The act of parenting

The act of parenting

I will like to start this note by saying that parenting from Gods perspective is not limited to the act of natural child birth. Some of the finest of believers I have had the opportunity to meet and work with do not have their own biological children, yet they exhibit the grace, wisdom, understanding and strength any caring parents could exercise. God has continued to use these men and women to birth things from the Spirit realm which are being use to parent individuals, communities, cities and nations.

The scripture speaks volumes of the spiritual wealth of this caliber of humans within his kingdom. whichever way or method individuals decides to choose in child delivery do not make them less spiritual. what is important is that God has committed a huge assignment into the hands of mortals that require more than human resources or ingenuity.

Raising a child is not as easy as teaching them one plus one equals two, or asking them to repeat after you; A for Apple, B for Ball C for Cat. Bringing up children means that first, you are fully aware of the wrong values and attitudes that once shaped your own life and the environment you live in, and that you are consciously fighting those values within and around you by embellishing the higher standard and values of Gods life into your heart so that your child do not unconsciously attract the wrong vibes into his or her life.

Secondly, to groom a child means to be fully aware of the divine blueprint of God for your child as it relates to his future destiny, especially when he start interacting with a world where there are no absolute right or wrong. In society where the democratic voice of wrong desire seem to be more stronger that the values of rightness, parents and caregivers need to carefully observe what they think, say and do around there children.

it is highly important to guard the minds of children by being conscious of the circumstance and influence that tend to shape their thought pattern. Are you concern about what your child watches and listen to on the media? do you know the kind of games the play or their Xbox? do you sensor their program on Dstv and educate them on the matter of sex and their sexuality?

You as a parent cannot relegate your duty to Disney world and expect the best to come out of them. The word of God is our blueprint for raising and building the lives of our children and its not enough to read it to them before they go to bed, you must be the word they read daily. You This does not mean that these men and women are not at home, it means that they are completely disengaged regarding what is happening in the lives of their children while watching. A child does not wakeup one day just to decide he wants to be a gay or lesbian. the signs and signal have been there without been noticed by the parent.

it is alarming to know the huge numbers of gays and lesbians in the nation of South Africa most especially among colored teenagers. This is a pointer to why in every five marriages here, three has already experience divorce. They say around seventy percent of youths-young adult are suicidal. A child does not become an armed robber a day, it all start in the home without parents noticing or taking their stand against the wrong. weak and irresponsible parenting is a disgrace to humanity. I am concern about the quality of parenting most especially in South Africa.

A generation is almost been lost to the wrong side of the western culture. The values of respect in homes, submission, care, responsibility, accountability, dignity and humility, which are the building blocks of a happy home is almost none existence here. How do we build a nation if the house and marriages in the shamble? what in the world is happening todays parents?

The life of Jesus earthly parent played a huge role in developing and preparing all we saw our Lord produced in the earth. God is again looking for a generation of Joseph and Mary who will be obedient to the heavenly vision regarding the destiny of their children. In a world where gays and lesbians are given the right to Marry and adopt children think of what will happen to the value system of these children. Parents can no longer afford to sleep in regards to the accurate formation of the values and moral standard of their children.

God has sandaled all parents with one of the most important assignment in life and that is to help raise and shape the lives of children by preparing them for the complex emotional challenges of tomorrow. Think of what would have happen if Joseph and Mary did not understand the nature of their assignment in regards to preparing our Lord Jesus for his ministry.

Every children, regardless of how or where they are born carries a unique assignment to be fulfilled in time. You as a parent is required to have a clear prophetic insight regarding what the Lord will have your child become for him in the earth. parenthood is calling beyond the provision of good education and financial security. it is more than given your children the good things of life. it is highly important we provide a sold foundation for the development of our children, most especially in a society where poverty and insecurity tend to shape the mentality of most children upbringing.

The creative wealth of our children should not be negotiated for anything. however, to set them on a path that will help to understand early in life that God is the one who define the outcome of the life is highly important to framing the template of their value system. if you as a parent have no guiding values, principles and systems that determine your life, you easily pass the same template of life to your children.

What am saying is, parent are the first and last school children will ever attend. whatever training given to your child outside the walls of their home is only an addition. watching how my son Samuel religiously study me is scaring, he notice every thing I do and sometime I feel he could read my thoughts just by looking at me. such understanding gives me deed clarity into so many things about my own life and the world of children. Parents need to understand the world children live in in others to relate with them in a way that will build and shape their destiny for Gods glory.

Every moment you child grows, he or she is being formed into something that could either impend or enhance his tomorrow. in days where parents and caregivers hardly have the time to pray or study the word of God in searching his mind for these tomorrow leaders, I wonder what kind of values are being built into the lives of children.

many do not relate the grooming and development of children to an act of spiritual warfare. warfare mean building in opposite direction to the humanistic values that shapes and control many homes and marriages today. if you as a parent do not understand that God gave you those children for a specific reason that requires more than just trying to teach them good moral values, am afraid, you are still spiritually blind.

You need to seek the face of God like the mother of Samson did to know what God will have your children become. You need to continually stand in the gap for your child and the rest of children around you.

The hearts of children are like magnet that attracts the unseen vibes, thought, desire and ambition of their parent. When a person tries to live his life according to the standard of Gods kingdom before his children, they will eventually follow the right path that leads to righteousness. While it is crucial we give our children the best of what money can buy, we also need to remind ourselves that the most valuable life principles as it where cannot be bought or thought in a class room. They must be lived out by the attitude and character of parents or caregivers.

if God has given you the responsibility to raise a child or be a caregiver, you must accept the responsibility to change your attitude and values for the best so you don’t destroy the future of the child through your ignorance or irresponsibility.

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