Guard your mind

Guard your mind


Proverb 4:23 Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life. NKJV

Survey shows that 1 out of 5 adults in the US are suffering from one form of mental illness or the other. What this mean is that we have a generation of young adult whose mind are perpetually bombarded by the satanic imposition. Today’s society somehow has managed to keep young adult in state of denial; unfortunately, some of our churches are not helping matters. We need to realize that we are seating on a time bomb if we do not deal with the issues of wrong influence and values plaguing how society.

Dealing with failure or other forms of disappointments is not necessarily denying the reality of your past pain rather. It is about learning to stop its negative effect over your present and future reality. Millions are still crippled by the effect of how life treated them. Travelling down the corridor of your mind requires that you are spiritually informed and empowered in the revelation of your present redeemed nature. Meaning that the most effective way of dealing with the state of your mind first require that you give your heart to the Lord.  Dealing with the graphic realities of your past stored in your mind can be overwhelming if you have not learned the principle and processes of mind renewal.  The old nature is highly rebellious when it comes to submitting to the authority of the word of God yet if you will keep standing in what the word says about your new nature in no time you will surely have the victory.

You may wonder why I am bringing up this topic repeatedly, well; am sure you will agree with me that one’s future is shaped and determined by how we think. If this is so, then you will also agree with me that what or who informed how we think ultimately determines the state of our mind and the reality of our future.   Please note, this issue before us is beyond the concept of merely been positive in our thinking.  If it’s that easy to stay positive in thought most of our asylum homes would have been empty by now.  A person who suffers mental breakdown one time in their lives had positive thoughts and memories but was not effective in changing the way they felt about themselves.

I’ll like to remind you this morning that outside the salvation of your spiritman-that’s if you are save that the condition of your mind is the next most important aspect of your life. It should be your core purpose to consciously invest in the transformation of your mind and that of the people around you. When you live a life consumed by past emotions, you certainly do not have a future. Until you learn to break the addiction of living within the confines of your yesterday’s reality achieving development and growth will remain difficult. The greatest challenge many are facing in terms of productive relationship is that they still allow their unregenerated thought to define the boundaries of the relationship.

Many are quick to blame others of their mistakes and failures without looking inward to see their misguided judgment and emotional dysfunctionality.  It is a general knowledge both in the church and in the world that our future is shaped by how we perceive. Yet in true practice, we seldom walk in the conscious reality of this truth.  It is amazing considering the numbers of Christians and none Christian alike who are struggling with suicidal and other forms of mental illness. As long your past still plays a major role in determining your state of happiness or sorrow, you need to reconsider the footing of your salvation’s experience. We need to go back to the heartbeat of salvation, which is the deliverance of the human mind from captivity.  Captivity is a state of mind bound manipulated by wrong view of self and the world in general. In other words, when you lake the capacity to believe and trust Gods definition for your life, the enemy has an access gate to lie and deceive you.

The unregenerated mind is the thief the enemy uses in most cases to rob you and me from our redemptive inheritance. Anyone who has encountered the true Christ automatically understands his or her salvation keck start the process of soul restoration. Your redemption is directly connected to the template of how you think.  People are seeking for peace, joy, happiness financial stability in themselves and in others, while they forget these are byproducts of ones relationship with the Lord. It’s like a person who goes into marriage hoping to find love, joy, security and fulfillment without the realizing these are values God expect you to have before getting married.

Rom 12:2 Do not be conformed to this world (this age), [fashioned after and adapted to its external, superficial customs], but be transformed (changed) by the [entire] renewal of your mind [by its new ideals and its new attitude], so that you may prove [for yourselves] what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God, even the thing which is good and acceptable and perfect [in His sight for you]. AMP

Therefore, every day is an opportunity given by God to deliberately use the tools of prayer and meditation on the word of God to alter the negative, rigid mindset defining our existence. A believer who has not learned the discipline of meditation will certainly be vulnerable to the carnal nature of sin. Mind you, sin is beyond an act; it is the very nature that defines the template of how the fallen man thinks and lives his life. So, if you are not aspiring in your walk with the Lord to know his ultimate will for your life, your struggle {battle} to be transformed will be soon suppressed and  overcome through the overwhelming voices of the sin nature mostly inspired by the media world. We are told not to be not conformed to this present worldly pattern of thinking but rather be transformed by the renovating of our minds… have you enrolled in the battle of minds transformation. Remember, your mind is the battleground, do not drop your guard.

