Mentoring today’s youth, Tomorrow’s leader II

Youth is that stage in life between childhood and manhood. This is a period in life where most teenagers generally view things from an exploratory viewpoint which most parents are clueless about. This stage must be precisely understood by the youths, parents and caregiver as one of the most important challenging aspects in human development. This period will eventually determine the outcome of a person’s future, so it must be handled carefully.


The revelation of Christ only penetrates the heart of a community when the religious Pharisee spirit at the gates of authority is completely dealt with. Disciplining the nations comes with high-level spiritual strategy. Strategy that can only be effective when the true revelation of the true gospel becomes rooted in the hearts of those the Lord has positioned at the gates.

Exploring and restoring The kingdom message lesson four

Kingdoms are made up of highly potent ideologies, cultures, traditional beliefs and ties that give and sustain the kingdom’s power of identity. This background defines the kingdom’s relationship with other communities around, either on the issue of trade or military companies. There is a clear lay down policy that informs and instructs how things are to be run within the empire even when the king is dead.