the rediscovery of faith part 2

Faith by nature is a powerful movement towards the preferred position of the Spirit. Detaching from what we have learned and experience from our previous walk with God can be highly challenging if our orientation does not change drastically

Faith by nature is a powerful movement towards the preferred position of the Spirit. Detaching from what we have learned and experience from our previous walk with God can be highly challenging if our orientation does not change drastically

Faith, the living seed of spiritual substance

1Now faith is [the] substantiating£ of things hoped for, [the] conviction of things not seen. 2For in [the power of] this the elders have obtained testimony. 3By faith we apprehend that the worlds were framed by [the] word of God, so that that which is seen should not take its origin from things which appear.

We have already established the fact that nobody can truly know or please God without the activation or coming alive of the seed of faith. Why? Faith is that living seed or spiritual substance if you will, that quickens to life the dead spirit of men into reality, or what can be call the knowability of his creator. All humans carry within them the seed of God’s faith even though they may be ignorant of it due to their fallen status.

This is one of the reasons why the Lord through the nature and life of the second man, the last Adam had to go through the process of birth, death, burial, resurrection and ascension to awaken the slumbering spirit of creation back to Gods consciousness. Having said this, faith does more than just to weaken our dead spirit. It carries the substance to effectively take us through the school of development and perfect of our spirit-man to the point that it can confidently arrive at the point of full stature in Christ. {Ephe 4}

The Lord is bringing his people into the realm of that which is yet to be seen or apprehended from past knowledge or experience of faith. The evidence of what Jude calls the common {corporate} faith is becoming a true reality in our day. This concept of faith is anchored on the spirit of a hope, locked in the future of the salvation that is about to be revealed in Christ. It is to this intent that God imprisoned creation in the hope that when the ecclesia start to come into the revelational understanding of her prophetic objective as an agent to facilitate the redemption of creation from bondage that this faith will become more active.

It is a known fact that hope lives in the future realm, and faith bridges that gap between what is seen to the unseen reality. Paul further tells us that faith has become the evidence or proves that what you hope is a living reality in Christ. Now, when you read scriptures like this, it’s so easy to slide back into the old concept of interpretation, which obviously limit the spirit of your mind from fully grasping what the Lord intends to show you in his progressive truth. Let’s examine an ageless truth from God’s current speaking.

 The misconception of faith in the past charismatic move of the 80s

Between early 80s, and late 90s, the charismatic Pentecostal movement enjoyed a season of  refreshing, ordained to prepare the (heart) ground for Gods apostolic agenda in regards to that which was about to be unleashed upon nations in the coming decade.  Few Believer’s in that period neither comprehended nor gave heed to the prophetic purpose and direction of was about to be released. What was released was confined to a merely blessing, which it was, but they never saw the bigger picture of what the Lord wanted to achieve through the blessing.

Up until that time, the organized church system had been in a state of spiritual drought and famine even though the Lord had been moving mightily among his called out people. Many have spent countless seasons praying and interceding for a fresh outpouring of the Spirit of God to change the spiritual landscape of the church and the nations. A visitation of the spirit, as they call it back then was desperately needed, especially when one considered the backdrop of events during those dark periods across the continents.

Most parts of Africa at that time where just gaining their independence From the imperialist nations, even though people back then tends to be content with the little they had, yet poverty was on the increase; a campaign for a more progressive social freedom was on the increase amongst young adults back then in America.

Many in Europe were also searching for some meaning to their lives especially after going through so much destabilization and economic recession. While the moral of many nations where down, Many where seeking the face of the Lord to do something new.

The outpouring of the Spirit could not have come at a better time, yet, very few understood the intention of the lord regarding this release. The ignorance displayed by the front line leaders was just the right opportunity the enemy needed to distract, derail and manipulate the leaders from precisely administrating this great season of refreshing from the Lord.

The release of the charismatic spirit and giftens was ordained to usher the Church into a season of divine training and readiness in pressing unto the reality of the kingdom behind the veil. However, the unbridled and undisciplined life of many in the church allowed the flesh to hijack the  move until that which was intended to bring hope and a renewed sense of faith became repulsive to the Father. The gifts and what it could reproduce had almost replaced the purpose and heart of God, the giver.

 The blessing also brought judgment

The embracing of the charismatic word of faith move of no doubt, Established many in the area of getting to know the benefits of salvation. It also boasted the faith of many to exercise their priestly authority in areas of healing, miracle, gift of prophesy and financial prosperity to mention a few.

This season of bliss however, came with so much excesses and imbalance understanding of Gods plan due to the lack of a clear knowledge of the Fathers prophetic Agenda for that season and the coming future.

While it was God’s plan to bless, heal and prosper his people, they however, missed the whole purpose and objective of the blessing or release of the Spirit to the point that this misrepresentation of purpose became the very object that brought the church to the place of disgrace and disrepute.   While many spiritual leader back then stepped into what can be term as power gifts, and where able to build very lofty structures due to the financial gain that flowed into the church. Many, however, missed the mark to the point that a lot of Christian leaders in America back then where indicted by state official for financial malpractice.

