by isaiah-Phillips Akintola

While it is true that we are in the days of apostolic reformation. It is equally true and important that we must understand that the current, underpinning, value principle of the life of this present reformation is restorative in all definition and spheres.

The point of the accuracy of this restoration culture is a strong apostolic prophetic spirit and mentality, which, of course, connects all the various stages and components required for a sound, holistic, emergence of a powerful kingdom community.

The new normal of the present prophetic emphasis is the expression of a well-informed, restored and matured spiritman, with eyes to discern and measure all the various angles and dimensions of kingdom activity across the earth without prejudice or misjudgment.

It must not be seen that our apostolic or prophetic stream and its lingual (cultural) identity is a clone expression of a particular, narrow interest or emphasis, regardless of how large, influential or enriched such community may look.

The authenticity of our unique spiritual identity within the overall corporate restored community is crucially significant.

  One of the primary reasons we see and hear so much of what may be termed today as kingdom initiatives, with little or no transforming, enforcing divine authority, is simply due to building out of context and a deep reflection of a copied or cloned ministry.

When our understanding of the present apostolic emphasis is not adequate in total sync with the father for the season, we move out of order, and create greater disconnect within the body generally.

For instance, the fact that almost every pastor today has suddenly become an apostle, and their wives promoted to the position of a prophet or prophetess, certainly indicates something is critically wrong with our measuring value system and perceptional function of these ascended governmental ministry gifts and office.

In other words, we’ve got to be hundred percent certain that what we currently have in our equipping apostolic building tool box, are all restored, upgraded version of the kingdom, ascended progressive truth.

We cannot afford to be carried away through the eagerness and excitement of a move, without clearly defining the heart and mind of the father within the context of his move both locally and globally.

The huge amount of the present emphasis and activity of the Spirit of the Lord in this season, is seeking to restore back lost ancient truth, lost image and identity, lost position and value system, integrity, faithfulness, righteousness, lost principle and lost ethical value standard of the kingdom and so on.

Our understanding of the present location of the Lord within his church defines and contextualize what needs to be changed, updated, or even completely deemed as obsolete as we forcefully press towards to that advanced, ascended positional reality in Christ.

We have to engage the prophetic and apostolic office out of its seemingly infant position, especially in this part of the world.

Our prophetic sight must shift from the mere attitude of giving and receiving of prophecies and blessing, to its ascending restorative, reforming and transforming constructive capacity.

 If your knowledge of the prophetic has not been weaned from the basic, elementary position of blessing and motivating people which is in fact needed, you are therefore, hindering the larger portion of the body from developing and maturing into the full stature of Christ.

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