by Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

Passion for the Father and the things of his Spirit cannot be satisfied by mere spiritual, material, or even financial blessings. Nothing we receive through prayer and devotion should ever be able to replace the insatiable drive and hunger for the heart of the Father.

The secret of journeying in the ways of God is never to camp around what we receive or have become on earth; we should always endeavor to pursue that inner passion that seeks to know and become all that the Father desire for us.

The gifts, influence, and anointing we may receive from the place of prayer and seeking the Lord should be seen as an enhancement to knowing the Father better, they should never draw us to the place or point of some kind of arrival. This devotional message and prayer will motivate and stir your heart to press further into the holiest of all in searching and honoring the Lord.

This is the day where the Father is searching for those who will honor him with their entire lives; those who will lay their best on the altar as Abraham laid Isaac on the altar before the Lord on the mountain.  Giving our best for him is the best thing we can offer to the Father, and that best is your life.

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