Architect of the future part 2


Prophetic perspective of current shift in season

Part 2

We end the thought of the first part of this article with this statement: We cannot successfully advance into the future without embracing the pruning nature of the word of the Lord. As part of the required nature of the ascended gifts, the Lord has designed each aspect of the ministry gift to prepare the church within the context of the unfolding days of the end. Tragically, very few in the church are truly expose to the governmental building nature of the ascended ministry gifts. The prophetic, which is more of a spirit than words, is design to capture the heart of what the Lord is presently doing, while the apostolic with is creative {wisdom} nature, join force with the Spirit of the prophetic to bring the heart of the Lord in to manifestation. This principle becomes establish on a relational understanding of the power of community among God’s people. The division and the braking of ranks in the Body of Christ are exclusively responsible for the ungodly nature of corruption and rebellion we are witnessing in the society today.

The pathway of Gods wisdom

The church will never be able to come into her day of emergence without first allowing the ministries the Lord has placed within her to complete its work of perfection. A developing church is reflected in his wiliness to allow the various aspect of the Father’s ascended gifts to stream truth into every aspect of his life. By wisdom, a house is build. Wisdom is allowing the nature, character and philosophy of the kingdom of God to coexist within the community of Saints, and at the same time, allow this same grace to be pour into others. What kind of wisdom is building your house, is it the wisdom that is from the earth or the one that coming from throne of the Father? This are the days of the testing of the foundation of the house we claim to have built in the name of the Lord; those who the Father will be using in rebuilding of the ruins of the destruction we are witnessing will those who are mature in the operation of life and light of the Christ. These two natures of the kingdom of God, life and light are the restoring capacity of the last day Church.

The pattern of Solomon’s type of ministry is still speaking loudly to the people of this generation. Solomon showed us the process of nation building through his value system. He first built the house of God, a typology of a competent, powerful spiritual footing, which then gave him the necessary base {resource} and capacity to build the house ofr the Lord, which is a type of lifestyle approved to effectively minister or build the nation of Israel.

Though Solomon latter violated this powerful principle himself, however, we can use this established value system to chart a course that can lead us to understanding the principle of kingdom priority. This order is highly necessary for the accuracy of God’s desired plan if we are going to accurately express the desired agenda of the Lord for this last day. Wherever you find the Spirit of wisdom in operation, you find divine protocol, strategy, the right resource capacity to build and advancing the kingdom initiative within any sector of existence. 1 Kings chapter 6 to chapter 7.

The Father, in the Spirit of his wisdom has concealed the future in himself, and only those with this ascended understanding of building, like the ‘Davidic’ Company will be called the to build and repeater the broken bridges of society. God fund in David a heart that is fully align to his blueprint, no wonder the restoration of the last template is capture in his life and spirit of David.

The birth of the Age of kingdoms

The spiritually wise are been summoned to the mountain of the Lord to partake of the discursions of the seasons ahead of the church and the nations. As the present socioeconomic shakeup climax the clash of civilization, in fear, a new order of global culture and identity are been perfected by the ‘New Age order’ in trying to curb future political and socioeconomic threats. This setup will ultimately set the stage for the manifestation of the ‘kingdom Age’. As old alliances collapse, new ones are being form in trying to maintain influence and authority over regions and nations. As we see the ancient spirit of Babylon awake, in fear of economic destabilization, many leaders are already selling the soul of their nations to this false alliance.

The difference this time around will be that the judgment of the Lord will be swifter and strongest. The manifestation of the kingdom of Gods has never been so eminent. The Father is branding his church with the identity of his nature and glory. As he imprints character value system needed as the true template of the Church operation, there will be an emergence of a well-matured generation of believers who will bring his purposes the finish. In other words, as we see the first kingdom man tried to build collapsed due to its selfish agenda, these emerging ‘new age alliance’ will also collapse except they embrace the life and wisdom of God as their source of survival. The kingdoms of this world are becoming the kingdom of our Lord… This is the footing of the last day warfare. It is the battle of two kingdoms struggling for the soul of the nation. Your choice will determine who rules your heart at the end.

