The cross of Christ, a fading reality from the church 

The cross of Christ, a fading message from the church 

By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola 

If there’s ever a pressing message the apostles and church leaders of our time need to urgently and seriously give attention to, is the unveiling mystery of the cross of Christ. 

From my viewpoint, I do not think a larger part of the church community today truly understand the weight and revelation of Christ and What he did on the cross. If they do, the church certainly will not be in the present unfortunate state she finds herself today. 

I believe that somewhere in the cause of our pursuit to be known, accepted and being relevant in the ‘work of ministry’, we’ve lost some of the most vital key to our spiritual footing.  Many of the sacred truth and values of the kingdom of God has been deliberately sidelined and changed for something else that only feed and satisfy our lust. 
 The revelation and experience of the cross of Christ is the portal to all messages and teachings we will ever render in our life time.  

Please don’t get me wrong, what i am saying is, the framework of all kingdom centered driven message or initiative must carry the components of these four structure of existence for christ to be formed in individuals. Why there seemed to be so much pump and energy in our messages and church activity with little or no reforming and transforming power is due to the lack of these five core spiritual pillars. 
Crucifixion, death, burial, resurrection and Ascension are not just mere messages we preach or teach. They are the very construct of the temple Christ is building within his people and through his people.    If the message and the spiritual experience of death, burial and resurrection is not well seated and fashioned in our hearts accordingly, am afraid they won’t allow us to step into the fith dimension of the ascended life. Why? That’s where the hidden manner, and the message of the tree of life dwells.

Nevertheless, we may be left to continue ministering in the outer court arena of the speakings and the dealings of the Spirit.  At this tier, the gravitational pull of the fallen nature will continue to influence and control the message and response of the people even if they seem to be prospering materially and otherwise. Our priority as temple builders is not just to see to the material prosperity of the people, but to actually see them completely free and transformed in preparation to fulfilling their destiny in Christ. 
Ezekiel 44 :12-14

And the Levites who went far from Me, when Israel went astray, who strayed away from Me after their idols, they shall bear their iniquity.  Yet they shall be ministers in My sanctuary, as gatekeepers of the house and ministers of the house; they shall slay the burnt offering and the sacrifice for the people, and they shall stand before them to minister to them. 

Because they ministered to them before their idols and caused the house of Israel to fall into iniquity, therefore I have raised My hand in an oath against them,” says the Lord God, “that they shall bear their iniquity. And they shall not come near Me to minister to Me as priest, nor come near any of My holy things, nor into the Most Holy Place; but they shall bear their shame and their abominations which they have committed. Nevertheless I will make them keep charge of the temple, for all its work, and for all that has to be done in it.

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