Architect of the future part 2

There is no doubt that promoters of humanistic concept of government, in their arrogance and blindness have continued to try to shift the course of Gods prophetic destiny by trying to prevent their people from coming to the knowledge Gods desire for their lives. The policies made in the name of trying to maintain the spirit of secularism has almost driven the society to paganism and the outright worship of Satan. Removing God from national affairs has proven to be a major wrong move but how many are willing to accept this mistake? The promised utopia called ‘the American dream’ has suddenly become a night mire of a sinking economic ship. The economic dreams of many Americans and other parts of Europe seem to fizzling away without remedy. The Lord’s hand of judgment is shaking the very foundation of the world’s Grecian philosophy.

Prophetic perspective on current events

One of the things the Spirit of the Lord made clear is, our attitude to money and material things must change drastically. While we need money for the exchange of goods and service, we must never allow it to own us; rather, we should learn to start giving deliberately towards the advance of the purposes of Gods kingdom. The value of what we own would be ultimately defined by what we do with it. Covetousness is a destructive spirit the Lord presently ridding from amongst the company of his people. Meaning, whatever the Lord desires to do in the earth, you have the privilege of firsthand information and the understanding to know how to escape. These are days of great separation! Gods is severing lives and nations from issues that have long time entangled them from entering the scope of their prophetic destiny. Alas, this is not the work of the enemy, as some with religious spirit will think; the Lord is busy cleaning and renovating his house. In seasons of apostolic renovation, people react in different ways. Whichever way you chose to respond to this present global shift will undoubtedly expose the quality of material you are made of; those whose house are built using wood, hay and straw will undoubtedly suffer great lost.