The profiting of wisdom in 2012

By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

Eccl 7:12

12 For wisdom is a defense as money is a defense, But the excellence of knowledge is that wisdom gives life to those who have it. NKJV

We are stepping into a year of spiritual renewal and advancement of the purposes of the Lord for the earth. The spirit of renewal is been poured out to the entire Body of Christ and this is causing the release of the spirit of supplication and purity, which is awakening the fire of love, faith and hope in the community of God’s people once again. Purpose should never be as something derived from the needs and pressure of society. Purpose should be stir in the context of your internal destiny. It is not a job someone can give, either is it what you derive because you had a brain wave of an idea.

All human are tag with a unique assignment. They all have a divine inbuilt capacity to accomplish whatever purpose they giving as they respond to Gods calling. Whatever skill, knowledge or capacity we derive from secular institutions should be view as an enhancing agent to fulfill the very sense of our existence, which is destiny. At the end of the day, your purpose in wherever field of life should bring praise and glory to God as they positively affects and transforms your environment. Until you find and start fulfilling this destiny, you do not find true satisfaction irrespective of your current position or income. If there is a time in history, where men and women need to set out to discover the reason for their existence should be now.

As the economy of the world’s system continues to nosedive, you can start creating solution as you allow the spirit of the Lord to lead you into your field of assignment. Those who find and fulfill the ordained purpose of God for their life seldom worry about what to eat or what to wear; you seldom see them chase money. They have learned to live in the ever-increasing realm of God’s provision. They lack nothing good.

Another point I will like to make is dealing with the sense accomplishment over a given assignment should come with an in-depth understanding of the overall purposes and objective of the Lord for your existence. In other words, if accomplishing a set objectives is what merely drives your motivation and not the destiny coined out for you before the world began, then, the achievement itself can becomes a huge blind spot that gives your unregenerated soul a leeway to breed pride and sense of self accomplishment. Pride and self-accomplishment is the ruling philosophy of the world, it defines their view of success and failure.

As a person whose desire is to please the Lord in all things, you need to move from measuring your life through the standard of the world. This should not mean you should not strive for quality and excellence in life. Some religious folks do not believe in upgrading their skill and capacity to achieve for God. Well they are wrong because the Lord indeed desire us to show forth his glory through the wisdom and knowledge gained from his word. If you are indeed instructed in the ways of God’s word properly, you should be motivated to excel and success in your world of existence. God is a God of standards and excellence, if you do not believe me, well look around you!

Hearing the directive of the Lord for your life for 2012 fortify your life with favor, grace and security. You and I need the approve hand of the Lord in whatever we desire to do, so let take the time to wait upon to speak and the move with full speed to accomplish. We can do nothing except through the prompting of Gods voice. All that we plan to achieve as goals and objective this year should be base on Gods divine plan and appointment for us.

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