As civilization began through the building of kingdoms, the glory of humanistic civilization will start declining through the emergence of the kingdom Age. The kingdom you belong in lifestyle will ultimately determine your future destiny. You cannot pretend to be a follower of Christ while in practice you allegiance is to another kingdom. Here is wisdom; the Lord is forcefully moving his church towards the direction of actualizing his eternal purpose by pruning and refining her for what she about to step into. God’s kingdom will emerge the refined nature of his people.

For the church to exercise the type of authority required for principalities and powers to lose their grip over nations, there has to be a shift from the present position of the church. The issue of the birthing God’s kingdom within the hearts of men will have a direct impact on the present condition of the nations. As the present sign of the times leads the nations to a new opportunity to humble themselves by accepting the wisdom of God, I have no doubt about the nations emerging out of the crisis with victory. However, who refuse to open the gates of their nation to the Spirit of Gods righteousness will face some of the most challenging crisis ever known to man.

Beware of subtle distraction

The saints should be aware by observing the distraction mechanisms the enemy is creating to derail us through the present economic predicament. While God cares strongly about man’s socioeconomic needs, he is seldom in the mess man’s pride and rebellious attitude creates. If we must retain our spiritual edge as saints of the Lord amidst this ongoing global shaken we must learn again to keep our eyes, heart and motive focus on what the Spirit is saying.

Allowing ourselves to be lure from our position on the ramp because of the present economic meltdown is to have accepted the bait of the enemy. These are sacred days where the voice of the Lord is constructing an high way in the Spirit for the advance of the church, yet, it is also a season of unprecedented challenges. The most unreasonable and unsafe thing to do now is to allow the present economic crisis drain your spiritual energy by investing your time in prayer to issues motivated by the fear of the unknown.

The strategy of the enemy is to use challenges, especially socioeconomic ones to try to shift your attention away from what the Spirit of the Lord is saying so that he can defeat you. While it is highly essential, we try to find solution about the economic challenges; our goal is to continue in the journey of the Spirit towards that preferred {mountain} place the Lord has assigned for the sacrifice. Seasons of come and go and we are witnessing events on an accelerated level shaping the ultimate manifestation of the seed of Gods harvest. It will be an understatement to say that the days we in are no ordinary days. The events taking place today speaks volumes of Gods desired counsel in restructuring the landscape of human existence. For those who are wise are already searching for the company of ‘Daniel’, able to read and interpret the handwriting of the Lord on the walls of Babylon. There is no doubt, this is the day of the Lords judgment and nothing will escape this season of the Lord pruning and purifying fire. As the ongoing crisis gets to her pick, the uncompromising church of the Lord his also getting ready for a triumphant entering into the harvest field.

Can American and EU nations read the signs on their walls?

There is no doubt that promoters of humanistic concept of government, in their arrogance and blindness have continued to try to shift the course of Gods prophetic destiny by trying to prevent their people from coming to the knowledge Gods desire for their lives.

The policies made in the name of trying to maintain a common economic gateway, and the advancement of a secularized world has almost driven the society to paganism and the outright worship of Satan. Removing God from state and national affairs has proven to be a major wrong move, and this move is unleashing Gods judgement, but how many within the government agencies across the globe are willing to accept this terrible mistake?
The promised utopia called ‘the American dream’ has suddenly become a night mire of a sinking economic ship. The economic dreams of many Americans and other parts of Europe seem to fizzling away without remedy.  The Lord’s right hand is now shaking and judging the very foundation and pillars of the Grecian, democratic leadership system the secular world is built on.

Skeptics may not agree to this statement but when you know that God has a say over every nation and the people who dwells there, you will agree with me. Those who live there life as if there is no God to account to, should be ready for a big surprise! Economic gurus who seem to have the silver bullet in time past are all presently confused people are hoping for some divine intervention. Global economic ship is sinking fast! News of confusion seems to be the only selling news on the media especially when political leaders come on air. Few days ago, the block of EU nations through their finance ministers were able to finalize an agreement on a new bailout package of 3thrilion euro which economic analyst already say is very small in comparison to the degree of damage already done to the global economy.

