the kingdom of God

God’s eternal purpose for the regenerated man to rule, govern and dominate the rebellious places of the earth has not changed. This garden called the earth is being re-cultivated through the skilful hands of his prophets and apostle.  The earth is given to man to in a way that it can produce according to Gods eternal purpose.  It is designed to flourish and bring forth according to the Father’s desire.  As the desire of the Lord for his kingdom becomes priority in the heart of believers across the world, we will witness a spirit of corporation that will further destroy the walls of segregation and prejudice.  Enhancing the understanding of the Lord desire for his kingdom can become possible when we all can see through the same lens of the Spirit.    we can see now that the narrow perception religion has built in the minds of Christian is gradually collapsing.

Incomplete truth concerning the authority and dominion of believer in regards reclaiming the earth has been a major setback for the Church. The position of restored dominions must be in accordance to the biblical principle. To assume restoration of the earth is all about Christians sharing in the physical governing of locations like communities, provinces or states is far from the truth.  The scripture already told us that only the meek will inherit the earth. The question should then be who are the meek called to inherit the earth?  Matt 5:5 Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. NIV

Please note that the term meekness in the scripture goes beyond the definition of having a gentle and kind attitude as much as they are highly required.  Meekness is the attitude of a life totally submitted to the will and directive of the Sprit.  It is neither a sign of weakness but of strength, courage, faith and advancement towards the desired purpose of God for your life. Moses was referred to as the meekest man on earth. Implying that, he remained steadfast and faithful to the instructions of the Spirit even when things look contrary around him. Meekness is more about whom you are in the nature of regeneration than what you able to do for the kingdom.

The release of kingdom authority to govern the earth must start with individual, submitting their will to the influence and dominion of the written and proceeding revelation of the word of God. Inheriting your place of dominion must be solidly built on the spirit of meekness. The meek shall inherit the earth. Without a wiliness to follow the leading of the Spirit for your life, it will surely be difficult to handle the responsibility of spiritual authority and dominion.    One of the core missions of the message of the kingdom is about precise governance. Governance in the kingdom starts with how you manage your own life through the proceeding revelation of the Spirit. The fruit of the Spirit must precede the gifts. A life that has regain the accurate template of existence will understand that regaining dominion over the earth is actually about regaining dominion over the soul of all humans.   Obeying the authority of the Father without questioning his trust lays the foundation to regaining dominion over the earth in and around you.

Process of regaining dominion

It is very easy to regain dominion over the earth if we man will only submit himself to the administrative authority of heaven. The influence of the environment we grow up somehow still try to define who we are. It takes a rigorous inner working of the Spirit of truth to break its hold over us.  As much as we are born of God, yet, our animation comes from the element of the earth.  What gives us expression in earth comes from the dust. We the generation of Adam, man of the soil.  The Lord Breath into the already shaped clay {earth} and man became a living being.

This same earth {red soil} was pronounced cursed after Adam disobeyed the instruction of the Father by eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The Lord said to the serpent, dust {red soil} shall you food all the days of your life. The question is, if what defines our faculty and movement in the earth was cursed as the serpent’s food; what can we do as the redeemed generation to stop Satan from feeding on our flesh? This is a very important question if we must truly work in the dominion in this last day.  Looking at how he got the first man to compromise will certainly help us to stop him from using the same strategy of attack on us.

The desire of seeking wisdom outside the direction and guidance of the Spirit is a good advantage for the enemy. Finding security in the Lords instruction and direction for our life is a powerful weapon against the serpent.  Dealing with the issues of the lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and pride of life is a major victory to regaining dominion over the earth. Satan is the prince of this earth even though this authority has been reversed through the death of Christ on the cross; many still are blind to this truth.

Adam who was the first king in the earth ruled and reigned in power and dominion until he abdicated his place of leadership to his wife who got entrapped through the deceitfulness of the lust of the eyes, pride of life and the of riches.  Her quest to be wise and be like God was too much a temptation to resist from the deceiver. For he said to her if you eat of the fruit you will be wise, knowing good and evil.