How can what was legitimately given by God bring so much shame and misrepresentation to the name of the Lord. Well, the answer carries many faces. Suffice to say, the issue of zeal without knowledge, the lack of accountability and the issue of an circumcised and consecrated heart played a major role. For my people perish for lack of the knowledge of Divine plan and direction. Every time we allow ignorance to becloud our judgment of the sacred things of the Spirit, we often find ourselves misrepresenting Gods purpose.

It is said that when there is no clear insight Regarding the Fathers prophetic program, abuse and misrepresentation becomes the result.  We are highlighting this issue because we about to step into another season of a great release that will further take us higher in the reality of Christ prophetic agenda in the earth, and we cannot afford to make the same mistake made in the past.

 Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God

The present speaking of God as we have established is releasing a new sense of faith to hear Gods voice precisely from a higher position of the Spirit. If faith does come by hearing and hearing by the word of God, we should then precisely ask ourselves what is the component and quality of the word we are hearing today because that is what will eventually determine the direction and emphasis of our faith understanding.

The next question we should be asking is, are we listening or feeding on that word with the same old paradigm of processing the word of the Lord, because if we do, our faith then becomes benchmarked by the dramatic fire or the wild-wind experience like prophet Elijah had at the backside of the wilderness while the Lord was waiting for him in that still small voice.

Are we responding to the voice of God by running back to Eli, a priesthood that has lost legitimacy and the illuminating light of the speaking of God? Moving into the current atmosphere of Speaking of God of no doubt releases the ‘now faith’ needed to develop, advance and please the Father.  Faith is forever proceeding from the throne of the father into the hearts of those who have steadfastly inclined their ears to listen to the now proclamation and declaration of the Spirit.

Faith by nature is a powerful movement towards the preferred position of the Spirit. Detaching from what we have learned and experience from our previous walk with God can be highly challenging if our orientation does not change drastically. We need to constantly remind ourselves and the company we belong that faith was never given so that we could merely have things or build a name for ourselves or ministry.

Faith was given to help us walk with him so that one day we may arrive into his fullness.  If you sincerely desire to see your faith grow and develop, start by feeding your spiritman with quality materials that challenges your current state of spirituality. When i say prophetic, I am referring to the dispensing or the administration of all of the purposes of the Fathers desire and intent for the precise manifestation of his kingdom through your life.

 Faith is the forerunner of the speaking of Heaven. There is so much heaven is declaring regarding the divine counsel of the Father but there is little faith within the hearts of the people of God to truly believe and accept. From personal experience I discovered that most of what is being declared today, especially in the reformation move are truly sounding nice, idealistic and in most cases highly technical to the hearings of believers. Why?  Their faith is still anchored on past experience and position of the truth. They need to allow their faith to die to old position experienced at Bethel, and be awakened in the newness of the revelation knowledge of (the God of Bethel) El-Bethel.

 The Spirit of the Lord is calling a remnant of people to a new day of elevated understanding of truth that has been misunderstood and therefore misinterpreted in the past. To proceed further, we have to change out old wineskin; a new sense of light must dawn on every facet of our spiritual understanding. The scale of our inner blindness must fall off for you and me to see what the Lord is showing us in the now faith.

 Growing in understanding

In our developmental stage, we were taught that ‘thing’ we hope for are related to material or emotional needs. While this may carry some iota of truth, it does not however fully reflect the full revelational meaning of this scripture. The word ‘things’ we hope for relates to divine materials or components that defines the building blocks of our spiritual (life) substance. 1Corinthians chapter 2. Paul extensively spoke about the things of the Spirit here. I will encourage you to spend time in both studying and meditating on the verse because it will certainly shed light on what I am trying to communicate by the Spirit.

There are things in In Christ waiting for us to Apprehend and appropriate in other to fully reflect the new life or nature of our ascended image and identity.  Therefore, as we step into the border of the days of the coming of the Son of man, we need to upgrade our definition of faith, love and hope.  If you have been journeying in this season of restored truth, you will agree with me that the Lord is correcting understanding and perceptions so as to get us in the right spiritual frame of mind. In fact, one of the major emphasis been amplified is that the quality of your life in trust and obedience to Gods will defines a great deal the quality standard of your faith.

Therefore, the more spiritually mature you become the more your faith gets redefined, upgraded and transformed into a higher divine lifestyle. In other words, as the divine life within the seed of faith grows and developing in your spirit, the more you become transcend in your earthly existence as you begin to reflect the image and likeness of God which we have established that it is not a figure as it where, but a quality of life in the Spirit.

This concept of faith we are coming into will enable us to fully represent and manifest the very life and glory of Christ here on earth just has Jesus Christ represented the life and desire of his Father while on earth. There is a faith we are being baptized into that will cause every son of God to stand and proclaim the bidding of the Lord across Hostile territories and regions without fear of death. This, shared faith, powered by the authority of the ever-increasing kingdom will enable us to bring the work of the Lord to bear across the nations.

A reexamining of your motive, exiting false expectation

When one considers the concept or philosophy of many Christian regarding God or the things of the Spirit you immediately realize that something is fundamentally wrong with their ideology. The idea of a God been there to merely bless and service the needs of his people is totally out of order and unbiblical. Indeed, God as a Father is obligated to fulfill his responsibility of provider and a protector. However, the moment the idea of your Christianity is reduced to a religion that seek to be merely blessed, enlightened and bring good fortune to you as a follower, you have then given the enemy an opportunity to corrupt the purpose of your faith.

