A prophetic exaltation to the Body of Christ.

By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

The further we live on the fringes of this new season we have been ushered in, the more we are going to encounter regular resistance, circumstances, people, and chronic needs that will seek us to bury ourselves somewhere in fear. Intimidation is a mastered craft strategy the evil one has always used to weaken and paralyze his opponents from rising against him.

PSALM 27:1

The LORD is my light and my salvation— whom shall, I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life— whom shall I dread

What is that number one thing in your life that you dread the most? What is that one thing that, when mentioned, seeks to cripple your faith? Well, that’s the very thing that the Lord desires you to confront, regardless of how difficult or complex it may seem.

We cannot become all the Father has ordained for us if we have not learned the art of confronting things or even people to seek to intimidate us. Before we can boldly confront those things, we first need the revelation of God’s light.

Light is the illuminating power of the Spirit of God to expose to us what is behind the spirit of fear. Without the revelation of God as our light, we have no faith or courage to stand against the lies of the enemy.

David understood the ministry of [revelation] light as the boldly declare, the Lord is my light and my salvation-deliverer. Salvation brings us deliverance from fear and intimidation.

An entire nation could be captured under the spirit of fear just as we witnessed during the days of Gideon. Fear is giving in to the unknown reality of the future.

Yet, if we are assured that our future is not a mere event that will work against us, but the reality of the omnipresence of God, our attitude regarding the future will change.

Think about this; today is the future you dreaded two weeks ago! Living within the conscious, ascended reality of the revelation of Christ is a powerful antidote to overcoming any form of fear.

The coming election in America is already creating a wave of fear amongst many Americans, particularly the Evangelicals, who do have a profound revelatory understanding of who is in charge of America.

Regardless of how the coming Presidential election of the United States of America will turn out, the people of God need to be certain that heaven is very much in charge of the nation.

The Lord is still and will remain seated upon the throne of ruling in power and majesty over the nations. The nations are the Lords, and he judges as he appoints and removes those he has called for his use. When we put our hope and aspirations in men, regardless of how well-intended they may be, the Lord will allow us to see how quickly the arm of flesh can fail and disappoint us.

The worst mistake for Christians to make is to put his or her hope in someone, especially like the current seating President of America. Donald Trump will continue to remain functional in his prophetic assignment, just like many who have come before him and believe he will not be the last President of America that God will use to advance his kingdom agenda.

The fear of what America will become outside the Presidency of Donald Trump shows how the spirit of fear has gripped the soul of a nation that ought to be under God. Being concerned about people’s apathy and being fearful of what will become the future of America in the hands of those who seek to destroy her for their cynical purpose are two different realities.

We all need to be much concerned about how things are shaping up particularly, in the economic and political arena, especially in this period of Post-Corona pandemic.

Still, we must never be afraid regarding the future. Fear is psychological warfare the enemy has always used in crippling societies and nations from defining their destiny based on truth.

We must be resolute, firm, calm, and secure under the stronghold of the Lord’s hand. The Lord is our portion in the land of the living; we will never bow down to repression or be subjected to intimidation.

Yes, fear is a lethal power that paralyzes its victims, and we must never give in to the spirit of fear as an alternative to survival. We have no alternative than to remain strong and unmovable in the arena of faith and hope the promises of the Father. No one survives under the tyrannical rule of fear and intimidation.

David certainly knew how to engage is an enemy; he knew the only way he could achieve the Lord’s intended design for his life or for the corporate nation of Israel is to charge against what others were afraid to speak about or approach.

Hence, he said, the Lord is my light and salvation, who shall I be afraid? Have you made an inventory of who or who you are afraid of? Fear only becomes a reality when we have a wrong evaluation of who we belong.

2 Timothy 1:7
7For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power, love, and self-control.

Moving towards the days of the end demands, we continuously rehash the nature of our position of faith and image identity in the Lord. Fear is the manifestation of the absence of the presence of the revelation of the Lord in our lives.

Fear is not of the Lord; therefore, as you step out today preparing to send your children back to school as many of the schools start opening up from tomorrow in South Africa, you need to take your stand against this deadly weapon of the enemy.

It’s my personal belief that while God is awakening the spirit of faith cross his ecclesia, I, however, believe that certain regions of the earth, particularly, the nation of South Africa, needs to awaken to the reality of apostolic character of faith.

This nation needs a divine stirring of the spirit of faith to step into her prophetic destiny. We must never allow the enemy to keep us in some hole of hideout; now is the time to step out and engage the high places and the forces of darkness that have occupied our position of legitimacy.

This is the time to dislodge the organized forces of the wickedness and corruption over the realm of this nation; let us sound the alarm of the day of the Lord upon the walls of the nations that the Lord has arisen upon Zion with his mercy.

Let us rise in the spirit of victorious praise as we march out as the army of the Lord to conquer fear and all the evils it comes with to intimidate us. Let the high praises of God be on our lips and the two-edged sword in our hands as we execute the judgment that is written. Let us proclaim liberty and freedom upon our mountains and plain lands.

This is the day of the Lord, and we are taking back what the enemy has stolen from us. Rise daughters of Zion; take your place prince of the Highest, show yourself strong as the Lord’s ambassador across the place of your dominion.

Put on strength and give the Lord no rest in the area of intercession and prayer until [South Africa] Zion becomes the place of his pleasure and glory.

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