Past restorational moves of the Spirit emphasized various aspects of God’s plan and desire for the development and perfection of the Church. The church called the ekklesia {call out} today presents the seed of the second man, the last Adam ordained to restore the earth back to the Lordship and dominion of Christ.

The kingdom of God is a civilization of people with the life and nature of Christ as their operating value of existence. These people through the inflow of the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the kingdom, are no longer limited or bound to their earthly position of existence. They are completely free from religious and Babylonian system of life.  Their mission is to continually migrate towards the realm of total spiritual breakthrough; they are not of the earth even though they were initially called out of the earth. Their operational pattern and understanding of existence is completely alien to their earthly physical location.  The society and evolution of this kingdom is what Christ came to establish among ordinary Jews in his 33years on earth. Everyone who accepted his death, burial and resurrection received the passport to begin his or her process of divine accession into the glorious reality of what is known as the kingdom life. We shall consider more of this truth later on in the study.

Earth’s destiny was designed for man’s good pleasure just as man has been created for the sole purpose of God’s glory. The progressive restoration of kingdom order and pattern of existence within the Church of Christ will usher in the season of refreshing from the throne of God. Humans and other creatures of God are presently living their lives in rebellion to the dictates of the Spirit. The power of Sin’s nature still reign and control men’s heart. Even those who claimed to be saved and washed by the blood of Christ, still struggle with basic fundamental concept of salvation because their flesh is very much alive. Relinquishing false character and attitude to the authority of redemption truth is an issue.

Preaching another gospel

Much of what we have heard to be the gospel has made provision to feeding the soul and the material body of man without an effective lasting answer to the regaining of dominion over one’s self.  You might want to argue based on the millions of lives saved through this gospel. The question is what type of gospel attracted these millions to Christ and which Christ was actually preached to them.  People all across the body of Christ are divided on the issues of what to believe or reject because most of the leaders deliberately stroke-off or avoid the central theme of the gospel. Many of those saved today are clueless of the very life, culture and nature that drive sound apostolic salvation. Until such a time when you and I completely come in alignment with the Father’s original designed purpose for humanity, existence in this world will continue to be chaotic for man in every dimension.

When the enemy deceived Eve in the garden, he assumed he had succeeded in destroying the eternal destiny of man, only to his amazement to start seeing the prophetic promise of the seed of the woman sprout all across the earth.  God’s eternal decree has been served; his word will not return unproductive, this earth shall become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ. The glory of God shall cover the earth {humans and their sphere of operation} as the waters cover the sea.  What is progressively shifting and changing at the same time in the light of this present reformation is the inner operational dynamics and strategy of conformity into the image of Christ.

The present advance of the kingdom message is not an outward show; rather, its priority seeks to internalize what many already know in their mental knowledge.  The search for spiritual knowledge surpasses the intellectual frame of thinking. Irrespective of how knowledgeable we are about the kingdom of God, without the strict approval of the Spirit over our search for spirituality, such knowledge becomes toxic and dangerous.  The gospel of the kingdom and all its operating principles and values are not designed to function through the un- surrendered human soul.

We have seen great increase of restorational truth and these truths are giving clear direction and further insight to the frontier of the gospel of the kingdom in this season.   Through the wisdom of scriptural consistency, we have both hindsight and insight to how the Lord uses different methods and patterns of warfare in various occasions to accomplish his unchanging purpose for the Church in the wilderness. The purpose of God for Israel is to develop and transform them into a kingdom of priests that will accurately represent the glory of his kingdom to the kings of the earth.

Different stages and experience in their exodus from Egypt still speaks to us in regards to our present transition from organized humanistic religion system. The scripture is so clear concerning the type of wisdom approved for accessing the kingdom. To assume we understand how wisdom God operates without acquiring the mind of Christ, is to forfeit the precise spiritual resource available for accurate advancement. The battle of seeking the Father’s approved pattern of living our live is an ongoing issue that requires the guidance the Spirit.

