Some lesson to learn from Boston bombing

Some lesson to learn from Boston bombing Our heart and deepest prayer goes out to the city of Boston, and the entire nation of America as they morn the tragic killing of innocent lives and hundreds wounded in this last terrorist attack. However, as prophetic people, what are the lessons that can be learnt The … Continue reading Some lesson to learn from Boston bombing

The act of parenting

The act of parenting I will like to start this note by saying that parenting from Gods perspective is not limited to the act of natural child birth. Some of the finest of believers I have had the opportunity to meet and work with do not have their own biological children, yet they exhibit the … Continue reading The act of parenting

A journey beyond Easter

A journey beyond Easter, There is a tendency for us in the Church to turn powerful spiritual realities into mere rituals and ceremonies celebrated yearly. The message of Easter, which is the revelation of the resurrection of our Lord should not be relegated to a day's event. Rather, we should encourage one another by reminding … Continue reading A journey beyond Easter