 I strongly believe that this is the time people need to be properly taught what true faith is all about so nobody continues to nurse a false expectation about why they should follow the Lord.

In the name of evangelizing the society, many people unfortunately have brought into the wrong message or emphasis regarding the whole purpose of becoming a Christian or serving God. Whatever your idea is about why you need to know the Lord or serve Him can only be reveal to you when your idea or the idea someone puts in your mind comes to a complete death.

There should be any for conflict about the reason why you are a Christian than to totally yield your entire life to him and allow his ordained desired plan for your life to come forth. If you are in the Christian service as a mean to escape poverty, lack, sickness, death or even going to hell; I am afraid, you will have to reconsider your motive because those reason are not authentic enough for following the Lord.

And if your reason is even to have some form of supernatural means or power to help others resolve their problem, unfortunately, your reason is still not founded on the true foundation, All these reasons are what the enemy is looking for in people to corrupt and pervert the intention of the Lord within lives and across the society. While the reasons may sound good or reasonable, they however, those not reflect the accurate footing of a follower of the Lord.

What is your definition of faith?

The word of God abundantly made it clear why we should follow the Lord and what is the genuine reward given to those who hid the call to come after the Lord. More about this idea of the motive of serving the Lord in the Spirit of true faith can be followed in our article on discipleship. I strongly felt I should point out at this point; going back to the issue of redefining our faith. I am not sure what your definition is, but one thing is clear, if our definition or understanding of faith those not tally with comprehensive biblical concept, we are going to soon run into trouble.

Therefore, considering the whole concept and reason for faith I think is a reasonable thing to do more especially, considering the nature of the days we live in where Christians globally are been targeted and killed for their faith. More than ever before, Christians today are likely to be killed for believing in Christ than any other generation.  If we are been guided by clear prophetic direction, we should be ready to face this reality.

This statement is not intended to trigger doubt or fear but to bring us back to the true definition of what is known as biblical apostolic faith. We can no longer live in the state of presuming or assuming regarding one of the most important reasons of our spiritual existence. How many people have been to some church worship centers in Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan or some other regions where hardcore Islamic jihadist have been allowed to lunch attacks, and innocent people have been killed in their hundreds.

My point here is not the fact that people were killed, but how solid is the authenticity of the faith of those who were killed built on the revelation of Christ.  Some may immediately argue that after all they died in the Church therefore they have a one way ticket to heaven.  That indeed maybe right, but my point is, where their faith built and founded on the solid foundation of the reality of Christ, or where they just merely following a man who promised them divine intervention from poverty and financial difficulties. How many today are afraid to go to their worship center, and how many church leaders today are investing millions into securing themselves and church property as if this is the lasting solution.

While precaution must be taken, they however, need to realize that this war is not flesh and blood.  Right from the inception of the church, believers and followers of the Lamb have been killed and murdered. The difference back then is that the faith of the brethren was solidly built on the uncompromising integrity of the revelational knowledge of Christ. Unfortunately, we cannot say the same of how we view or practice faith today. Faith is defined and understood from the harmony of scripture as a core spiritual component that enhances the spiritual movement of a believer from one reality of God to the next. For he that must come to God must believe that he is, and a rewarder of them who diligently seek him.

Hebrews chapter 11:1 tells us what faith is while verse 6 defines to us what faith does. Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. This is what the ancients were commended for. By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.  Both the definition and perception of our understanding regarding the Father, The unfolding of his kingdom and purpose for the Ecclesia in the earth defines to a large degree the quality of your faith.

We cannot separate the quality of faith from the correctness of sound biblical perception and lifestyle.  In other words, the more broad and holistic your understanding becomes regarding the current prophetic demand and direction of the Lord in this season, the more you become perfected in reality of an ascended faith. Faith is defined as the substance of what is hoped for and the very evidence of things not seen. This is one of the most profound statements in the entire scripture in that it captures the very life or essence of true spirituality.

The Journey into the unity of the faith

 The word of God is filled with various unique emphasis and expression regarding the purpose and nature of faith. The epistles highlight to us the unique insight, wisdom and revelational understanding expressed through the apostles shared understanding of kingdom centered faith.  These various dimensions or classes of faith if you will, is something we need to put into relevant context as the Lord brings us into a new season that requires the church to truly function within the concept of what Paul defines as the unity of the Faith.

You will notice in that chapter 4 of Ephesians that Paul did not talk about faith unity but about the unity of the faith. The word, ‘THE’ stands to define and qualify the idea of what he was trying to convey into the spirit of the Church. The statement ‘the faith’ seem to suggest that he was not referring to a faith individuals possessed in engaging the throne of a God over a need, petition or request. The faith is dealing with something that transcends the idea of religious carnal materialistic paradigm. The faith is the confluence of heavens ultimate intend for the ecclesia. It is the place where we become the manifestation of the prayer of our Lord according to John chapter 17.

Having explained this concept, let us however proceed further by saying that we cannot step fully into this season of the unity of ‘the faith’ without walking in the light of the revelation of what is known as the unity of the Spirit. The unity of the Spirit is the premise by which we can correctly and effectively walk in the unity of the faith.  Unity or uniting in the Spirit goes way beyond verbal agreement. it is not about merely agreeing as torching something or an idea. it goes way beyond what defines us a members of the same community or denomination. It is not something we can fathom with our carnal religious frame of thinking.

