There’s a God who rules over the affairs of all men…

Psalm 103: 18-20

…18 to those who keep His covenant and remember to obey His precepts. 19 The LORD has established His throne in heaven, and His kingdom rules overall. 20 Bless the LORD, all His angels mighty in strength who carry out His word, who hearken to the voice of His command.…

It is certain that we are in the days of the great move of God.  No one can deny the reality of God’s voice amid all the unprecedented shaking and tremors across the earth. A question, however, we should ask ourselves is, to what degree do we understand what the Lord is saying, and if we do, how are we responding? To what level are we giving heed to his voice and wisdom?

It is critical for us to take a pause and ask yourself, do I have a personal knowledge of this God I claim to be following? Can I confidently stand my ground in defense of what I know regarding the sovereign authority and power of the Lord? Do I see the wisdom, heaven is revealed within the numbers of lives who have perished across the earth through the Covic-19 pandemic or am I among those playing the blaming game?

As I woke up this morning to prepare for our prophetic devotional prayer school, one of the things that came to mind even as I listened to the word of God in the book of Isaiah, is, to what level have we been able to connect to the Father’s wisdom in all that is taking place across the world?

To what degree have we been awakened to his voice, seeing how God intervened to the threat of his people from the enemy. Many today was almost giving up hope and faith due to the level of shared pain and suffering taking place, but how many truly remember that this is the doing of all who refused to follow the way of God’s righteousness.

The message this morning is to awaken us to the reality of the sovereign nature of God within the present global shake-up; the message is to bring us to a new position where we must all ask ourselves to what degree are we responding to the Lord’s sovereign rule and glory.

If the world is ever going to learn anything out of all that has been happening in the past three months, is the fact that all the authorities, powers, and dominion, including that of the unseen realm belong to the creator of the heaven and the earth, and God is not showing the world that he still in charge.

As the pressure of the pandemic continues to reset the earth, it’s my prayer that we shall all responding according to obedience, faith, and hope in God’s sovereign authority. The Lord reigns in majesty, glory, and power. The Lord is speaking to us and we must respond in truth and in his justice, a system called righteousness.

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