Patience must become the bedrock of this transition. We cannot afford to be weakened by the forces of hell. Setting our eyes on the Lord cannot be an issue of choice; rather it must become mandatory in all dimensions of life. The more we seek the ways of men as an easy way out the further we drift from Gods presence and glory. For the way man sees and judges, is not the way the Father views and endorses his desire. Men tend to be carried away by both quantity and quality of what is seen with the eyes, but God only reward the motive behind what we build and name the kingdom of God.

Babylon-the system that forms, defines and governs how blind humans live, boast of how she has been able to charm the hearts of Christian who have refused to turn the sword of the word on themselves. This system has continued to enslave and corrupt the life of those called to represent the lifestyle of true Christianity.   You might want to ask, what is God’s eternal purpose in regards to the earth?  His eternal counsel is that through his church the earth might be reformed and restored back to its original order. The Lord has never compromised his core values of righteousness.

Righteousness the foundation of his kingdom

The righteousness of God goes beyond right living; it surpasses accurate moral behaviour. These are supposed to be the footing on which the whole essence of the Christian faith is built on. Righteousness is the life expressed through absolute dependence on the Spirit of truth in all we say and do. In other words, the whole structure of your existence becomes the very impression of how Christ would live his life if he were on earth today. Therefore, righteousness is the very operating system the Lord employs in bringing his desired will into manifestation. It is one of the two foundations of the kingdom of God.   Beyond the accomplishment of a given vision or assignment, the Father is more interested in both the pattern and pathway you prefer in achievement. Ps 97:2 …Righteousness and justice are the foundation of his throne…

The Father awaits that chosen generation of humans, fully redeemed and reformed in their internal structure. Their desire is to see Christ’s kingdom restored in every area of life. The tragic fall of the first man and the temptation of the second man in the wilderness of Jordan re-echo and underscore the conception of present day warfare.  If the kingdom of God must come to bear within humans, such that it becomes the very operating system that drives their existence, we must then shift our attention to the voice of one calling and preparing the way of the messiah.

This parchment is stirred on the backdrop of a continual witnessing of high-level deceptive strategy to water down, deface, manipulate and misrepresent the very core purpose of Christ’s mission to earth. Yet, Christ came to save humanity from the power of sin and death. He came to show us the road out of satanic hold by introducing us to a better way of living. Through his death on the cross we now have eternal life; we can enjoy part of the benefit of salvation’s package, however, all these benefits becomes meaningless if the primary purpose of his death is not accomplished. Yes we can receive as part of the benefits of our salvation health, wealth, healing deliverances and many other forms of blessings, but reduce or limit the reward of faith to tangible material things is not to have a clue of what sound spirituality is all about.

To make secondary, the main reason of the Christian faith primary damages both the mental and spiritual faculties of believers. On the other hand, to cheapen kingdom truth as if it worth nothing is to utter incurring the judgement of God upon one’s life.  Assuming the message of the cross is to merely bless, heal and prosper the church without a clear prophetic understanding why the church exists does not only define short sightedness by the preacher but also attract the punishment of misrepresentation. We are told that those who add or subtract from the gospel will be judged of the Lord.

A gospel built on the foundation of democracy

Many of today’s Christian do not appreciate the concept of what the bible calls the gospel of the kingdom because they have not been taught to understand what it means to live under a monarchy type of leadership. The concept of present day democratic rule of governance to a great deal has negatively influenced human structural and administrative values system. Issues of respect, honour, submission, order restrain and faith are today counted as obsolete values even amongst the community of Gods people. This therefore, has made it even more difficult for believers to accept the whole idea of a God demanding a particular lifestyle of existence.

The call to offer our offerings according to designed method, not convenient to our preconceived idea is just too tedious and difficult to accept as Christianity for many. Democratic ideology of ministry and serving God must be fair, easy and effortless.  Anything outside this ideology is old school, as they say today. We are left today with preaching the so-called ‘the gospel message’ stripped of the life, values and power of the kingdom.

