Running with a prophetic release


By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola



 At the beginning of the year 2014, The Lord gave us insightful instructions and direction regarding what to expect, and how we should (perceive) see and relate with life within the context of 2014 and beyond.  We are already in the second quarter, and events both on a personal and global scale are already unfolding at a pace that many who are spiritually uninformed are finding highly difficult to comprehend and manage.

The point is how many of us are truly living according to the directive of the Spirit in terms of what has been spoken or given to us as spiritual compass. Of certain we are living in days of high level prophetic activity that is shaping the landscape of communities, regions and nations. Your direct connection and attitude toward the release of God’s word will determine the advancement of your life, family or community.

God’s word is prophetic by nature since it reveals to us the mind and the operational template of heavens eternal redemptive initiative for creation. The word of God is filled with clear divine patterns and standard of the Spirit, which should be the normal operating system of a Spirit- filled life. Whenever the Lord desires to further advance his prophetic objective in the earth, he usually take a season to first prepare a type of people refined to be container-vessel that can later carry and represent his kingdom agenda.When there is a precise release of a well-balanced prophetic word either to an individual, a corporate group or a society in general, within the context of the words are divine blueprints to build and establish the next value standard that furthers pushes you and your company into the higher realm of the Fathers will. Those words also carries effective principles, and a high level governmental strategy, ordained to nullify and destroy any form of barrier, hindrance or limitation the enemy might post.

2 Peter 1:19-21

19 So we have the prophetic word made more sure, to which you do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star arises in your hearts. 20 But know this first of all, that no prophecy of Scripture is a matter of one’s own interpretation, 21 for no prophecy was ever made by an act of human will, but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God. NASU


 Prophetic words or words release under the directive unction or guidance of the Spirit of truth; there aim is to shape, build, affirm and further  accelerate the developmental initiatives of the kingdom of God in a person or region. Examining the trend analysis of the Spirit regarding a community or region could be a highly effective projecting mechanism that points towards the next future reality.

One of the several duties of the prophetic ministry is to connect the awaken human spirit to the Spiritual grid of The Lord’s revelation and wisdom, such that events happening on a personal, regional or globally scale do not interfere with the frequency of the Spirit within us. Holistic doctrinal theology mixed with consistent character of the truth is the plumb line of accurate interpretation of both current and future events.  In other words, connecting several pieces of truths, like a puzzle, to those disconnected areas of life and the society gives direction and a clear assurance of the outcome of the future.


Prophetic words are not necessarily designed for personal selfish purposes; rather, they are ordained to construct within the spirit mind, powerful building technology to assist the ecclesia in the grace to furtherance the Lords redemptive initiative in the earth. Therefore, a sound prophetic release seeks to bring into reality the next agenda of the Father’s eternal purpose to bear.

Consequently, the context to which we listen, hear and receive the word of the Lord plays a crucial rule in the interpretation of the heart towards what we claim to have heard. In the context of a doctrine Spirit filled balance prophetic declaration, we should find grace, direction, stability, hope, faith, patience, courage and Gods love to journey further into his ordained plan for the season in question.

At the beginning of the year 2014, these words were prophetically release to help shape and define the quality of life expected in 2014 and beyond. I am not sure how many people took to heart these words. It is so easy to hear the Lords mind regarding a situation or event without necessarily receiving the Spirit and truth communicated through the words. Prophetic words are effective vehicle of expressing the thoughts, desire and mind of the Lord.

When the Lord gives an indication regarding events that will be shaping the next frontier, people of noble wisdom and understanding, not only hid to the given instructions but also change their spiritual template and posture to joyfully accommodate such emphasis of the Lord for such a time. Prophetic words are designed to take us from our current location to the next preferred place in the journey towards our ultimate destination in the Father.


“We have entered an exciting season in the history of this great nation of South Africa that requires everyone to be fully prepared, position, strategic and resolute in our approach to both the spiritual and socioeconomic challenges. Our template of understanding must be upgraded with a new sense of optimism, faith, obedience, wisdom, humility and courage. We cannot afford to be frivolous, undiscerning, and weak, as The Lord calls us into an area of strategic warfare with a guaranteed victory.

Every form of slumber and mediocrity that has gripped our hearts in the past must be turned to wood for fresh fire on the altar of our community that must keep our dream of a glorious future alive.  Investing in our tomorrow is not an option; we have to move from the blame game of the past. The past has afforded us a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience that will greatly enhance our current capacity to build a viable productive society filled with the spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness.

We are born for such a time as this to reflect the glorious light of Christ wisdom to a society desperately in need of answer and solution in leadership. The Lord is taking us into a new day that requires a keen sense of vision, preparedness and readiness to push further into the arena of ultimate breakthrough as we challenge and overcome every satanic system that wants to keep our spiritual and socioeconomic atmosphere locked in the ugly apartheid spirit.

We must become a strong tower, a fortress and a city of refuge for the weak, faithless, timid and fearful of the community.  The spirit of death and the lack of productivity trying to destroy the destiny of our society must be resisted with all spiritual weapons at our disposal. The garment of shame, lack of identity, timidity, disappointment, fear, insecurity and neediness most be cast off. It’s time we stop looking behind. Glorious days are ahead of us as we chart new paths into realms of great possibilities…”

It’s time to run with those prophetic declarations over your life, family, community and city… 

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