Are you still entrapped in your pass?

Part 2

The miracles and possibilities of where you are can only become manifest when you shift focus from what you think you should have attained yesterday to the new opportunity standing before you.  Meaning, we only get to realize the best of people and places around us when there is a constant shift of attitude from regrets to believing that things and situations are designed to bring glory to God. This knowledge is liberating if you find yourself in a place of constant regret.

Phil 3:13-14 13 Brothers, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, 14 I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. NIV

Living within the darkness of your past only creates a sense of fear, resentment; unforgiveness and bitterness even to those you seem to have their best interest at heart.  There is something in the heart of everyone of us that refuses to unjustly treated.  Learning to deal with the past through the eyes of forgiveness is something we all need to learn, especially in a society where betrayer, wickedness and injustice are the order of the day. It gets worst when someone takes you advantage of people you count to be very close to you.  It is very difficult to come to terms with the fact that people can get away for hurting others so badly when you do not have not experience the power of mercy and forgiveness.  When we understand that fear and insecurity is primary motivate behind most acts of cruelty and injustice, then you realize how weak the perpetrators of these evil acts are. Fear and insecurity made Europe promote the act of slavery and separatist ideology. Hitler killed over six million Jews not because he hates the Jews but because he was afraid of them. He thinks by eliminating them he could stop God’s prophetic purpose from coming to past.

The white apartheid regime who also followed the footpath of Hitler thinks, by killing and forcefully overpowering the natives of South Africa, they can own the land. Well, they have also been proven wrong. Maybe you grow up in a home where you where badly entreated and it still feels very difficult to find within your heart, a place of forgiveness. The truth is when you do not forgive; the enemy of hate will keep you imprisoned.   They are many things we do not understand about life, justice and equity but one thing is clear, sin before God is the foundation of all wrongdoings.  You only need to look around you to see the manifestation of hatred because someone has refused to forgive. The world is becoming more unstable because we have refused to let go of the past. Letting of those who hurt us does a lot in helping us to move on to the place of greatness.    Even if you find yourself at the king’s court with all the opportunities at your disposal, if you have not learned to break the attitude of past mental imprisonment, you will seldom notice what has placed before as an opportunity to breakthrough. Your future lies within the context of the present opportunity to give up your past mistake and misfortune.

This implies, to take advantage of your now moment opportunity, you must stop imagining the entrapment of your past.  Personalities are not only formed by habits, they are also designed to be active by accepting the opinions and action of others over your life.  The human imagination is of the most powerful gifts the Lord has endowed him with yet it can become his worst nightmare if not properly disciplined. Who you is not only defined by what you think but how you see the world around you. This becomes worsen as a Christian if the same viewpoint determines how you see God and his word.

Actually, the reoccurrence of the feeling of your past that brings bad memories are the images stored up in your imagination or is usually call your memory bank.  This memory bank releases certain chemicals reactions under certain real life events that trigger your sensory feelings{ brain} to react in certain way when events similar to your past occurs in and around you.  By learning to behave according to God’s word you are building new positive neurons {memory lines} while the old ones dies off.

The scripture above gives you deep insight into the new season of freedom, hope and laughter if you chose to see from the Lord perceptive. Solomon understood season and the challenging reality they post to man. Winter symbolized a period where you feel imprisoned, can’t move or do what you really desire to because of the very harsh weather.

Yet it remains part of the circle of human life. No matter how we pray not to have winter because its harsh feeling, it must come for life’s circle to be complete. Unbelievably, winter has it good side just like the terrible challenges of our past has its ordained purpose when we allow the Lord to show us intent.

Becoming positive in attitude is not something that happens magically as we would have love to happen. You have to decide what you want of life. You cannot allow the evil seed sown in your past to keep bearing fruits of unrighteousness in your present. You have to pullout every root of bitterness for Gods will and purpose to have the right round of bearing fruits.

