By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola
the further we move into the day of the lord, the more resolute and determine we must become in embracing the virtue of suffering and the challenges presented to us in the spirit of joy, as part of the necessary requirements in the preparation to be better equipped for the service of the ministry of christ and his kingdom.

the virtue of pain received through the ministry of tr,mnnial and tribulation, equips and positions us in an ascended realm that makes our spiritual experience more enriched and authoritative than someone who merely depends on some acquired third party knowledge of truth that is yet to be tested through the crucible fire of life.

please do note, when I refer to suffering, i am referring to that painful dealings and experience every believer is going to face because they are followers of christ.

i am not talking about what you are likely to face because you broke the law, or engaged in some ungodly, compromising situation that farces the mighty hand of the law, or some punishment on you.

that’s what i call self-afflicted sorrow or suffering. there’s a challenge or tribulation that you’re currently in today because of the revelation of christ.

i am referring to the suffering that will lead you to the island of patmos like john the beloved. i am talking about the suffering that befalls you due to your uncompromising love and stand for the reality of kingdom of god.

if we must see the glory of the father in the days ahead of us then we need to develop a sense of faith in the midst of the fire of babylon. we need to be like daniel in the lions den with a full assurance of the presence of heaven in the situation.
i discovered that one of the kingdom keys that gave the early church the edge of boldness and authority against the on relentless persecutions, temptations and trials they faced before the religious and political system of their day was their keen, personal, in depth revelatory experience of the lord.
the eyes of these men and women have been opened into of kingdom reality to the degree that whatever they may be facing in the human realm could not hinder or stop them from journeying into the arena of fulfilling their prophetic mandate.

however, this transformation did not start overnight. we do remember that almost all of the disciples who talked and walked with christ during his earthly ministry at a point could not boldly stand in defense of their allegiance with the lord in his trial before the sanhedrin, even though they’ve been informed in advance of what was going to happen.

their awareness of how they will deny christ and be scattered could still not prevent them from compromising when the time came.
we had peter, who out of zeal proclaimed that he will never deny or leave christ even though others may. yet, we know that peter did not only denied christ once, but three times, so to open the eyes of peter to something valuable about the principle of kingdom lifestyle.

the truth is, peter actually meant every word he uttered when he said he will not denied christ. peter thought that the power of his determined, soul will was enough to decide in making kingdom centered decision.

peter learnt that following the lord and his divine agenda cannot be merely built on a self-confidence choice, regardless of how seemingly knowledgable, determined, or persuaded we may think we are.

the father will make sure every strength we have that is not completely depend on him will be drained from us. every resource we depend on in trying to carry out his prophetic mandate is bought to and end.

whatever level of our spiritual orientation or exposure will have to pass through the eye of the needle for everyone to come out on other side with the same standardized concept of faith, truth and hope in the lord.

many, up until this hour have build their faith walk and knowledge of spiritual things on some form of external frenzy and popular, accepted religious opinion that doesn’t represent the way of truth.

this kind of spiritual philosophy will not surfaces in days to come. heaven want to bring his ecclesia to a new spiritual standard that can help the church advance further into her day of representation.

we will need more than what makes us feel good and materially confident to step into a season where everything we ever stand for or claim to be the truth will be challenged to its roots.

my assignment through this note is to bring us through the spirit of revelation and reformation into that zone where we become persuaded and assured of what we know and practice in christ.

we must see the wisdom is embracing the rout the lord has ordained for us to bring us to that place or point of adequate development and maturity for precise representation.

while we are highly sighted that what is before may attract temptation, trials and persecution, yet, we should be certain that all of that are ordained by the father so his light can effectively shine through us.

therefore, out perception to engaging the future is one of a victor and a conqueror, regardless of what is ahead.

hence, this is a refresher note to awaken and further prepare those who may not be informed of the spiritual challenge and quality of life that is ahead of the body of charist.

as the ecclesia of the lord further approaches a day of increased advance of prophetic agenda across the nations, we are adequately informed of the increased activities of the power and forces of darkness to use the available system of the world to try to stop and push us back.