This generation is almost accustomed to hearing teachings and preaching on issues of the kingdom without an expectation to practice what it says because no demand is made for lasting change.  It is almost all accepted standard today to live and speak as unbelievers in our homes and local assemble without any form of rebuke or correction for the fear of backlash. Going to our various fellowship centres has almost become like going to a clubhouse where anything goes. The fear of God and that of the leadership in charge of our lives has become almost outdated.

Trying to bring correction to the lives of the children of this generation is almost like incurring the wrath of the parents and government because the whole concept of right moral value has been exchanged for democratic freedom. Today rebuking teenagers is almost seen as an act of abuse. Sometimes I wonder what will happen to the future of these children and their children when parents are afraid to take a righteous stand now.  You cannot be a Christian and your children are jumping from one nightclub to another without rebuking and correcting them.  Something is wrong!

Where do you draw the line between abuse and rebuke? When parents and church leaders give the impression to youth that its fine to have premarital sex without exposing them to the consequence of such sin is literally brining destruction on your own life as a parent. We cannot be expecting Christ to return while our family and communities are far from the truth. The Church that is given the sole assignment of discipling the nations through the power of kingdom truth, are themselves being discipled by the very world philosophy.   Rebuke is not only good but also highly necessary in shaping and determining the future success of people in general. When we remove the ministry of correction as part of biblical principle for development because we do not want them to leave the church, we are no better than the religious Pharisee is.

Matt 23:15

15 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.


Today we have ministry and churches called user-friendly; these ministries go out of their way to water down the principles, values and ancient standards of kingdom just to gain more members to their assemblies. They exist for the sole purpose of white washing corrupt and rebellious walls of men. They have no interest in birthing sons into the kingdom of God, their duty is to pervert and distort the way of truth by offering alternatives to the laid down principles and pattern of the way of the kingdom.  They will go as far as beautifying the exterior to attract on the expense of inner reconfiguration and development of the spiritman.

If the gospel is designed to attract, entertain or impress seekers of the way of Zion with fine architectural tapestry, something definitely must be wrong with such a gospel.  Please do not get me wrong, we should give a face-lift by beautifying the place of our meetings through the inner beauty God has endowed each of us, just as we should beautify our homes and community as possible as we can. Nevertheless, to make outward beauty the key priority of the gathering of the saints is completely a misplacement of the gathering of the body of Christ. Giving false impression of the gospel of Christ is giving false hope and expectation to the people seeking for truth.

Jesus for the last time made it clear through his conversation to the Samaritan woman at the well. Worshiping the Father is no more about a physical local {Jerusalem or Samaria} neither is it exclusively preserves for a particular tribe, national or culture. The Lord turned the whole concept of the worship of God from an Old Testament physical location {outward} to a spiritual, borderless race of people who worship in Spirit and in truth. The moment we mention the kingdom of God we immediately remove the issue of geographical race, tribe, tongues and colour, gender limitations from our vocabulary.  Wherever kingdom saints gather under the earth, they have the judicial right and authority to worship God freely and fellowship with one another as long as it is done in Spirit and in truth.     Kingdom people live in a world ruled by democracy but do not allow its ideology wipe the ancient tradition of kingdom values embedded within the gens.

The gospel is constantly being diluted due to the claim of finding new ways of attracting membership to our local assembly. Satanic inspired methods and channels are daily creeping into the body of Christ all in the name of being flexible and relevant in preaching the gospel. While we try to do everything to within our fallen humanistic state of mind, we have become compromisers of the way of truth such that when the people come to the faith they become twice the son of the devil.  We need to remind ourselves of the word of the master, many are called but few are chosen.

The ancient values and standard of the kingdom is what separate the chosen from the called ones.  This pattern of life is what qualified men and women to be mentioned as great horrors of faith according to Hebrews chapter 11. There is no room for compromise when it comes to following the Lord. If it were easy, everybody in the days of Noah would have made it into the boat.   The process that determines the chosen ones is base on the desire to accept the cross and daily follow the part of death. The pattern of the Lord has not changed even for this generation.    The central theme of the good news is the re-establishment of the kingdom of God here on earth. Not that physical dusty ground outside you house but your own very life.  You are the earth the Lord desire to redeem before creation receives her ultimate redemption.

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