Remember that all Christ needs to do concerning this matter has been done; he’s only waiting for your choice to decide on what side you want to be.   The God designed future for your life only gets activated when you not only see your past through his view-lens, but also when you allow that dreadful past to be consumed through the newness of your regenerated spiritman. {2 5:17}

The Pain of the past is definitely real but the glory of what awaits you cannot be compared that past. The worldly philosophy of a ‘perfect new age culture’ has done so much damage to people’s outlook, that it’s becoming more difficult for people to understand the values of love, forgiveness and mercy.  This false culture does not give room for humans to be real even in situation that dehumanized them.

This new age culture makes them feel rejected and useless to the point of seeking a reprisal.  Revenge in the name of justice has been used by the enemy to create very bitterness in the hearts of humans including Christian who ought to know better. Depression and other forms of emotional resentment diseases are very high among adolescents and young adult the US, Europe and South Africa. Billions of US dollar are annually been channeled to anti-depressant drugs.

As much as we should allow legislative justice to take her course in dealing with the matters, we also should remind ourselves that we have the power to let go of issues that are keeping us in bondage. The lord has given us the grace to break away from the past. See what the Lord is doing through where you are now and his word we strengthen your heart and mind to remind in his live. Holding unto things the Lord desire to handle is allowing the enemy to keep robbing you of joy and peace.

You cannot live in your past and expect to have a productive future! Unfortunately Many Christians are still trapped in their past; so many have become addicted to the experience to the point where their present life has become imprisoned by those horrific past. You life is as good as the state of your mind. Your present achievement does not make up for your past failure; failure is a negative condition of the mind, one can be highly successful but still trapped in his or her past.

This past then becomes your measuring road of success and not necessarily what you’ve achieved in your now. This is a powerful tool the enemy uses to control and manipulate the lives of so many in the world. Many are living in a vicious circle of emotional pain and defeat, they become depressed and suicidal in their thought realm.

To properly function without been trapped in your past, you must consciously allow the inflow of the living word of God, thorough meditation to wash and saturate your thoughts. When you remember your past the knowledge and authority of the word of Christ enables you to stand on the position of courage to declare your victory in redemption. You remind yourself of what Christ did on your behalf on the cross to gain strength and faith in challenging your state of mind.

Irrespective of what you know at the level of spiritual information, if you have a past that still threatens your victory in Christ you certainly must deal with it, or it will definitely hinder your advancement in life.  Develop the attitude that creates new template {way of thinking} for each new day so you can override the ugly past existence. In him was life and the life became the light of men and the light shines in darkness and darkness do not understand its operation. You can have a productive thought life. just allow the power of forgiveness to override the experience of your past.

Exploring the kingdom message 1

Exploring the kingdom message 1

Matt 24:14

14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. NIV

‘And Paul dwelt two whole years in his own hired house, and received all that came in unto him, 31Preaching the kingdom of God, and teaching those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ, with all confidence, no man forbidding him.’—Acts 28:30-31


The gospel of the kingdom begins with the revelation of Christ. His life and nature is the basis for our understanding and acceptance into the kingdom of God. How we are able to capture within our spirit the

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Two hundred and fifty-three times the plural word nations is mentioned in the bible. This word could also be referred to as ethnos or ethic groupings. The either here is that there are nations within a nation. The destiny of a nation is seen within the core structure of its existence. Meaning, the people of Sudan, through Gods divine providence establish the structure of their integration. The influence of northern Sudan by Egypt is not an accident or the desire of Southern Sudan to turn from worshiping handmade gods to seeking the ways of the Lord is accidental.

Sudan, a nation in transition

part one

by Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

Reshaping the destiny of Sudan

Two hundred and fifty-three times the plural word nations is mentioned in the bible. This word could also be referred to as ethnos or ethic groupings. The idea here is that there are nations within a nation. The destiny of a nation is seen within the core structure of its existence. Meaning, the people of Sudan, through Gods divine providence, establishes the structure of their integration and nationality. The influence of northern Sudan by Egypt is not an accident or the desire of Southern Sudan to turn from worshiping handmade gods to seeking the ways of the Lord is accidental either. Nations are designed by the Lord for specific purpose and plan even though the enemy in most cases tries to frustrate that plan through corrupt governance and leadership. Today, God is doing a new thing in the land of Sudan and it’s about to spring up for all to see. no amount of fighting will stop or hinder the Lord’s mandate for this region.

