And the prophets of God were with them, helping them. Ezra 5:1-2

As the Lord continues to sound the trumpet of reawakening and repositioning in the hearing of his sleeping church, there will be a generation harvested in this awakening with a well developed and matured apostolic culture in the revelation of Christ who will fulfillment promises and prophecies of the scripture through the power of lifestyle. This is the hour in which the Lord is harvesting his purposes and desire within the hearts of the watchmen as the advance into the nations. As the earth continues to groan for the manifestation of the Spirit of Sonship in the Church, it shall be written as a song in days not afar that Lord as brought forth a company of them who have refused to defile themselves with women so they can bring forth the ministry of deliverance to the planet and all creature from corruption and pollution.  We shall not stop prophesying for the healing of the nations…

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