 The unity of the Spirit is first and foremost uniting with the Spirit of the Son of God. meaning that your life is in total sync with the eternal agenda of heaven. it is that which defines the mystery of the Godhead and operation of their function in perfect oneness. It is the convergence of the sevenfold Spirit of the Lord, walking in perfect symphony to bring to bear heavens desire for creation.

The unity of the Spirit is the foundation by which the Church was birthed on the day of Pentecost, and it remains the key to the perfection of the Church of the last day. Unity of the Spirit is allowing the will of God to be planted within your spirit, and allowing it to be effectively carried out through your behavioral lifestyle within the Ecclesia. It is in this context of understanding that we as individuals can allow the very life of Christ to cause us to love and submit in the Spirit of Gods eternal plan for the ecclesia such that we are able to see pass the weakness or imperfection of the brethren.

 This spirit of unity further defines to us the protocol of divine relationship and kingdom government. The moment we grasp the reason for the existence of the community in the Spirit of unity, we are able to love, respect and submit to each other grace and gifts without friction. Schism and divisions becomes a thing of the past within such body.  From this point on, we are then taking into knowing the role our individual faith plays in the perfecting of the corporate body and the advancement of the prophetic agenda of the Father. it is on this revelational footing you and I are correctly establish and are expected to function.

A picture of the Spirit of Unity

The prophetic image the word of God paints in regards to the life and ministry of the cherubim in the book of Ezekiel and Revelation clearly and accurately defines what the unity of the Spirit is; four living being with four unique character and ministry, yet, functioning in perfect ones is a clear picture of what the Lord is impressing into our hearts of his ecclesia. Anyone who has a passion for the perfecting of the Saints and has come across these scriptures must have pondered and wondered regarding the mystery behind this awesome perfection. Yet, this is a shadow of how the Church will someday function before Christ returns. Therefore, let’s start practicing how to live and function in this community life of faith by submitting and honoring one another.

 There was a faith that united the 120 in the birthplace of the church in the upper-room on the day of Pentecost, and there is a Faith presently being release that is (maturing) unifying the church in the spirit of perfected Sonship. This faith is what will ultimately drive the manifestation of the release of the Spirit of God within his body. The Father said he will pour out his Spirit upon all flesh, and we are in the midst of the prophetic fulfillment in a greater measure.

The outpouring of this spirit that has be coming through the seasons of refreshing to the church will ultimately make available the fullness of the life and nature of Gods character which is the manifestation of his seven fold spirit of truth for every member of his Body to precisely reflect and represent the true meaning of the ecclesia. it is this faith that will eventually breakdown the walls of division and every form of religious stronghold and denominational spirit within the hearts of Gods people.

When you carefully study the word you notice the various use and emphasis of the term faith, which in my opinion was deliberately ordained to gradually lead followers of Christ from one reality of life to the next. The scriptures talked about moving from faith to faith. The nature of faith is transitional; meaning that is carries within its operational life the ability to transport and transform our spiritual experience from one reality to the next. The various position of the church in transition requires deferent concept of learning and exposure in terms of moving unto that perfect day of his appearance.

The journey into God is experienced through the various chapters of faith experience we are introduced to. One position of faith helped our spiritual muscles to develop to move into the next realm. Yet, we have entered into a new day in the transition where what used to work in our former position of spiritual dealings and experience will no longer suffice because the Lord is bringing us into a different new and a higher position in him.

The corporate faith is primarily designed to mature us is forever seeking to lead us into a new spiritual experience where we are able to identify Christ from a new realm. Those who talked, walked and even lived with Christ from one position of faith could not recognize or identify him from a different position. Our pre-resurrection knowledge and experience of Christ becomes obsolete in his post resurrection life. Think about, Christ own very disciples could not recognize him even after taking them through the scriptures. What an understanding we need to come into in this new day of the Lord.

In my experience, balancing this understanding or trying to convey this reality to those who are still babes or have just refused to grow in the things of the Spirit can be highly challenging.  Having said this, I will like you to understand that the church of the Lord is in the midst of a mighty move that is redefining our faith experience at all levels. Like I said earlier, each of the apostles seems to be specialized on a particular concept or branch of faith the Lord will have them inject to his body for the maturing of the saints.

While Paul brought to view what faith itself is made of, Peter, on the other hand, systematically takes us through the process of how the virtue of faith can bring deliverance, salvation and perfection to our once corrupt soul. Abraham showed us how we can kick start faith by completely trusting in the promise of God. Jude talked about faith as the life given source of the community of Gods people. All of these aspects of faith are complete in Christ Jesus, if we truly press unto knowing and pleasing Him.  There will constantly be an addition of the dimensions of faith which will eventually bring us into perfection.

Ascending in the knowledge of Faith

The completion or perfection of the body of Christ requires the various impute of the ascended ministry grace of faith. The insight Paul had regarding faith and other concepts of the Spirit was needed to build a dimension of Christ life within the body so as to bring nourishment to each lacking part. It is highly important that I emphasize that each member of the Body of Christ is expose to a dimension or measure of faith that to some degree has defined their philosophy of understanding the things of the Spirit.