One of the key factors that shapes and defines the destiny of nations is having clear insight into the foundation of their culture and national identity. As the Lord begins to awaken the hearts of his prophets to prophecy to these neglected regions of the earth, we are going to be witnessing a major shift in global prophetic activity in a higher dimension. Sudan is known to be the largest nation in the African continent, what a potential to lead in this season of change. The nation is divided into two major parts. The Arab Egyptian, in the north and the black Sudanese in the south, who are mostly traditional or Christians. The battle to Islamize the entire Sudanese people by the northern Muslim has been an ancient battle that will definitely not succeed through the structure of the nation. While the nation of Sudan is richly blessed with the water of the white and Blue Nile for farming and irrigation the conflict of religious war and ethnic unrest has hindered the development of the region.

Ps 68:6-8

6 God sets the solitary in families; He brings out those who are bound into prosperity; But the rebellious dwell in a dry land. 7 O God, when You went out before Your people, When You marched through the wilderness, Selah 8 The earth shook; The heavens also dropped rain at the presence of God; Sinai itself was moved at the presence of God, the God of Israel. NKJV

Building a machinery for conflict resolution

This is a crucial season for this nation and only the saving hand of the Lord can help the people see what is about to take place in the realm of the spirit. This is a battle of almost two centuries and the Lord is stirring a prophetic sound that will finally put the plans of the enemy to shame. One thing is clear, for this impact to take place there must be a forgetting of the past to be able to move forward in rebuilding the ancient ruins. According to Isaiah 43:18-21; the people of Sudanese must see what the Lord is already doing in the spirit to bring forth his purpose into reality. This prophetic word must become the template of advancing into that which is about to take place.

The destiny of the people of Sudan is presently being projected in the Spirit and the Lord is giving clear prophetic directives for the new marching order. The Spirit of grace and wisdom must be allowed to guide the mouths of those who will be speaking on behalf of the rest so they don’t jeopardize the process of this deliverance. It’s no longer news that the initiatives created most times by political institutions in most cases are either lopsided or just unproductive in resolving the conflicts. Building the machinery that guarantees unprecedented success in conflict management requires hundred percent prophetic insights into the purpose of the Lord for culture and nations.

The issue of leadership dysfunctionality witnessed in African and other sleeping parts of the world is resolvable if the church will only allow the Lord to build with her the right capacity and template of interfacing with human governing systems as we see in Babylon. While we continue to see how weak and fragile the whole concept of democracy is, yet the Lord still uses it as a leveraging point to connect and fulfill his desired plan. Presently today in the earth, democracy is equably the best form of human governance.

A different view to conflict eradication

There is no doubt that the developed {western} world designed the frame work of democracy to somehow suit their definition and principle of nationhood. The agenda of democracy best work in societies that are fully engaged or truly married to the principles and culture of the western world. Meaning, the activeness of democracy in the west and Europe are firmly established on the machinery of effective judicial system. Western educational system in most cases has been the tool used to shape and frame the thought pattern of what is believed or accepted to be right or wrong. Justice is a farfetched dream in places like southern Sudan where close to sixty five percent of the populace still struggle to convert the power and impact of education in terms of political and socioeconomic stability. The process of achieving emancipation through the ballot paper in Africa still requires effective leadership process, established on the foundation equity.

How do you deal with education and democracy where the people are ever struggling to feed? Poverty has always been one of the enemy’s most powerful tools in defragmenting communities. The nation of Sudan, though very rich, today is known to be one of the poorest nations in Africa in terms of human development due to the years of arm struggle and ethnic conflicts. Today Sudan has one of the largest numbers of displaced people around its borders. Many Sudanese live in refugee camps and shelters, yet we talk about the millennium goal; this is unaccepted in the 21st century. Leaders within the Southern Sudan region must wake up to scheme of divide and rule. The Injustice committed in the name of a god or religion cannot be addressed by what is today called democracy in Africa because poverty still keeps many weak, blind and disconnected from the reality of governance.