whiles there’s a resounding ascendance call unto the mountain of the lord, the church on the same parallel will be facing an increased birth pang in preparation for this glorious day of manifestation of the intent of christ in the earth.

in other words, our assignment to occupy the earth until the lords return will be more faced with hostile resistance from the kings and systems of the earth.

therefore, if we are yet to b trained on how to handle the assault of the enemy, we will abort the process of bringing forth the counsel of heaven by the smallest challenge the enemy throws at us.
there’s a critical need to see what the scripture calls, the birth pang as key indicators of what is about to be unleashed through of the glorious revelation of the ministry of sons of god upon the earth.

yet, it there’s no clear insight with regards to the desired purpose of passing through a season of pain and suffering in birthing and nurturing the fruit of sonship within the ecclesia,

am afraid, there will be a relinquishing of the process of this sonship manifestation ministry.

it is therefore adequately important, we start putting into context the present requirements and challenges the church of the lord may face in days ahead. this is not the time or day to draw back or retire from the seemingly endless difficulties or trials we are facing.

we need to rather see these challenges as the divine standard platform required to build and increase our spiritual muscles and skill to advance further into the present demand of the spirit.

trials and pain of several kinds are some of the best tools in building the necessary characteristic virtue designed to aligned our hearts towards the place of divine awareness and representation.

some of us presently coming into the knowledge and demand of the requirements of apostolic christianity may initially find things a bit challenging, but we should not give into the resistance and trials that wants to keep us from pressing further into what we’ve come to know as the authentic pathway of biblical kingdom lifestyle.

many of the things taking place right now either from a personal grassroots community level to a more national or global scale, are all events designed to increase the contraction periods of birthing the glory of the kingdom upon the earth.

the increased labor pain of our lives is a definite prophetic pointer to moving closer into the reality of the day of the lord.

even so, the day of the lord will not just manifest without the complete realignment of the church into that ordained position of corporate identity and representation.

the emergence of the kingdom of the lord is shaking and realigning everything back to their original status and location primarily in our personal lives and family.

this spiritual demand is activating all necessary measures within biblical values and principles to continually adjust our faith and the rest components of kingdom virtue and its oracles to function effectively.

the division and misrepresentations the church has witnessed for a season now with regards to the value standard of the present global reformation are now becoming the thing of the past as increase sight comes to the body of christ.

we are being brought to a position of what is known as the unified faith. a unified faith requires a corporate spiritual experience that demonstrates a corporate footing and understanding of what the kingdom of god means and represent from the dimension of a purified,undiluted apostolic truth.

this character of apostolic faith requires all the various streams and experience of our salvation to pass through a prism of standardized knowledge and experience in the revelation of christ in order to access the present kingdom initiative.

it is an established knowledge that salvation is the gateway into the kingdom experience and authority.

if the basis of our salvation is not built on the precise biblical knowledge, we are certainly going to have huge problem with understanding and adapting into the transitional process, designed to lead us into the experiential life of the kingdom of god according to john chapter 3 and a revelation chapter 1.

the doorway of our salvation awakens the dead spirit and restores our sight to start seeing and appreciating the things lord in a powerful, unified, glorious manner.

but we have to take the next most important step which is to enter the kingdom. this process of entering demands that we are born of the water and spirit.

this is an important experience that requires your corporation with certain spiritual values and principles that must address all the various defects of the mind and soul faculty.

this engagement is what then enables the activity of the regenerated life already initiated in the spirit realm to prepare us in entering the spiritual civilization lifestyle of the kingdom.

the awakened knowledge of christ within the spiritman is now ready to move to the next realm of engagement as the process of corporate development is initiated.

the precise revelation of our lord jesus christ as seen in the first chapter of the book of revelation is the key into the introduction of life experience that allows us to enter into the reality of true kingdom engagement.

therefore, it will be inappropriate to start preparing the church for the entry point of what is known as the kingdom life without availing the body with the right spiritual tool of the revelation of christ.

many have taught and preached about the kingdom of god, especially as it relates to the current apostolic emphasis but very few resources actually deals with how to accurately transit the church through a unified corporate faith into this reality, since most people have various spiritual environment, footing and philosophy into the things of the spirit in the church.

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