The objective of this kind of faith experience is to create a level of spiritual experience and culture that can benefit the individual as member of the Body of Christ. However, it must be said that it will take another orientation of an ascended truth to shift such emphasis from an individual bases to a more corporate standpoint to be able to function within the sphere of the unity of the faith.

When you study the operational mode of the church, one sees that on an individual level, the church seem to be doing fairly but on a corporate level, we have failed almost completely. Why? The emphasis of the faith being preach or taught does not promote the culture of a unified corporate faith. Most members of the body of Christ do not understand the reason why the Church is required to live and function as a community of faith people without borders.

Insecurity has led Pastors and church leaders to systematically build up walls of segregation and separation which has caused huge division across the Body. The kind of atmosphere that eclipses most churches today does not make room for God nor his will to flow. When church members read the word, their interpretation is based on how their leaders see the word. This is a true picture of what the scripture refers to when it says ‘up until now when the people read the scriptures, they are reading Moses.

When we build a philosophy of ownership around the things of God or the people we are assigned to equip for God ministry, we have then become instrument of division.   The veil that has becloud the minds of the people must be remove for the Spirit of unity and the common faith to freely function within the lives of the people. The power of the church which is built on community is strongly under attack for various reasons. Suspicion, pride, unforgiveness and competitive spirit has almost crippled the movement of the people of God.

We must start teaching and growing in the knowledge of the common shared faith if we desire to see the fullness of God Spirit release to this generation. The early Church understood the life and power of this shared faith and the result was that they had all things in common and were able to bring judgment to any issue that arises before them. It is in this context of shared common faith that they were able to finish their assignment without wavering.

The scriptures say if two or three shall agree regarding anything, it shall be done in heaven. The bases of this agreement are built on the power of the shared faith of the community. The power and authority of the community is far greater than the authority or influence of any individual. One shall put to flight a thousand but two shall put to flight ten thousand. That is a huge increase of power just by adding one to one. The Lord is doing something in our day through the spirit of the unity of faith that not only give us power to advance, but will completely change the image of his people in the earth.

These dealings or experience of faith will become as it where, the common language of our heavenly identity and approval as members of the community of God ascend to the mount of Gods pleasure. This is the point where we become perfected in the testimony of our walk with the Holy Spirit, thus binding and unifying our hearts together as members of the same spiritual Farther. This understanding of personal concept of the development of faith however does not erode or negate the corporate community life that is designed to establish each part of the member of the Body of Christ in their advancement towards what the scripture refers to as the perfect man. {Eph 4}

Therefore, generalization of the things of the Spirit, which includes faith under the stewardship of the second day reformation movement of the Church has made things a bit difficult, in terms of trying to now adjust the focus of the brethren from a personalized ‘bless me concept of faith interpretation’ to a more broader knowledge and application of we can term as the corporate kingdom centered faith.

You will be surprise regarding what you still need to learn about faith 

I have been richly blessed by the Lords mercy to have been plunged into a period of sabbatical rest from the activity of religion and unproductive faith exercise, and this period has truly afforded me a lifetime opportunity to revisit and review some of the things I thought I knew and had been established on. Indeed, how wrong I was.  Many believers, including Church leaders have this notion that for the fact that their prayer request was answered meant that the Lord approved their state of being.

This concept is far from biblical the truth. When we take time to study the word of God we see many are times how the Lord allowed his blessing to rest upon something or someone that does not necessarily reflect his direct approval. This comes with different reasons especially when the Lord seeks to protect his name and integrity among his people. Ishmael was blessed by the Lord even though he was eventually rejected on the standard of divine approval. The church in the wilderness was provided for yet, the Lord was not happy with them. in fact, the scripture records that they all perish in the wilderness because of their disobedience and rebellion.

The defining factor of our approval before the Lord is not based on how much our faith is able to achieve or produce in terms of things, but rather, on how far we have come in the reality of obedience and complete trust to Gods voice, ways and dealings at each new season of our migration.  In my season of waiting and spiritual renewal I learned that things are not usually how they look on the surface. Time is always the definer into a dipper reality of the Fathers requirement and approval.

When we hastily rush into concluding that what we know is the right thing, we forfeit the lesson the Spirit of the Lord desire to teach us in the place of waiting. We know in part, therefore, we prophesy in part, when that which is in parts is done away with, and then come the full reality hallelujah! To know some part of the things the lord is saying or doing is not a sin, but to live and remain on that part can be catastrophic to one’s entire spiritual structure and development.

I guess the removal of that which we know in part is what the Lord is currently dealing with across his Body because he desires to bring every one of us into the fullness of his ways and life. For he has come to give us his life in fullness so that we in return can be true dispensers of his light to a generation eclipsed in gross darkness.

The Lord of recent have been speaking extensively regarding the whole issue of living In the spirit of an ascended life, and one of things that is prominent in this emphasis  is the issue of developing a new sense of what Could be define as an ascended faith. To adequately understand the whole concept of ascended faith we need to first all come to terms with the idea of an ascended life.

The ascended life is the epic call of the Spirit in this hour to bring every cell of our DNA INTO FULL ALIGNMENT WITH THE LIFE AND NATURE OF CHRIST. In other words, the ascended life is awakening into the full life and purpose of our existence before the fall in the Garden. It is moving from one dimension of glory of Christ to the next as we cover the earth of our lives with the knowledge of that glory.

