A journey beyond Easter

A journey beyond Easter,

There is a tendency for us in the Church to turn powerful spiritual realities into mere rituals and ceremonies celebrated yearly. The message of Easter, which is the revelation of the resurrection of our Lord should not be relegated to a day’s event. Rather, we should encourage one another by reminding ourselves daily on the ministry and importance of personal resurrection. resurrection, we should all experience if indeed we are walking in truth and total submission to the voice and ways of the Holy Spirit.

one of several reasons why the church, individual or corporate seem weak today is the fact that the foundational truth in which the Church was founded on are almost nonexistence due to the humanistic ideologies we have ignorantly accepted.

This past Easter should be a prophetic signal, calling you and me not to forget the basis of Christian fundamentals as we press unto kingdom exploit. we remind ourselves that the apostolic ministry of the Church began From the foundation but does not stop there. in the days of building unto perfection, one aspect of kingdom truth should not be neglected or exchanged in place of others. There must be balance, direction and clarity to what the Spirit of the Lord is doing in his Church, which we are in body and experience.

It took apostle Paul about 20years or more after the statement “i die daily” to “I have been crucified with Christ” Please do not allow religion or humanistic ideas to limit your mind regarding the revelational message of resurrection. Easter is not a few days event that start from the lent-season. religious beliefs, which are the traditions of men, nullified the power to experience Christ in the lives of men. the hope of human race depend on the foundation of Christ resurrection,and if you as a believer have not come to terms with this truth, am afraid, you have not begun the journey of Emancipation.

The foot of the cross is where your life and mine begin. How much you know by heart of the power of resurrection will determine what you will experience and display as a christian. For all i care, you may preach prosperity, love, faith and hope and other byproduct messages we feed on today in the church, if you are yet to embrace the ministry of the CROSS, DEATH, BURIAL, RESURRECTION AND ASCENSION you cannot fully enter the reality of Gods GLORY.

We must die daily to experience the full inheritance of a glorified life. Please do not give a listen to those who are going to tell you Christ has done it all, you don’t have to go through the cross. some will even go further to say, you are making the work of grace of no effect. well then, if that argument is true, we should then be seeing the fruits of such ideology in the way we handle issue and the challenges of life. We should by now to have reach the entire world with the gospel of the kingdom.

Kings, presidents, governments and their institutions should be lining up at the gates of our churches and ministries in search of answers and solution for their socioeconomic challenges. that’s what I saw and read in the bible, but that’s not what we are witnessing in generation of todays christians. believers of the 21st century need to be shown the ancient pathway to kingdom lifestyle. There cannot be a kingdom lifestyle without the embracing the life of the cross.

Indeed, Christ had paid the price once and for all, however, he told us to daily carry out cross and follow him. Well, what is the purpose of the Cross? The cross if the place where you die. . It is common sense that if there is a cross, there must be death, burial, resurrection and ascension in our spiritual experience.

All believers in Christ are found in one level of these process. whare are you?
. Our journey has face and a direction to the city of God.

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