There’s power in what you say over your children and others. Your words can shape and recreate the world of your children. Children who grew up with chronic low self-esteem are the ones that often-become bullies in schools, and later grow up with an attitude of pride, laziness, entitlement, and superiority complex in society.




Today is your best day, my child…… [Mention his or her name] because you live under the supervision, guidance, provision, and care of the Lord, I declared that you are highly enriched, blessed, and favor in the spirit of Christ love and goodness.

The Spirit of Christ counsel, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding increases in you today. You are raised up to know and identify the pathway into all truths. You will hear, distinguish, and understand the voice of the good shepherd from the voice of the prince of this world’s system.

You are not captured nor are you enticed by false hope, lies, and deception. Your life is built on the discipline of faithfulness, accountability, and integrity.   

You are a person of high-quality ethics. You do not grow up anxious, timid, fearful, or weak. Neither are you spiritually blind but filled with the increased knowledge of your true self in Christ and his purpose for you.

My son, you are growing intelligently to see things and people the way they are, yes, you have the knowledge of the Holy One living in you. You are able to identify and discern everyone around you through the prophetic revelation of Christ.

My child, you are made in the image and likeness of Christ, therefore, Jesus Christ is the Lord of all that you desire and grow up to love. I proclaim upon you today that Christ is being formed in your heart according to the richness of his intention for you. I declare that you are a lover of the presence of God. Your soul, and its faculties longs for God’s word and the way of righteouness.

You will walk by faith and not by the fallen human instincts You are born spiritually and emotionally intelligent. You will achieve all that the Father has ordained for you. You will become all that you have been ordained to be in life.

You are strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. You will not be led astray by wrong emotional influence. You are not insecure, nor dysfunctional, you are wise, confident, graceful, and courageous. You are enriched and furnished in the spirit of greatness, goodness, and success in all you do.

Your life is secured in Christ, you are established in the love of the Father both now and as you develop in the journey of your life. Christ completes you in all things. He sends his goodness and mercy to watch and lead you in his good path.

I declare upon you my [daughter] son that today is the best day of Your life. You will love God as you love yourself and family, you will walk in the fruit of his nature as you are awakened into compassion. May Christ light overshadow your heart and pathway today. May his riches abound towards you as you go about today.

You will prosper and be greatly enriched with knowledge and wisdom. You will live in the ambiance of Christian truth, faith, and hope. The Father’s love will uphold and lead you into perfection today, they will guide your feet and establish your heart in righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.

You lack nothing good because Christ is your provider and Sustainer. You are blessed, humbled, and meek at heart. You are favored, enriched, graceful and beautiful Because you are made in the image and likeness of God.

You are strong, intelligent, creative, inspiring, resourceful, motivated, and innovative in all you think and do. You are born and growing up to be productive because Christ was productive in all that he did while on earth.

Wisdom guide you into all obedience. You will listen to the voice of knowledge; understanding will guide and direct your pathway from evil.  Pride, disobedience, and rebellion have no place within or around your life.

My child, you are growing and developing in the eternal prophetic objective of heaven for your life. Sickness, diseases, and the infirmities of anxieties, low-self-esteem, confusion, disorientations, insecurities, doubts, and whatever emotional issues inherited from your parents and the environment have no power over you.

My child, you are different because Christ makes all the difference in people’s life. This is the best day of your existence. You are smart and intelligent. You have increased knowledge and capacity to grasp information, revelation, and wisdom. You are not lacking behind in your studies and academics. You interact with life’s affair with the best insight.

You are quick to learn, grasp, and understand what you are being taught. You are filled with the spirit of comprehension in resolving difficult challenges in whatever form or area they may appear before you.

You will become all that the Father has ordained for you; yes, I proclaim upon you the spirit of creation, administration, and strategic leadership. You will lead yourself and others around you in truth, honesty, and grace. Your peers will see the need to listen and submit to the enriched wise counsel of the Father in your life.

You are self-confident, motivated, and driven to succeed because you are informed and secured in Christ; you are not limited by the fear of men nor do you give in to the false affirmation of the world’s idea of value and standard.

You live by the highest value standard of the kingdom of God as you grow to face the fallen world system. You have the eye to identify evil and turn from them through the power of the cross working in you.  You have the understanding and the will to reject what is evil regardless of how it looks, feels, or smell around you.

You are growing up as a disciplined citizen of heaven on earth, you are a well-informed teenager, and a well secured and disciplined adult in the school of Christ. You listen to the voice of obedience, righteousness, and truth in all your decisions and choices.

I proclaim you are highly favored and blessed today, my son. You will grow in the consciousness of Christ’s love and presence in all you do.

As you grow in the spirit of adventure to know and explore, you will always see the beauty and power of your heavenly Father in all things. Yes, all things, including people, are created in the image and likeness of God, and for his good pleasure, they have been all created. 

You will honor and respect people, regardless of who they are, or where they are born. You will show and pursue unconditional love, mercy, righteousness, and justice.

You will not yield to the pleasure of this world. The attraction of the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life have no power over your soul. Your spirit, soul, and Body is secured in the love of God.

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  1. Powerful declarations. Are these all based on bible verses?


    1. Portalsgate says:

      Hi Sophia, Absolutely yes, they are!


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