worship and the new priestly order

precise pattern to worship






Biblical concept of worship is define as both the (separation) consecration and devotion of one’s entire life and work system to the service of the Father and his glorious kingdom. The life and service of our lord Jesus Christ mirrors to his church both past, present and future what it means to be a true worshipper. A careful study of the word of God from Genesis to the book of revelation consistently reveals this universal theme of the Lords eternal intent for creation which is the worship of the Almighty Jehovah.

The battle of Christ in the wilderness and of cause in gethsemane were both centered on the issue of the image and content of worship. Our lord battled the principalities of his day and the deep cravings of his Adamic [nature] soul to maintain an undivided focus and allegiance to worship to his father. He will not seek the path of equality with his father, but rather submitted his will and glory to the wisdom of his father in showing his church how to live a life of total consecration to the service and purposes of the Father.


An entire nation was called, consecrated, separated and given a powerful divine worship system designed to mirror heavens acceptable pattern of worship.  The priesthood the father ordained Israel to practice through their lifestyle was strategically planned to keep them in sync with the mind of the lord, and to stir the heart of the hidden nations to jealousy so they could turn from their perverted system of idol worship to the one and only true God. Israel was called to represent the entire nations of the world through their priesthood. We however know that they failed in that assignment due to their corruption and dysfunctional identity.

They served and worship the father for various reasons that are not necessarily to reveal the very intent of worship. Their priesthood was corrupt and perverted through the incorporation of foreign ideologies to their system of worship. In other words, they worshiped God but not wholeheartedly; there were things imported into their lives that defiled both the altar and temple of their worship.

Today, we still see the old deceptive practice of worship within the house of God. In fact, the man of sin has subtly crept into the (heart) temple of most believers and his demanding worship from the Saint without their knowledge. I feel an urgency within my spirit to sound the trumpet of awakening most especially amongst those who claim to be present custodian of the message of apostolic reformation.


 There is a present strong emphasis with regards to the structure and the functional pattern heaven will employ in the service of the third restored temple. The notion that we can offer our worship anyhow or anywhere without necessarily adhering to the lay down priestly order as long as we are sincere is a fallacy the enemy has long used to lie and deceived many, and in fact, some have incurred the judgment of the Lord.


One of the main reasons why the lord took his time to give his people the pattern of approaching and ministering unto him is to prevent the issue of using our own yardstick or standard of worship. Unfortunately today, there are various types of temples and altars built by men who desire to reach Jehovah, and he has continued to look down from heaven to destroy this temples by scattering and confusing the communication language of the people. This simple fact explain where there are so much confusion, disagreement and church break up in our time.


However, the more we continue to have clearer understanding into the operational pattern of this third day temple, the more our hearts must adjust and align in the ministry of reformation to perfectly house all of heavens wisdom and resource for the church perfection. This temple that the father is constructing is within the heart-core of those who have both heard and have respond to sound of this new prophetic order, assigned to shift things in the sphere of communities, cities, and nations. This temple that is not crafted by any earthly wisdom or human strength will ultimately become the place of divine initiatives in this third day.

 It will be a hub for kingdom government and authority as prophet Isaiah foretold. The place of elevation; the mountain and citadel of heaven speaking for all creation. This temple where Christ will finally reign in be glorified before his final physical appearance will manifest some of the most powerful, but yet humble priestly men and women any generation has ever witnessed.


 I am convinced that most of the things we are struggling to make folks understand with regards to church government, and the order of Levitical service will all fall in place as we shift into this third day priesthood order. As long as we remain under the priesthood that is still governed by the school master and their hierarchal pyramid system of leadership, the people will never accept or arrive at the reality of spiritual wisdom and maturity.

The emphasis of the lord for this new day is, change the wineskin of your existence and you will be able to function in the ascended knowledge and grace that will teach the ways of the kingdom effectively. The more we study and understand the mind of the Lord in terms of his requirement for communal lifestyle, the more we hear that we must remove every form of carnal and frivolous attitude of thinking. The offering of strange fire on this present restored altar will certainly incur the swift judgment of the Lord. Being able to discern the heart of the father is a present high watermark in terms of pressing into a higher realm of the father’s good pleasure.


 I am sure you’ve noticed that the way and manner the lord related to the Philistines in terms of accommodating their errors and mistake when they were zealously ready to return the Ark was completely different from the seemingly judgmental way he acted when the children of Israel were also planning to return the same Ark back to its rightful place under the hospice of King David. (1 Samuel chapter 5 & 6.).

Twenty years of the absence of the (presence) Ark of the Lord in Israel brought confusion and error into the order and leadership of the Levitical priesthood. Both the new leadership under King David and the priesthood system were so zealous that they completely forget the divine order given for the transportation of the Ark. This error of omission of the ancient priestly order lead to the death of a priest.

 When we consider the difference between the accepted mistake of the Philistines in transporting the Ark from the error of the priesthood under the leadership of David is the fact that one group have been taught the pattern and standard of transporting the Ark of the Lord, while the {Philistine} other was completely foreign and ignorant of the ways and pattern of approaching the God of Israel.  There are countless values, standards and principles heaven is unlocking to a remnant generation of priests who have being waiting for the restoration of the presence and glory of the Lord back to their lives and the church community.


We however, cannot afford to make the same mistake this priesthood system under the leadership of David made, due to the lack of a sound balanced teaching priest in the house of God. We are now entering a season of the end of ICHABOD.

 The knowledge of the presence and the glory of the father is gradually returning to our lives in this third day, and we must get rid of all foreign images and gods we have placed in the temple of the Almighty. Through insight of past dealing of the lord with his people, we in this new day now have a divine blueprint into what not to do in carrying the presence of the lord before the nation of Gods people in worship.

While the lord allowed his Ark to go into captivity only to stir the hearts of his people to grieve and jealousy, he was also laying down a powerful pattern for the next generation to learn of his ways and dealings so they don’t make the mistake of the past. As we further see the pattern of the fathers mind in unraveling the mystery of his good pleasure with regards to knowing his precise standard of accepted worship before him in this epoch moment.


The father made room for the Philistines to make mistakes in their desire to return the Ark to its rightful place. They consulted their own priest with regards to how they should return the Ark, and the lord allowed it, but when his own children made what is seen as a zealous move without following the due priestly order and instruction, the lord was not slow to kill a zealous priest who showed no knowledge of what he should have known.

The order and function of the present priestly requirement in our fellowship activity cannot be assumed, and most thrive to surpass the hypocritical religious activity of the Pharisee if we continually have a standing before the lord/As we continue to study and examine the technology of David in the present building of the house of the lord. We will do ourselves a lot of good not to only study the good deeds of David but to also seriously learn from his mistakes. We desire a balanced understanding of the full intent of the father in the process of the reuniting of his presence back to earth.


We have to now shift from an apostolic order who seem to know about the ways of the lord but cannot act accordingly when occasion call for it. I strongly believe that the return of the Ark of the lord through the place of intense devotional worship will start preparing the ground of our hearts for the coming of the season of the end. David was a man of great passion and knowledge of the ways and moves of the Spirit yet made this mistake of not inquiring and ascertaining the preferred pattern of carrying the presence of the lord from one location to the next. In this transition, we have to seek the precise way and manner of our movement so we don’t repeat the same mistake of the past. How we view and relate to the things of the Spirit of the lord which includes the pattern and content of our worship in this third day has to change.

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