Therefore, the ascended faith is a living seed, an operating system if you will, within the life of the Spirit of truth, designed to nurture, enhance, encourage, develop and keep us Mobil in our journey of reaching the assigned end of kingdom centered faith which is the salvation of your soul. for you are receiving the end result of your faith, the salvation of your soul.

What Enoch is still saying today regarding faith?

There are several (truths) things the apprehended ones are stepping into that will require a reorientation of the ways of faith and moves of Spirit for proper and accurate grasping? This is the day of perfection (maturity) of all things including how we have understood and perceived faith.

 The reality of the days ahead demands that we learn not only to redeem the time for accelerated maturity, but to also resolve within our spirit-man not to be shaken by the threatening of the forces of darkness charging against us. In our previous messages and writings we have to somewhat extensively consider the reasons why living by bible prescribed concept of Faith is important to the whole reality spiritual lifestyle.

 The mystery the Father deposited within Enoch in terms of the nature of faith and other concepts of living a spirit-led life, in my opinion is yet to be maximized or exhausted.  Enoch can be said to be the portal of faith even before Abraham stepped into the tittle of been called the father of faith.

The word of God reveals to us THAT BY FAITH, Enoch walked with God. Now, that to me is the whole essence of the mystery of kingdom centered faith; learning to walk with God. In my opinion, Abraham learned from Enoch such that his understanding of the mystery of faith becomes more comprehensive and matured to the point that he earned the title, the father of faith.

 The release or what some will prefer to call the outpouring of the Spirit of the Lord in this new day requires a more developed and matured knowledge of the word of God which ultimately releases the seed of faith into our inner man. To try to step into understanding both the coming and the speaking’s of the Lord with old unrefined charismatic definition of faith will be absolutely impossible and counterproductive.  What the Lord is doing within his body today demand a revisiting again of all the basic foundations and pillars of our spiritual structure, which faith happens to be one of them.

The rediscovery of faith part one


By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

Prophetic perspective into the

Spirit and life of apostolic faith


This article is a sequence to a write-up made earlier this year on managing your faith in a season of transition. To fully grasp both the focus and direction of this writing, I will urge you to peruse through the previous articles on managing your faith in season of transition and development.

Life, as describe and prescribed by the glorious revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ is becoming more real as the only structure required for the ecclesia in moving towards the glorious manifestation of the kingdom age. As the humanistic definition of life and its existence continues to cascade into fear, doubt and uncertain, life will become even more unbearable and frustrating to millions who will be desperate for any form of answer.

The general deterioration of leadership, integrity, and the collapse of socioeconomic security across the regions of the world has continued to shape how society, including some part the Christian community sees the future.

The advent of Ukraine’s civil war, the full bloom of anti-God, humanist policy in the American government; the rise of the ISIS Islamic extremist group, BOKO HARAM, EBOLA in West Africa, extreme climate change, and the most recent collapse of the economy of both China and Germany, which are generally assumed to be two of the most stable and strong economies globally are all pointers to what the world should be expecting in the days ahead.

The two streams of global events

It is important we highlight again, these two streams of events taking place concurrently globally. Without putting things in their right perspective, we may be seduced and dragged away by what may seem to be the obvious from the natural human perspective, while we are completely shot away from divine factors, shaping, and determining the direction of things towards the ultimate end.

One of the limitations of the falling unregenerated man is the fact that with all the scientific knowledge and technological advance at his disposal, he still cannot truly make sense of things beyond his sensory faculty. What a shame to find yourself limited to only things your sense can only comprehend. Life is certainly beyond the act of breathing in and out.

If you are still struggling to come to terms with the fact that you are a spiritual being designed to function in a completely spiritual state not bound to time, space or circumstance, even then I am afraid to inform you that you are already a victim of all that is happening or will be taking place in the near future.

And if you have come to a certain awareness of a spiritual state that is not accurately aligned to the prescribed moral, spiritual value standard, am afraid to inform you that you’ve also been lied to, and the enemy will continue to deceive and manipulate you until you make up your mind to reconnect yourself back to Christ Jesus your only hope and redeemer.

My focus in this article is not really to dwell around what is happening from the carnal human viewpoint, while this is highly important and necessary, and should be given the right space it deserves. However, my mission through this article is to try to prophetically convey the mind of the Lord in terms of his present apostolic reformation initiatives across the globe.

The Lord will have us accurately understand the new path-growth requirements for the perfecting of his ecclesia in the 21st century in order to fully function in the spirit of perfected faith. Righteousness, peace, and justice, clothe in the garment of the full revelation of Christ light must lead this new order of priesthood until the very foe of his Church becomes vanquished in the authority of the sword of his mouth.

The further we ascend into the reality of his appearance within us and around us, the more we need to evaluate and thoroughly reexamine not just ourselves, but how we have managed and Steward the [spiritual] things given to us for the readiness and the perfecting of the Saints and the nations in general.

The dawn of this season of the end is ushering into our lives a profounder and richer revelation of Christ life within each of our vessels, such that the footing and the current framework of this kingdom activity is in no doubt bringing the Church and creation closer into harmony with his creator.