Divide and rule, the strategy of the enemy

The enemy still thrives on his strategy of divide and rule. He divides through ignorance and poverty while he rules through those with economic and political power. Leaders of southern Sudan must not allow the enemy to use them against their brother anymore. Until this becomes crystal clear to all the divided tribes, nothing major will be achieved even when the south becomes an autonomous state. The enemy has seen the weakness amongst the leadership of the south and he will use it again and again to the heads from going above the waters. Whenever we allow the enemy to use false ideologies to divide and what unites us as human, we have just given him the power and authority to rule over us.

It could be on an individual level, or in our marriage, family; in a business, or community, city or nation. Whatever the level the enemy has the power to divide, he certainly will rule. As the community or nations watch with interest on the outcome of this referendum, believers all over the world should pray and prophecy for God’s divine intervention in the region. Intercessors observing with devoted interest should also be weary of the enemy’s tactics of thinking that dividing the nation into two parts will bring the long desired freedom. While the Lord may use the division to bring about stability for the region, our focus as prophetic gatekeepers should be the accurate establishment of visionary leadership for the people. We need to keep ourselves abreast with heaven’s interests for the entire region and not be distracted with the division.

Beyond a divided state

The purpose of God is for the whole earth to be filled with the knowledge of his glory that includes both the north and southern Sudanese. What has been happening in Sudan for the past fifty years is not unique to that region; it is part of Satan’s plan and strategy to use religious politics to destabilizing the society {ethnos} from developing and fulfilling their ordained destiny. The battle for the soul of the people of Sudan, especially the Southern part is one that requires intense prophetic/apostolic governmental intercession. What do I mean by this? Most times when we find ourselves in the place of conflicts, we tend to be reactive instead of being discerning and decisive in our judgment. We must learn to be wise and careful in responding to the attack of the enemy. Strong apostolic leadership is required in this process of referendum. The people of Sudan must see this as an opportunity to show themselves and the rest of the world that they have what it takes to chart their part to transformation and restoration. It’s not going to be easy but the process to freedom is achievable if leaders of all the various ethnic groups are ready to work for one cause freedom and independence.

Learning from the past will certainly keep the people from making the same mistake again. Too many lives have been lost because of impatience and lack of maturity in handling crisis. Leaders of Southern Sudan must realize this process is not about them but for the upcoming generation. Like King David who did all the fighting in his days so that his son who will be his next succession can build the nation in peace and stability. When leaders have a clear sense of timing and season, the issue of conflict of selfish interest will be deal with.

Leaders with unrefined and unbridled emotion should not interfere with what God is busy within the structure of this new society. The rule of engagement in this epic battle is high level discipline; wisdom and sobriety must be the template of those who will be representing the destiny of the nation. we know the enemy and his agents will be waiting patiently for the slightest mistake to wreck havoc again, but the Lord will be there to protect, guide and lead his people out of socioeconomic slavery and religious bondage. Following the injunction of the Spirit in this battle will surely help and protect the brethren in navigating the mines on the fields. Please remember that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal {humans} but they are mighty through God’s wisdom for the pulling down of strongholds. The strongholds of poverty, oppression, fear, discouragement must be pulled down as we deluged the strongman at the gates of the nation of Sudan.

The Lord is retuning with mercy

The Lord is returning to this region with his mercy and his house shall be built in justice and equity. The enemy might have tried to hinder the advancement of the Lords prophetic agenda for this beautiful and strategic nation in the sub-Saharan region. Wisdom teaches that the plan of the Lord cannot be stop, the degree of the Lord has gone forth and it’s about to bring forth as it has been proclaimed. The nation of Sudan has been ravaged by civil war for almost five decades. Her story is like that of the woman in Luke 8:43 who have suffered the loss of blood for twelve year without hope until the Lord intervened. The intercessory prayers of the nation and other Christians have reached up to God and he has come down to judge this region in his mercy and justice.

