The purpose of tribulation and the standardized knowledge of accessing the kingdom of God

A preparatory footing for the

manifestation of the third-day ecclesia.



                                                                          By Isaiah-Phillips akintola


The Body of Christ has stepped into the day of truth appropriation and the restoration of all things according to the biblical prophetic program. Biblical truth lost during the Dark Age, and more recently, due to the rise of a false global humanism, and religious movement is being restored through the divine order and grace of the Spirit of reformation and of the revelation of Christ.

The revelatory wisdom and the inner character formation gained through the weight of the cross we are daily invited to carry brings to bear, a broadened, in-depth knowledge and an ascended understanding of the very intent and purpose of the Father’s will in all conditions and circumstance. Since all humans, come from a different environment of beliefs, traditions, and socioeconomic realities, our perspective, and interaction to life and its issues generally differ.

Hence, it explains why there seems to be a growing challenge to effectively and correctively pass biblical truth across the various divides of the body of Christ, and sadly, amongst its mainstream leadership organs. Division of knowledge regarding any aspect of kingdom truth is coming to an end. The father’s desire is to bring his entire body to a confluence of his truth, so the church can effectively function in the power of sound apostolic grace.

We can no longer consider what we want to conceive in the word of God without a broad knowledge of heaven’s counsel and purpose. Our believe values and faith operation must be coherent and be established on the overall eternal biblical objective of the father’s sovereign prophetic wisdom and agenda. Truth is a continuity of the proceeding speakings of the father from eternity past to eternity future.

The Body of Christ now lives in an era that is almost indifferent to the core values and principles, designed to build and maintain the proper spiritual structure of its wellbeing.

Furthermore, the courage to challenge these weak, water down, foreign value culture system, currently being promoted within the Body of Christ is indeed becoming even more difficult a task. The almost erosion of the eternal principal materials, required to build a solid spiritual footing for the establishing of a true governmental foundation is being played out all across our society. 

One of the reasons for this spiritual abnormally is purely based on the inability to clearly define and identify what is biblically correct from what has been purported as the truth from a powerful religious system standing against the advancement of God’s prophetic agenda.

The wrong teaching and emphasis that is today plaguing the body of Christ were due to several seasons of compromising the standard requirement of truth and righteousness. The Lord is now restoring a sound, balanced, apostolic understanding of his house, even though this is coming through the most unlikely channels we may expect, yet, they remain consistent with the ancient biblical values and pattern of the father.    

Job, the pattern son

It is astonishing to observe that the righteousness of the patriarch Job, predates the theological definition of righteousness either from the Mosaic law system or from the transitional season of the historic book of Malachi into the New Testament concept of righteousness.

We know that Job was proclaimed a just man, who feared God and interceded for his children and household, perhaps, they might in one way or the other have sinned against the Lord through their lifestyle. Job lived in an epoch where spiritual beings known as sons of God were regularly invited into the council chamber of the father to discuss issues and events relating to the governing sphere and administrative agenda of the father for creation and man.

We are told that Lucifer himself was present in the capacity of his sonship title, and he was asked by the father if he had considered Job, for there’s none as righteous as him in the earth. Lucifer, also known as the son of the morning, challenged the justice system of God by insinuating that Job’s righteousness was based on four cardinal provisions that committed Job to be faithful and righteous. He asked the father to remove those provisions and watch how job will turn his back on the father.

The father then permitted Satan to prove the love, faith, and hope of Job on those four points mentioned.  I believe these four areas of needs Job was tested and proven, which I will later highlight, summarizes the entire request or desire order of all men before the father.

Anyone who can see the father beyond the provision of these four needs can confidently say he or she has conquered the power of self, the power of need, and can now fully access the reality of the kingdom life culture without any form of distraction from the sinful gravitational pull of the earth realm. These are the same area Jesus was tempted after his forty days fast in the wilderness. 

To have what I call a sound standardized knowledge of the divine counsel and purpose of the father for any situation, we do need to critically examine some of this highlighted pointss in a sincere manner that helps us address the issue of the will and dealings of the father even in our so-called position of righteousness.  

  • To what level do we expect the Lord to meticulously test our love, faith, and hope in him?
  • What will be the most precise, acceptable spiritual footing in building a lasting house of the Lord?
  • Since we all came to Christ with a certain preconceived notion of how to think, what to expect, or even receive from God as the value of our redemption position in Christ. Experience and even statistics have, however, proven that these preconceived ideas and belief patterns have greatly impacted on our ability to trust and truly develop in our faith walk in a manner that enhances our capacity to step into the ordained plan of the father for us.
  • Like Peter, many of us might be sincerely wrong in our approach and understanding of the ways and the requirement of the Lord, therefore, we are pressed to a condition where we are able to see who we are for ourselves in order to accept what the Lord has designed our lives to achieve in his prophetic program.
  • How then do we shift from the false expectation imported into our new spiritual identity and culture in Christ?
  • The issues of race, tradition, socioeconomic difference and even financial status within the Christian community is a major challenge today, very few leaders have truly developed the nerves to dare to challenge headlong. The fact is, these very issues have become the leveraging point most church leaders have used to build their so-called ministry. How sad, how do we tackle this false, ungodly, divisive position?
  • When we hear of pain, suffering, persecution, and tribulation, many of us can quickly relate to these realities either from personal experience or from what we have seen or read in the scripture. However, very few truly understand how the Lord, in his sovereignty, uses these challenges to build character and perfect his work in the life of a believer. Many of these highlighted realities are what I have tried to address through this note.

If you are therefore serious with your work with the Lord, and truly desire to share in the in-depth experience of moving to the next point of your ascended call in Christ, or maybe you just need a biblical confirmation that you are not after all crazy about what you’ve been faced with since you asked the Lord to use you for his glory.

While this note does not cover all of the answers, but it will surely help you to get a better perspective of the dealings of the Lord for your life and how to step into what I call the standardized principle of accessing the realm of the kingdom of God.

The kingdom of God is a spiritual reality that is only unveiled to us through various seasons of baptism. Being born of the water is a divine, ongoing process that leads us into the in-depth knowledge and experience of the things of the Spirit of the Lord.  Therefore, I am inviting you to please read this material with an open, teachable spirit to hear and see what the Lord may want to share with you and the entire membership of the Body of Christ.  

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