I was listening to one of those Hosanna integrity instrumental songs released in the 80s. I use to play this particular album in my prayer devotional time back in those days. How grateful I am for the internet, technology and online cloud music like iTunes music and YouTube and the rest.

While listening to this excellent instrumental this morning, I found myself explaining to my children how I use to pray for three-four hours back in those days, and how I spend hours in the place of prayer and just enjoying the presence of the Father without the consciousness of time. I began explaining how those periods of my life was a time of prayer that built my spirit.

Yes, those were the days where my spirit was fashioned in the ministry, I am carrying out today. I was explaining to my children the beauty of growing in the place of prayer as a base that forms and establish their spirit.

When we lack a consistent prayer culture, we certainly do lack a spiritual identity which ultimately makes vulnerable to all forms of deceptions we may not be able to detect or expel depending on the gravity of such deception. A strong prayer life equals a strong spiritual state which means an effective, productive lifestyle.

I explained to them that only in the place of prayer can their spirits become strong [impenetrable] and well secure if they chose to enroll in the gym of prayer school. No Body gets to automatically gets to grow in their spiritual without a direct involvement of spiritual training. Many have enrolled in all forms of spiritual discipleship school and programs, including the school of prophetic/ apostolic knowledge, but have deliberately rejected the school of prayer intercessory and prayer to their detriment.

 The foundation of a successful life and ministry expression begins and gets to be sustained through prayer. I told them just as people in the natural life enroll in some school of exercise to train and develop muscles, so it applies in the spirit. Nobody wakes up and suddenly realizes they are fit or have some well-develop arm or waste muscle. Everything requires an investment of time to get the necessary result of intended desire.

How we spend our time, and you what we spend it is critical if we truly desire heaven to invest their economy into our spirit and space. One common commodity given to every human in leveraging with spiritual things is time; he who knows how to spend his or her time [in the place of prayer] a wealthy person.

Many have wasted their time in carnal, trivial things, no wonder their sense of spirituality is fragile and immature.  How we spend and what we spend our time on is critical to the ultimate manifestation of our standing and representation in life. Nobody gets to know the deep things of the Spirit without spending time in the place of prayer.

Prayer is the portal and gateway that introduces us to the various complex channels of our spirit and the intentions of God’s prophetic program for us. The reason why many are suffering from weak spirit today is that they do not have a consistent prayer lifestyle. 

When your spirit is weak, you cannot see certain dimensions in the Lord; you cannot carry heavy things in the Spirit; you cannot engage in certain divine activities, they cannot commit into your hands’ specific important responsibilities that are designed to shift nations and destinies. You will not be allowed to enter certain realms and realities, nor will you be allowed to face certain forces, powers, authorities because they will crush you. 

They cannot deploy you over certain realms and regions to be a watchtower or watchman; neither will you be able to understand certain spiritual constraints, restraint, needs, demands, realities, or protocol engagement or even disengagements in prophetic matters.

Your sense of competence, grace, and ministry will only be based on the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. You cannot judge things and intentions from an ascended spiritual realm due to your lack of spiritual capacity. You only respond positively to that which relates to you from a positive light, and you only relate in kind to the evil that relates to you; your philosophy of response is based on the law of an eye for an eye; you have no sense of spiritual value even though you may be talking about it.

You will only respond positively to the goodwill of men while you are ready to pay the evil for the evil they’ve done to you. When people challenge your position, authority, perspective, or theology, you will easily get offended, insecure, and over-sensitive because they have touched your false secured stronghold.

 A Weak prayer life is the number one cuase for the weak spirit, and weak spiritual state of many in the church. Developing a solid, spirit identity is the place Lord has ordained for us to function, so we are able to expel every form of deception, weakness, prejudice, and false spiritual projections.

The Father desires us to build a well-matured and strong spiritual base so we can help in the corporate advancement and the buildup of the Bod of Christ and the transformation of the nations. We cannot pretend to spiritually mature just because we have familiarized ourselves in the scriptures and things that sound spiritual, yet, our spirit still displaying characters of babies who are still needs of milk.

There is absolutely nothing wrong when a baby is behaving childishly. In fact, when we see Babies trying to act like mature adults, we should be worried because that means something is not right somewhere.

 When we, however, ought to have developed a well-informed, reformed and strong spiritual character through prayer and still need people to teach the basic elementary concepts of the things of the Spirit, what we should expect to get is rebuke, chastisement, and sometimes, judgment from the Lord because we hinder the advancement of the things of the kingdom of God.

This is the hour to spends quality time in the place of prayer so our spirits can become strong enough for heaven to build upon us. 

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