The reshaping and redesigning of this nation from yesterday’s shame and famine into a glorious land about to be the envy of the region is already taking place through the machinery of a highly intercessory order. The cry of the watchmen is “Lord, bring forth you righteousness so the people may know that your presence still watches over the land day and night”. As the trumpet of gathering start to sound all across the globe for willing hearts to converge at the building sight of Sudan, let the favor of the Lord be granted to Nehemiah as he is being released by his captors for the gathering of woods for the rebuilding of the burnt gates and walls of the nation. The referendum may not be the silver bullet needed but it will surely rekindle the fire of hope and stability in the region.

This should be seen as signs of the shifts taking place in the spirit for the destiny of a nation entangled in religious and political war. One of the greatest challenges of human life is finding the balance between religion and civil laws. While Muslim believers are vigorously trying to convert individuals and regions forcefully to follow the shariah laws, some Christians on the other hand also try to fight for a Christian state. As logical as this may sound, yet it does not represent what the scripture teaches us as the concept of establishing the kingdom of God here on earth.

Perverted religions fight for the possession of geographical regions and territories while the kingdom of God seeks to establish the reign and government of our Lord Jesus Christ within human hearts. Our battle for regions should be focused on the spiritual territory where key decisions are made concerning the destiny of the political and socioeconomic landscape. If the ground of a region {nation} is not first taken in the spirit realm one might resolve to carnal strategies and methods that obviously will backfire.

The battle of taking territories demands that we fully position ourselves in the spirit to hear and know the directive of the Lord concerning the region we are standing on behalf for. We are not permitted as sons of God to use human force in taking nations or regions for the Lord. The Lord’s strategy and methods of the Spirit of truth must be prioritized above our emotional feelings of injustice. One of the plans of the enemy is to frustrate us by pulling us down to the valley where he chooses to fight us. Coming down from the hill of the Lord lures us to want to use the same oppressive weapons of the enemy in dealing with issues. We can never beat the enemy at his own game.

God’s method of taking over regions

Through the influence of the power of lifestyle we’ve seen God establish his kingdom and dominion in places like Egypt and Babylon where he would not have been known. Therefore we need to gain sight into the pattern of how the Lord desires to show forth his glory in regions of the earth. Leaders in the Southern Sudan must be careful to follow the instruction and leading of the Spirit so they don’t fall into the trap of the enemy. There is a fine line between compromising one’s faith and allowing the spirit of dialogue to intervene on the issues of governance. There is a fine line between allowing the oppressive ruler to continue oppressing God because the time appointed for deliverance has not come and merely allowing the enemy to have his way due to ignorance. There is a time to be quiet while there is a time you are demanded to speak forcefully. A very good example of this is found in the book of Daniel chapter 9. Daniel came to understand by the books that the seventy years assigned for the captivity for the children of Israel in Babylon is over. This knowledge certainly changed the attitude, posture and utterance of Prophet Daniel in the place of prayer. When a season changes over a nation, prayer request should also change.

Rom 13:1-5

13:1 Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3 For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and he will commend you. 4 For he is God’s servant to do you good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword for nothing. He is God’s servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. 5 Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also because of conscience. NIV

Reading through the thought provoking admonishing letter to the brethren in Rome without precise insight into what apostle Paul was trying to convey, could lead one to assuming he is completely disconnected or just unrealistic about the wickedness perpetuated by the Roman Empire. Yet this word of our Lord transmitted through the mouth of his apostle gives a profound insight into how the Lord expects his Body to live and conquer ungodly human systems designed to cripple you from advancing.

Trying to understand or apply the laws of the Lord through carnal human ideology {reasoning} will certainly pervert and misrepresent the principle of accurate interpretation within your mind. The core principles and processes of the Lord’s justice system is one you only get to understand as you get to grow in the way of the Spirit. The unspiritual may not be able to comprehend how the Lord uses a tyrannical administration to bring forth his purposes and desires for such regions. The scripture says for this purpose Pharaoh was created to show forth the glory of God. Before the process of the maturation of the divine timing and season of the Lord for a nation or region comes to bear, people may be oppressed and suffer great injustice to the point of almost losing hope. In some cases others may pay the ultimate price of death, yet the foundation of the Lord still stands sure.

