When you find yourself lucked around the practice or preaching of a gospel that merely fits into the sociocultural or even the economic norms and narrative of an environment, it is probably the strongest indication that you are yet to be introduced to the ascended life, or understanding of the divine nature and resurrected life of Christ.

There’s enough power in the true kingdom gospel than we can ever imagine. The gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is the power of God unto salvation. The reality is, many are still held under the bondage of Satan and his demonic agents of sickness and all types of destructions because they’ve not had the true gospel.

Many are held in religious and weak humanistic philosophy because they are yet to encounter the authentic authority of Christ’s power in them.  Nations and societies are still held under Satanic bondage today because the church has deviated from the pathway of authentic kingdom gospel representation. Creation is groaning in pain till this hour due to the abdication of our assigned prophetic mandate.

It is sad to see how today’s Church has learned to perfect all types of preaching mechanisms and teachings, including, what we today call the prophetic, without really touching the heart of the kingdom Gospel which is the ascended, revelatory, life and nature of Christ, giving to free, change, and transport humanity into a new heavenly civilization.

I have watched to my amazement how some of our highly adored preachers, Apostles, and prophets have cleverly taught the people on some so-called kingdom mysteries and insights, without necessarily introducing nor amplifying the revelation of Christ resurrected life to the people.

We’ve cleverly learned to dance around the kingdom principles, standards, and demands, While the people remain ignorant, confused, and blind to the authentic gospel of Christ that carries the key to their freedom and liberty. Many are filled with all sources of information and knowledge except the ascended, wisdom and revelation of Christ.

When the gospel preached or received is not daily, making a demand for you to become separated as a standard of God’s mountain (life) around you, I can assure you without a doubt that you’re not being prepared to step fully into the kingdom, resurrected life.

It’s high time you stop getting satisfied with the idealistic gospel that paints a picture of some distant future utopia called heaven but lacks the presence, spiritual wisdom, knowledge, and power to engage your mortality to change into Christlikeness.  The essence of the true kingdom gospel is to break us from whatever earthly realities or human, traditional limitations or a condition that keeps us bound.

While we must be relevant to the people within and around our world, we must, however, remember that trying to give them what is often call our better self, or seek to present to help them find their own better selves is a lie and unfruitful venture. Any life that has not been introduced to the foot of the cross in order for such a person to embrace death, unfortunately, will never find their true self-identity.

The cross is the passage to death, death is the portal to the redemptive, eternal life of Christ. We need to see that trying to compromise the value standard of the kingdom of God to the Body of Christ or the general society only reinforces the fallen, dysfunctional, corrupt nature of man regardless of how nice, clever, or intelligent they may seem.

The best help you can do for someone is to introduce them to the cross of Christ, and systematically show them how the cross will lead them to inherit an ascend life that can never be taken nor be destroyed.

There’s a need to allow our vision to be realigned to heaven’s divine perspective in this new day of Christ revealing glory. There’s an urgent need to move to the place of the washing of our Blindsight to see with clarity again.

The Father now longs for a generation that is stepping out of darkness into the ever-brilliant glory of his Son, even as they are being prepared to be ready to be the bride of his Son.

Friends, we are now being invited again to out of the fading glory of yesterday’s season; now is the hour we are led out by the voice of the Spirit to move higher in the power of resurrection towards that ascended, elevated life called the mountain house of the God of Jacob.

This is the point where the nations will stream to, this is the place where the knowledge of Christ glory and his kingdom will be revealed again in the final ingathering.



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