Fifty percent of Greeks debt will have to be canceled as part of the provisional plan to stabilize global economy. Just before the Europe start breathing a shy of relief, the Greek president announced that his people would finally have the opportunity to have a say on the economic destiny of their nation. He wants to call for a national referendum. This new development seems to be upsetting the initial agreed plan by the EU leaders. Less than two months, the government of president Obama proposed a four hundred billion-incentive package in creating new jobs and revamping of the American economy.

With huge amount of money, being pushed to save the economy one should at least see a glimmer of hope but the opposite seem to be the case. While some may argue, it is still too soon to see positive change. Well, that may be true but the issue is does anyone have an idea of what when wrong to the point where most nations’ economy was almost shutdown.

The principle of God’s economy

James 5:1-6

5:1 Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery that is coming upon you. 2 Your wealth has rotted, and moths have eaten your clothes. 3 Your gold and silver are corroded. Their corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire. You have hoarded wealth in the last days. 4 Look! The wages you failed to pay the workmen who mowed your fields are crying out against you. The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord Almighty. 5 You have lived on earth in luxury and self-indulgence. You have fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter. 6 You have condemned and murdered innocent men, who were not opposing you. NIV

Many in the Body of Christ have allowed the spirit of greed and materialism to lure them into accepting the lopsided capitalist economic philosophy. While the values behind capitalist driven economy may have been design to encourage entrepreneurial society, however, the lack of ethics in balancing its guiding principle has made fewer with the ‘rite of opportunity’ to very rich at the expense of others without opportunity. Many past leaders in the West have used the power of capitalism to control, dominate and manipulate world market in such a way that it has become increasingly difficult for smaller emerging markets to compete.

The principles of equalization and redistribution of global wealth may sound ideal on paper, the truth remains, 80% of global wealth is still control by 20% of the world’s population, which are in the developed world. As long as the system of a nation’s economy enriches few at the expense of others who are equally laboring without the right pay, leaders will never achieve the dream of an economic stabilized society she desperately long for. In a world of injustice, capitalism at its core becomes the ideal economic machinery for politician to rule and control the economic destiny of their citizen.

However powerful a nation’s economy, without the necessary godly value system to check and balance the conscience of its leaders, its wealth will soon amount to nothing in the eyes of its citizens. Honor, respect and dignity, which cannot be value on monetary terms, are byproduct of men of conscience. The restoration of true governance is the answer to the restoration of a lasting and productive economy. Just as most African leaders, plagued by insecurity and fear have used their national wealth to build a fortress around themselves will all have their end as we see in the nation of Libya. Many also in Europe and America will not escape this season of judgment. All forms of hypocrisy will be judge to its very root in this day of the Lord. Economic policy that promotes weakness in the high place

God’s handwriting

1 Cor 1:20 Where is the wise man? Where is the scholar? Where is the philosopher of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world? NIV

While I am not an economist, however, one of the core principles of life teaches us to first find out the root cause of a problem before assuming solution. Could it be that the ideological foundation of western and European economic system is the main problem? Could God be asking western leaders to reconsider the values and ideologies of they call capitalism? Each generation has been known to develop an ‘ideal economic system’ that best promotes the political machinery needed for producing policies and values that best represent the nation. One cannot successfully separate the economy of a nation from the political vision of the nation. Meaning, the kind of political structure governing a nation determines the economic vision and capacity of the land. If the values of the government of a nation are seen to have promoted and reward policies of injustice and abuse across the globe, one should expect such economy to suffer a backlash.

As the world continues to struggle to keep their heads above the waters of a higher cost of living and the greed of these powerful economic institutions, many are across Europe and the rest of the world are intensely searching for answers in the people and places that do not have a lasting solution to the crisis. The solution is not one than can be resolved by economic technocrats since the problem is cause by greed and selfishness. Until the heart of man is fixed, his socioeconomic woes will be difficult to resolve. However, anyone who will turn to the redeeming grace of the Lord by wholeheartedly his promised the wisdom to navigate his or her own crises.