Gods people working under human system

There are no wasted time or season in the things of the Spirit if you have been following the Lord wholeheartedly. If we have learnt to hear the voice of the Lord by following his path, the truth will always guide us into the perfect day irrespective of the outcome in the natural. Breaking the fire of the oppressor requires us to walk in obedience to the laws set in place. The interpretation of those laws sometimes requires the knowledge of those given insight into its technicalities so we don’t falter. Submitting to authority goes beyond submitting to a man, because we live in a civil society where the laws are made by the constitution we certainly need to be informed on the issue of how those laws don’t work against our religious rights and freedom. Wherever we find ourselves as believers, our main goal should be on how we can accurately represent and manifest the knowledge of the glory of God.

While there are seasons due to God’s purpose and process of deliverance, his people might find themselves in bondage. We should always remind ourselves that the Lord is very much in control of the various stages of the unfolding of his council. Obedience and passiveness are two different values that need clarity. The Lord did not call us to be passive and become rebellious in our attitude, rather we are enjoyed to walk in obedience for conscience sake so we can have higher ground in challenging and dispelling the forces of hell out of our communities and nation. Where oppression of any form should not be condoned we also must be mindful of what the Lord is about to achieve so we don’t give up due to the pain we are feeling.

Romans chapter 13 leads the church directly to the core of how the Lord desires to take back the nations. As we see the destiny coming forth in this new day of the Spirit our response and duty as believers is to intercede for the written counsel of the Lord to come forth.

Sudan, a nation in transition part 2

The main challenge in Africa among many others is not the lack of resources or skilled manpower. As a matter of fact, Africa has some of the best brains working in key positions across the Diaspora. The issue stopping Africa from reaching that zenith of political and economic stability is the culture of pride and self serving that pervades the soul of the continent.


Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

Aligning perspective

As we continue to draw the attention of the people of Southern Sudan and the rest of the world to God’s perspective in the ongoing transitional process, the objective of this article is to keep in focus the very purpose of this ongoing development as Africa once again is given the opportunity to rewrite and reshape her own destiny.   The knowledge, wisdom and understanding displayed through this process will definitely tell if Africa as a continent has truly come of age.

Africa is known to have one of the best real estate on the planet, yet most parts of the continent still struggles with the most basic amenities, such as the right to education, health care services, good drinking water and electricity to power her business initiatives, good accessible roads for transportation of goods and services in the region.  Once again we are offered this opportunity as Africans to prove that we’ve come of age and can be a midwife to this baby {Southern Sudan} about to be born into her day of maturity.

The core challenge in Africa

The main challenge in Africa among many others is not the lack of resources or skilled manpower. As a matter of fact, Africa has some of the best brains working in key positions across the Diaspora. The issue stopping Africa from reaching that zenith of political and economic stability is the culture of pride and self serving that pervades the soul of the continent. The need for visionary leaders, willing to service and allow others to continue the process of development where they stopped is a major problem.  When people in political offices sees their position as an occasion to loot government accounts, running into billions of dollars for their personal or family gain how can African achieve a broad based socioeconomic development?

Stealing in the name of providing solution

When spiritual leaders who ought to be guardians of truth and human conscience also seizes the non existing political will in socioeconomic matters to take advantage of the poor and desperate in the name of providing spiritual solutions, this is obviously sin before the eyes of the Lord.  Please do not misunderstand what I am saying.  I am obviously not insinuating that people should not give to genuine needs in the house of God or bless men of God as the case may be; the bible enjoys every Christian to support the work of God in whatever capacity they can.

Anyone who is in the position to give or serve in the ministry of the Lord but refuses to do that for whatsoever reason is definitely inexcusable in eyes of the Lord. This is sin and you need to repent and give to the advancement of the work of the kingdom of God. Having made this clear, using spiritual gifts to steal or take advantage of the people is a big Sin before the Lord.