As heaven continues to open the doorways, pathways, and highways within our spirit to the new impression and expression of the Lord, you and I now have a lifetime opportunity to totally unclothe our minds from old rigid, humanistic and religious pattern of thinking and behavior. The religious strongholds that have for a long time defined the state and condition of the Church of the Lord must now give way to the current prophetic declaration and proclamation of this new company of people carrying the very DNA of the Spirit of the Lamb.

 The birth of the apostolic reformation move in the late 80s has now reached a new zenith in the Spirit of transformation, which now requires a different template of faith it its prophetic operation and expression.

As Moses, who through his apostolic mandate brought Pharaoh and the entire house of Egypt to a new height of judgment which finally compelled Pharaoh to let God’s people go. The Lord is now bringing the prophetic activity of his ecclesia within the nations to a new dimension of prophetic warfare that requires a renewed sense of governmental authority and power, established in a well-footed postured of the Spirit of a sent one.

 There’s been a solid establishment of an insightful truth within the body of Christ for the past twenty years or more, which says new wine, can only be poured into new wineskin. This truth cannot be more resonant in this hour of redefinition of faith and its required components of its operation.

The lord is certainly pouring new and strange things within the spirit of his apprehended one’s. However, these outpourings can only be understood and applied through a renewed and a well-developed complex human behavioral pattern of lifestyle, established on the firm-footing of a sound biblical concept of faith. This is the day of the new things of the Spirit and a new wineskin {spiritual mentality} is required for you reading or listening to this message.


Building the new on old foundation


The redefinition of faith to heaven’s divine purpose and perspective is highly crucial to the execution of things of the Lord in this epic season. One of the main reasons why it seems a lot of the initiative and deceleration of the current prophetic apostolic ministry are being refused or rejected, is due to the fact that the spiritual template or the foundation of the people receiving this divine initiative is still defined in the former concept of faith introduced from the past Pentecostalism paradigm.

It is a shame and disheartening to see many who were in the Frontline ministry of the apostolic reformation move back then, now back into the old ritualistic charismatic self-motivated stream.

My heart is sour and truly distress when I see or read what some of these people now promote as the kingdom apostolic message. In the early days of the apostolic reformation move in Nigeria, I saw this issue becoming a major challenge and I tried to rectify it by speaking to some of the Frontline leaders about it, but they refused to listen to the point I was basically sidelined. Today, we are seating with this issue of even some completely in a backsliding state.

Trying to rush into building on a foundation or footing that is not solidified is creating a potential for a major disaster. Building an initiative designed on prophetic lifestyle takes both time and patience to prove that the foundation is ready to carry the weight of whatever is going to be built on it.  The Pentecostal paradigm of faith cannot carry or understand what the Lord is requiring from you and me in this new day.

Pastors and Church leaders are afraid to lose resources and Church members; therefore, they will rather tone down the demands and requirement of the message to keep favor and money flowing in from their (church members) fans. This is one of the primary reasons why people are feeble when it comes to going into the next reality of heavens demand for their generation.

What is Lord is saying for this new season will require you and your entire church team or members to die to what use to work in order to step into the new normal of the Spirit. Faith, as the access key into divine things, is currently being redefined and evaluated across the body of Christ for the work of kingdom harvest to be effective and productive in the 21st century.

This is one of the reasons I strongly believe the Lord will have me write on this issue, at least for the edification and perfection of those who will be accepting the call to follow Christ pathway in this end of time.

As believers who have been on the journey for a while needs to accept the idea of getting accustomed to the continual visitation of foundational truths, especially in areas we might have assumed we are already established, in terms of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, the purpose of his Church, and the requirement of kingdom service.

The footing or idea on which we have established divine things are being revisited and shaken to their very foundation by the releasing of the ministry of the sons of God.  Nothing of the wisdom of man, mingled with divine things will be allowed into this next reality of kingdom life.

Certainly, our ignorance or carnal agendas for the things of the Spirit, regardless of how innocent they may look or sound will not be allowed into this next epic season of warfare and kingdom activity.  The purity of heart, motives, and desire in handling the things of the Lord is a high watermark in the spirit of the new day.

 This is the reason the Lord is seriously addressing the whole issue of misrepresentation even among them who see themselves as apostolic reformation preachers.  If there’s one single area where the enemy seems to have continued to take advantage of the ignorance of the people of God, is in the realm of comprehending the true meaning and operation of balanced prescribed biblical faith.

Faith, like many other spiritual tools assigned for personal and corporate church perfection has been mishandled, misinterpreted, therefore, misrepresented on a very large scale most especially in the West, and currently in the continent of Africa where materialistic paradigm has reached a new height.

Apostle Paul strongly warned the Corinthian believers against allowing their faith to stand on the wisdom of men. If you ask me, I believe these same warning needs to be passionately reechoed within the minds of this present generation of believers.

Today, many, even amongst so called word-based faith ministry cannot accurately differentiate between a Christ-centered, Faith and a New Age religious model of faith.  The self-centered message built around faith today is worrisome when you consider the number of people whose faith now depend on a ‘so called gifted man of God’ rather than the God of the man.

 I had the opportunity recently to watch a video of a particular ministry here in South Africa, where the pastor of this denomination told a large number of his congregation to eat grass. This same man was shown recently on one of the prominent local TV stations asking his congregation to drink petroleum he claimed has been miraculously turned into juice.