The nature of the prophetic in the nations

Prophet Isaiah lives in a time similar to ours, a time where Israel and its leadership came to a state of moral bankruptcy, idolatry, rebellion and injustice became the national trademark of the people. Yet, amidst this pervasion, the word of the Lord was still fresh and clear to as many willing to listen. The word of the Lord is never scared or scarce to the longing heart for truth. Truth has always been the dividing line between the accepted and the unaccepted, yet, when people are not accurately trained to differentiate these two, deception is inevitable. Gods raises his prophets as the final plumbline in defining before the people what is truth and error, everyone must mature to a day of responding to make the right choice.

Choices might have been made in the past that negatively affected your life; however, you cannot any longer dwell of the past. You need to wake up to what the spirit is saying in this new day so you can make the choice that will correct and at the same time build on Gods eternal destiny for your and the next generation. While the Lord through the mouth of his prophet was pointing out the iniquities of Israel, yet at the same time, he was giving them the answer to correcting those mistakes. Building your life on a foundation establish on the eternal principles of truth will always put your ahead of the challenges of life regardless of its nature.

The truth will always prevail

As the Lord raised prophets in various seasons of Church’s journey towards the place of the birthing national destiny, blind and uninformed men especially in the corridor of power had tried to cripple the movement but those who have embrace the wisdom of God have been known to have escape destruction. God places prophets in the king’s palace to guide them on how to make well-informed decision  especially with sensetive matters. God’s men are known to have sight into the future based on their walk with the father. The prophetic is just not about foretelling the future. It is rather about having the Father’s heart who is already in the future man is desperately long to step into. God’s people are design by default to live in God, who lives in the future, meaning, if your faith is firmly secure in the revelation of the Lord’s abiding presence, you should never be bothered or anxious about your future because the Lord is already there waiting for you.

Eph 1:11-12

11 In him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will, 12 in order that we, who were the first to hope in Christ, might be for the praise of his glory. NIV

The future is clear and certain for those who have developed the spiritual sight to understand how God has structured their lives and the general concept of human existence. The laws and regulations of humanistic philosophy do not deter the divine principle of life. Any society who rejects the laws of the Lord and at the same time promotes rebellion against the values of God shall be brought to ruins. History can testify to this, as we shall see later. It is important that we understand how society has been design to act by carnal human wisdom. The battle of the last days is between Gods desired blueprint for human life versus the established humanistic philosophy been perpetuated in the guise of seeking democratic freedom for all. This battle will continue in the hearts of mortal men until each individual come to a day of acknowledging the power of Gods everlasting truth. Truth is the key to whatever form of bondage or poverty men find themselves.

If you do not know the truth, or should I rather say, if you have not allowed the truth you claim to know process your heart, am afraid, you will not only remain a victim of the what is happening in the society. Blind and bondage are realities manifesting through our economic stators. Truth will prevail in the last day against the lies and deception Satan has sold to earth dwellers. Has the kingdom of God starts appearing from the dawn of this new Age, portals and architect of this new emerging generation must be well position in the wisdom and revelation of what the Spirit wants to achieve without confusion.

The template of the Lord’s prophetic agenda must be clearly crafted again within the thoughts and minds of those who have been sandaled with the mission of rebuilding among the ruins. The failed arrogance and obsolete principles of past generation of men must be exchange for a higher values and law that can enable the spirit of breakthrough to emerge once again in the hearts of men. The days ahead requires individuals with visionary propensity, solidly built on the ethics of integrity, respect, honor and productivity.

These core values will be defining the foundation of social reintegration, sustainability and advancement. As the Lord begins to stir the heart of his portals in charting the pathway of manifesting the knowledge of the glory of his kingdom across the earth, the church of the Lord will needs to shift from her seemly none existence position’ to a more effective and productive role in shaping the destiny of the nations. An upgrade of the revelatory knowledge of God’s prophetic agenda needs to be re-established within the core structure of the church. If she most remains relevant as the Lord’s representative, she must step into scope of her relevancy in this season.

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