Using socioeconomic dysfunctionality as a guise

Socioeconomic dysfunctionality in Africa should never be used by the Church or any other NGO as a guise to take advantage of this ongoing transitional process in Southern Sudan.  Whatever will be given for the development of this new nation must not be connected to any selfish motive or agenda. Seeking personal glory in what God is initiating can be very dangerous to your life and ministry.  As the Lord start deploying help from various parts of the continent, we must remember who is sending us and who must take the glory at the end of the day.   The quality character in leading or serving in whatever capacity is an issue of the honor, integrity and respect for others. The opportunist culture among our African leaders has greatly damaged and robbed the region of great assets that could have positioned the continent into an un-formidable political and economical global force.  While this window of opportunity is still open through this ongoing process in Sudan, we are once more armed with a life time opportunity to turn our spears, bows and arrows into plowshare.

The dynamic of existence in a globalized society

Pushing aside our agendas and synchronizing with God’s kingdom vision for the region of Sudan will accelerate the advancement of social transformation not just in the newly formed state but in the rest of the regions around as well. The stability of one region can help a great deal in stabilizing the regions around.  The dynamics of existence in a globalized society certainly demands skill and capacity builders in order to reduce the effect of unbalanced economic impact. Therefore, creating a working plan that necessitates a well defined understanding of the process of vision and leadership in terms of the formation of a nation pushes away the pressure of transition.  Dealing with the impact of migration, integration and transformation can only become effective through a well defined leadership structure.

The formation of a new nation is like giving birth to a child that requires total care and dependence from the parents. Independence, particularly in Africa does not translate to development and transformation of its people. Independence may kick start the process of achieving the aims and objectives of building a nation where visionary leadership is well positioned.  Just like the joy of having a new born baby comes with its complex challenges of change and development, the birthing of a nation comes with the same visible issues of socioeconomic realities. These issues certainly are not insurmountable if we keep in perspective the order of priority and dignity of transformation. In other words, national vision must define the template of what needs to be done, when it should be to done, where it must be done and how effectively should it be done.

What about the drafting of policies?

These processes are built on a strong leadership influence mandated to carry the people along each stage of development.  The drafting of the constitution and policies that will define the formation and future destiny of the region should be strategically and thoroughly considered according to the shared vision of the people. Therefore, the formation of a national vision should be seen as a priority to the initiate process of building the new nation. This vision will safeguard the mission of leading and building the people of Southern Sudan.  Restoring the pride and dignity of the people should take precedent as a core vision for integration and transformation. This lays a powerful foundation for the service of provision.

Moving from religious politics to true leadership

Since we cannot divorce the history of the Sudanese from the influence and power of religion either Islam or Christianity, Southern Sudan must not play the politics of religious score in the formation of their nation.  They must learn from the past that religion must not be used to polarize the society.  Any vision forced on the people on the platform of religion does not represent God’s concept of kingdom advancement.  We need to remind ourselves that this transition is the beginning of a long term process that will eventually lead to the rise of a generation of Africans, with the competency to shape and bring into demonstration the wealth deposited for the development of the continent.  For those who may be nursing the idea that Southern Sudan will be the first Christian state in Africa should reconsider their myopic template of thinking.

The destiny of the people of Sudan will not be established on the premise of a weak religious idea. Religion has always been used by unregenerated mortals to destabilize, manipulate and rule the uneducated, poor and powerless in the society.

The role of religion in nation building

Sound religion should be displayed in the authentic moral value system that fosters love, honesty and respect for all. Religion-the practice of true spirituality should inform and reform the psyche of individuals to shift in a positive direction towards the service of humanity. Meaning, faith should be the template that regulate how we think and see others who may be different from us. Religious prejudice as racial prejudice is one of the most deadly weapons Satan uses in destroying communities and societies.  While the freedom of religious tolerance should be promoted, yet, it must never be used as tools to settle political differences. God is not in the business of establishing a Christian state. God’s apostolic desire is to establish a kingdom of priests through the lifestyle of those who have accepted his divine nature as their pattern and principle of existence. This statement may shock some with religious agenda. Please note, there is a big difference between religious polarization and the establishment of the kingdom of God among the nations.

To be continued…