Now, we may agree that this incident is merely an exception; but the truth is, the whole concept of falsehood and deception is growing very fast in the body of Christ to the point that even those who once knew the truth are forced to join these charlatans.

 My point is, we can no longer ignore this mass misrepresentation of the sacred things of the Lord. As custodians of the message of righteousness and human redemption, we need to sound the alarm, warning every believer to watch out for this deceptive message of misrepresenting the way of the Lord.

Christians across the world must stop depending on these false prophets who claimed to be serving God. The only time in the scripture we see a human being led to feed on grass was a clear reflection of God’s judgment on the King of Babylon which was due to the pride of his heart.

Please note I am not suggesting you stop listening or following the divine instruction given to by your set-man or pastor, like many will prefer to be called.  You as a believer, redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, owes yourself and your Heavenly Father the duty and responsibility to read, study and continually meditate on the living word of God in such a way that your spirit is always on alert against whatever that is not in consistency with balanced biblical truth.

 It’s time to sit down, learn and allow the Holy Spirit in you to guide and direct you step into the solid knowledge and revelation of Christ. If you are a true passionate seeker of the way of the Lord, you will be divinely guided to where you will be fed properly and taught the true way of the Spirit based on the current speaking’s of the Lord.

Faith in God and his purposes is crucial to your development and perfection; you cannot afford not to know what the Lord is saying or doing about that which will eventually determine your life, family, and future destination.

The discipline to become a student of the word of God in this new day is highly important for escaping seduction and the deception of religion. The entire letter of Apostle Peter deals with this issue of understanding the principle, power, and life of Christ centered faith. The spirit and doctrine of faith, centered on the revelation of Christ needs to be taught and established within the template of our understanding as we further press into the confluence of a new spiritual plain.

Reading the Epistles again in light of the current emphasis of the Spirit, in my opinion will not only refresh our mind, but further enhance our comprehension of what the Lord is about to do in our time. This is the hour we need to incline our spiritual ears to listen to what the Lord is saying.

The Lord will continue to shed light on this area, and we need to truly open to this faith awakening so we don’t become a casualty of the current speaking and manifestation of the Spirit. It’s should interest you to know that the season of the outpouring of God Spirit is both a type of bliss and great judgment.

To assume that the release of the Spirit only brings blessing and favor, is to be misled. That’s the reason the Lord, in his mercy is sending the prophets and watchman to warn, prepare and train his people before the outbreak of his Spirit in a greater measure.

When the Lord begins to deal with you, especially in the area of your faith commitment, that should not be a time of rebellion or resentment; rather, you should allow his light to penetrate the deep recess of your heart and change to the required wineskin of the Spirit. So, what is this concept of faith we need to rediscover? Let’s journey into some spiritual perception and definition here:

Defining the generic term call faith

Titus 4:1

To Titus, mine own son after the common faith: Grace, mercy, and peace, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior.

The word common does not suggest this faith is cheap or common as one will define the word. This word suggests to us its universality and accessibility by all members of the body of Christ. In other words, one of the duties of the ascended ministry gifts is to Crete divine platforms in the culture of kingdom lifestyle where everyone in the church understands their place, identity, and a measure of faith such that there can a proper flow the Spirit of grace and learning without friction. This is basically like what you see in a family, everyone born into a family carries his or her own unique identity, but all share the same surname.

The common faith is that spiritual seed we all carry and share together that enables us to trust, share, defend and interconnect our lives for the fulfillment of heaven’s purpose.  This faith, like Paul suggested here is solidly built on the foundation for a relationship and divine activity.

Paul was able to leave Titus in Crete because of this KOINOS (share of all) faith. When we are yet to build this type of faith in our so-called kingdom community, we still, do not have a proper footing of a lasting service.

When we talk about faith we are not limiting its reference to the ability to release one’s personal {believe system} grace to receive a gift or blessing from the Lord, No.

We are referring to that complex generic term which defines the common identity, culture or even the ideology that both defines and describe our awareness of the things of God, and the operational template of our knowledgeability of the Father and depth of the revelation of Christ the Son; to the extent that this inner awareness and understanding, shapes and impacts to a great deal how you and me relate not just to this things of the Spirit, but also the protocol or ethics code which defines the shared life of the community of Gods people.

When studying the word, I am sure you must have come across various use and application of the term faith. This is because the word faith, as I have previously referred to applies to various spiritual meanings and emphasis.

One needs to first understand the context to which faith is in use for one to precisely grasp or define its meaning and purpose. That is the reason the general theme for faith in the book of Hebrews is absolutely different to the theme of faith in the writings of Apostle Peter, James, Titus or even Jude for that matter.

They all have some unique and common truth and principle to share regarding the mystery of faith, but only in the mystery of the ascended revelation of Christ fullness do we begin to appreciate the life, authority, and the operation of the ascended faith.  Learning and having the various parts of sound balanced biblical faith is one of the noblest things you can do as a believer because it shows the degree of your spiritual awareness of kingdom lifestyle.

 In my opinion, it will be a disservice to merely limit the teaching or revelation of faith to what we have had or learned in our early days of charismatic Pentecostal knowledge and experience.

Faith is an ongoing spiritual journey that those not only bring us into a fresh rediscovery of the divine things, but also carries the divine capacity to lead us further into the next reality of the Father’s demand both on a personal or corporate level.