The reality of ideological war

Redefining the concept of biblical spiritual warfare
Redefining the concept of biblical spiritual warfare

Your mind, the last frontier of spiritual warfare


                 Continuation of part 2

                by Isaiah-Phillips Akintola 

It is certainly an understatement to say that the ideological frame of thought of most societies, which by the way, includes the mainstream church membership perceptive value of existence has drastically dropped. Either we look at it from a sociocultural economic perspective, to the broader corporate governance and leadership policy, to the use of religion to dull and hypnotize the subconscious mind of the people.

The alarming thing here is that this life altering changes will continue to systematically overwrite the original code system of human thought process. At list, this is the plan set in place by the forces of darkness through their positional principalities over communities, cities, regions and nations.

There are sleeping ancient powerful evil systems, awakened and positioned within various sphere of society today, whose core mission is to alter, challenge, override and corrupt the eternal prescribed order and principle of precise human existence. We know that these forces have infiltrate every aspect of life, and only those who are truly discerning and are equally prepared for this unseen mental ideological war can stand in victory at the end.

If you have not been taken to the river of the Spirit of truth for the washing of your sight, and shift from the sensual cosmetic concept of what is defined as ‘life or freedom’ today, am afraid you may not escape the strategy of defilement lurking around the soul of our community and cities today. The gods of this age has intensified their efforts to keep the minds of men and women blind and dull from knowing and accepting the truth. The battle for truth is more real than any war taking place today in the war turn regions of the earth.

Very few in the body of Christ today are actually aware or conscious of what is happening in the world or within their own lives, with regards to the rise of a host of powerful evil force of darkness, using the current democratic humanistic system set in place to desensitized and demoralized millions of human minds. We as the body of Christ are being called to wake up from our deep spiritual slumber into a new day of active participation of the deliverance and redemption of the soul of our family and community in this season of increased activity of darkness.

As the kingdom of the lord presses us further into a season of preparation in engaging the battle of the last days, we are also seeing increased illuminating light and insight been released from the throne of grace on this matter, as it relates to the needed arsenals required to engage and vanquish the forces of darkness waging war within the thought realm of members of the body of Christ.

Like I said earlier, there is a subtle ongoing war against all followers of our lord Jesus Christ that is more visible than any battle being fought against the worst extreme religious terrorist of our time. In fact, winning the battle against all forms of darkness and terrorism alike, will be undoubtedly determined to the degree we are able to identify and win this unseen but yet so real a battle.

I am referring to the battle taking place within the frame of thought of all humans. Winning the battle over your mind is not just another fine and trending message the 21st century church needs to hear and then shelve it to the archives of its revelational knowledge which is what we do best.

We are seeing a growing trend in church today where people are becoming more addictive to hearing so called new revelation from the super apostles and prophets that caries little or no power to challenge and reform the rigid inner structure of the perverted state of thought.

The future of the church, and every single human on this planet is determined on how serious we take this message, and of cause, apply its undiluted truth to every facet of our daily life existence.

There is virtually little or nothing we can do even as spiritually informed people without dethroning the soul from its current illegitimate position of authority and influence. The soul of man was not designed to rule, and God the father has not changed his mind regarding his original functional order of governance. The human Soul was created to express the life of God active within the human spirit.

Man is a spirit, created with a soul to relate and express love and affection which is God’s primary nature. Love, as prescribed from biblical view cannot be expressed without the functional capability of a well reformed, transformed and restored emotion.

The soul houses all the faculties that allows man to live and behave as his creator. It bothers me that today’s church can boast regarding the acquisition of some grand spiritual revelational knowledge, yet, very little seem to be known with regards to the core principles that both shaped and altered the inner reality of human behavioral character personality.

While a lot of strides has been made from the outer reality of our salvational experience, yet, the journey into the inner life of spiritual experience can only become effective when the soul is subdue and restored back to its original place under the influence of the spirit man.

The days we are entering are days where the rules of engagement in spiritual battles are fast changing, and we need to arm ourselves with a fresh ascended revelation that enhances and fast-track our ability to identify and be able cast down false imaginations and thoughts that has taken our minds and that of our community captive from reaching the height of its divine objective in creation.

When the view or perception we embody varies from consistent balanced spiritual footing, we have for a certain, directly or indirectly exposed the doorway of our minds to be influence by forces of darkness, and its modern day idolatry worship, expressed under the guise of democratic New Age Liberty.

to be continued…

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