Discerning the moments of your life

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: (Ecclesiastes 3:1 NIV)
This scripture defines to all mortals the meaning and purpose to life. It captures the precise  mentality and spiritual understanding we need to access and exit the various seasons of life until we reach the zenith of Gods plan and purpose for life.
If you have not been wired or aware that you are design by  God to do something specific for him, your are likely to lack the motivational drive and vision to see life beyond fear, lack, self gratification and indulgence. I perceive prophetically that we are entering a new season, especially, the nation of South Africa.  it is important that we are able to precisely capture the seasonal callings and dealing of the Spirit of the Lord in regards to our divine migration and assignment.
One of the requirements of sound biblical foundation is that when we are precisely taught  at the very early stage of our walk we The Lord, we are giving a privilege of sight in decision making.  SEASONS are the combinations of ordinary moments given to us to prepare us for a life transforming events; while ‘TIME’ are divine moments given to build, nurture and prepare us for those moment of decision when they finally arrive.
You may not have the total control to alter the kind of circumstances your daily times may lead you into, but you can seize every moment through discernment and sensitivity to build character and  capacity  needed for what lies ahead of you. Whatever you are doing at the moment is certainly preparing you for something more bigger than your present capacity. It is important that you do not take for granted all that God is using humans and the circumstance of life to build into your spiritual profile.
The dealings and requirements of God for a nation, a region, a community, a family and individuals are captured in ordinary moments filled with the history of faith, courage, obedience, trust and submission to speakings of heaven by those who have developed the earring hears, the seeing eyes and the heart to conceive the truth.
What men usually see or term to be dramatic or drastic shift in the natural are the manifestation of what has been building up behind the seen. When we are careless with the moments heaven has given to us, we may loose the consummation of the fullness of a season when it arrives. Though you life at the moment may seem to be filled with just ordinary things, within those things you think are ordinary are the divine imprint of the speakings of God to prepare you for a supernatural moment decision.
 Let each day of your life be seen as another opportunity to move you closer to what heaven as prepared you for. If you are not faithful in handling what you term to be ordinary how can you be faithful when a life changing moment arrives.
When you run your life without a sense of vision or purpose how would you notice when a life shifting moment arrives.  David was called and sent while rearing the sheep of his father to go deliver the King and the entire nation from the hand of Goliath and the army of the Philistine.   Let this day prepare for a new season of opportunity to lead.

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