the war cry of the Spirit

I hear the war cry and I feel the terrible wind from the east blowing as the mighty warriors of the Lord emerges from the desert of their transition
I hear the war cry and I feel the terrible wind from the east blowing as the mighty warriors of the Lord emerges from the desert of their transition

2015, the beginning of a new season in apostolic warfare

The sound of the horns and the four craftsmen

 A prophetic declaration


I hear the war cry and I feel the terrible wind from the east blowing as the mighty warriors of the Lord emerges from the desert of their transition.  A season designed for your hiding and training is past, a new chapter is opened for the unfolding of heavens prophetic counsel to emerge. Now is the time to engage to horns over your city and the nations.

Let wisdom guide and guard your heart. Allow understanding to direct your pathway unto the battlefield.  See, the old is rolled away, a new day is being ushered in says the watchman and the gatekeeper. Fastened your eyes on him who stands at the ramp; See him that calls from the highest mountain, guard the loins of your heart in the Spirit of truth and righteousness, and give the Lord no rest until Zion once again becomes a city of praise.

The day of the Lord is near, proclaimed the watchman over the city, the day of great darkness and unprecedented light, a day of joy and a time of great sorrow. A day of victory and a day a defeat; Get prepared, fasten your eyes and feet on the words that has gone ahead of you, sandal your feet with the boats of the readiness to proclaim the emergence of the Lords kingdom in power and great glory.

See the salvation and the vengeance of the Lord galloping into the cities of the nation as he sets his people free from the bondage of low self-esteem and poverty of the spirit. Break the power of Pharaoh over the people of the Lord. Declare freedom and liberty over the house of Lord.  Break down the walls, shatter the prison doors and let his fame be proclaimed amongst his people and they go forth representing the knowledge of his glory.

Sound the trumpet, gather the prepared ones. Proclaim to them the strategy of entering the Promised Land; show them the heart of the Father. Let the army of Joshua arise, an army once scattered and shattered by the spirit of pride and self-dependence. Let the army of Joshua arise from the valley of dry bones.

Let this army called to function in the spirit of humility and compassion fight until the knowledge of Christ glory fill the earth. Let this army of kingdom of priest carry the Ark of his presence as he led us to victory.

Let the army of Joshua arise. Lord, baptize us with your fire, purify our hearts and mouth as we declare your kingdom come over the regions and cities. Help us to submit to one another in the order of your desire.

Help us to see and acknowledge your grace in the life of our brethren. Help us not to undermine your leadership in and through the lives of our brethren. Help us to love and connect to our ordained place of functionality within your body. Grant us the fullness of your grace to see and adequately identify your supply chain within the body so that none may lack.

Our lack is due to the unwillingness to see and accept our assigned ministry for each other. Deliver us from mammon and materialistic tendencies that has become a huge hindrance for the development and advancement of your kingdom initiatives.

Deliver us from fear, pride, prejudice and racism. Help your church to realize that our identity transcend biological or geographical boundaries.  Set us free from insecurity and low self-esteem that hindered us from believing and accepting our brethren. Help us to celebrate your mercy, goodness and favor in the lives of our brother even if we seem to differ on some things.

Help us to know that we can never win the enemy without loving, caring and submitting to your prescribed pattern of community life. Lord, you are calling your church to locate their individual place, and rightfully function in it with full capacity of the grace given for such a location.

Lord, may 2015 be the season of this divine location so that we may maximize the power and authority of your kingdom in defeating the enemy both within and outside the camp. Lord, may you church arise!

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