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by Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

  1. The ministry of a biblically sound teacher carries the ascended grace of clarifying and expositing the various facets of knowledge and truths within God’s word in the clearest, simplified format of understanding and wisdom.


2.  The teacher is equipped with the gift to simplify and further amplify certain scriptural references that could be defined as difficult or hard to understand. The truth is, there are certain phrases, statements, adjective, and expression that requires not just revelatory knowledge but historic and geographical context to explain.


3. A Bible gifted teacher by designed is infused with some of the best qualities of the ministry gift of a prophet, in the sense that he or she carries a rear keen insight in the counsel of God’s revelatory truth. He or she is aware of the broader and deeper intentions and objectives of the Father in the art of studying and applying biblical truth to inform, reform, transform, and ultimately, restore man back to his original position and estate in Christ.


4. A teacher, by the default of close relationship with the Holy Spirit and the practice of learning, understands the destructive implication of manipulating the written word, or an inspired, revelatory message to promote self-interest and other narratives and agenda within the body of Christ.


5. The ministry of a teaching priest balances the entire fivefold ministry by the principle values on a sound and well-balanced teachings which includes, rebuking, correction, and training in the art of righteousness. [ A position of right standing before heaven and earth] 2 Timothy 3:16


6. The teacher’s main concern is to identify and build the various organs and departments of the body of Christ as an effective outreach, solution driven, functional ministry that transforms society. A teacher equips to release each of his students as a kingdom driven personals, furnished with the philosophy, culture, and authority to reach the nations as their primary, ordained commission.


7. A teacher is not moved or carried away by the exuberance of its audience. He calm’s them down while imparting truth for the sole purpose of giving insight, wisdom, and understanding to his audience. I have often times witness amongst brethren who claimed to be a voice within the current apostolic circles how the objective of their message was strategically captured by  the crowd they  seek to minister to. They completely lose the spiritual direction and objective of the message mandate to another dominant spirit present in the atmosphere.

The soulish excitement of the mass completely shifts the focus and direction of the message to a different order that merely plays to the very tune the people love to dance to. What a failed messenger. A true teacher of the word defines the parameters of the reach and the atmosphere of his preaching and teaching. No one dares to take control of such sacred space except the Holy Spirit.


8. The ministry of the teacher knows how to identify false, humanist, or cultic spiritual practices operating within a church community, and he’s got the accurate biblical authority, wisdom, principle, and value template to precisely root out such false doctrines and practice as the bible has prescribed.


9. The ministry of the teacher prepares the ecclesia to correctly and effectively handle the practical, socioeconomic and sociocultural issues within society. The teacher helps the church on how to strategically interface its grace and resource with those in charge of institutional governance in the society without necessarily compromising the values of the word of God.


10. A true gifted Bible teacher teaches doctrine, not just from the point of theology, but from the ascended perspective of the power of lifestyle. The end-result of a sound kingdom knowledge is the power of lifestyle, and not just the burden of some knowledge that pups up the flesh. A primary aim of a teacher of God’s word seeks to perfect the saints in a manner that hasten the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ back to earth.


11. A teacher functions in the position of spiritual maturity; as an elder, he or she is seated at the city gate of wisdom in leading the corporate body of Christ to influence society.


12. A sound biblical teacher is a wise master builder who is perfected in the art of taking truth from both old and new covenant to establish the current advancement of kingdom initiative.

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    Blessed and timely

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      Thanks. Much appreciated.


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