This book is dedicated to all authentic leadership voice out there who have continued to cover, guide, and provide spiritual direction to those the Father has committed into their hands.

This material is dedicated to that rising generation of a firebrand kingdom company who are not afraid to charge against the works of darkness even as they press further to advance the prophetic intention of the Father for this generation

This book is dedicated to everyone out there who feels a deep sense of God’s call upon their lives but can’t help to feel discouraged and disappointed regarding the nature and present state of the Church.

This book is dedicated to that one lost sheep of Christ who feels isolated and disconnected due to how they’ve been treated for their stand and defense for truth by challenging the compromising state and religious status quo within the Church.

This book is dedicated to those vibrant young men and women who daily follow me on the social media platforms by feeding their spirit with God’s word through our morning devotionals.

I dedicate this resource to everyone out there who had and saw the need to promote the truth, we’ve been declaring for the past few years for the liberation of the people of God from the hands of the charlatans who have sought to deface the image of Christ and still merchandize his grace and gift amongst the nations. .

This resource is dedicated to those spiritual elders rising to the new realm of City Fathers who will release apostolic wisdom, guidance, and blessing for the advancement of the Church of the living God in this new day.

This book is dedicated to all disciples, sons, and daughters, connected to my spiritual loins. May we continue to look unto Jesus Christ, the author, and the finisher of our faith. May I continue to travail in birth until Christ be formed in you all!


Kingdom-oriented governmental authority is established on the footing and foundational framework of this priesthood. It is, therefore, wise, we carefully reexamine the structural foundation of the kind of priesthood that define our lives and ministry calling orientation. We must firmly and effectively establish and the context and value of a spiritual perspective that shapes spiritual authority and power.

Suppose we claim we are under the leadership of the New Testament Melchizedek priestly life. Still, our projections and expression of ministry shows a different value system. In that case, it certainly means that we have not ascended in our ministry representation of our apostle and highly who is Christ.

The eternal ascended priestly ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ, seated at the right hand of the authority of the Father in heaven, is the place we are called to sit and function as Christ regent in the earth. If we are truly located in this dimension of life, we will certainly not abuse nor misappropriate our priestly authority against our fellow brothers and sister in Christ.

Our position with Christ in that ascended life is where our legitimate apostolic authority comes from, and it is from that point we can effectively exercise our assigned governmental oversight across the realms we have been assigned. As you will discover later that leadership and its power [authority] to execute comes from the precise, functional knowledge and understanding of priesthood.

In order words, there cannot be a truly functional, kingdom authority without the perspective and insight into the priestly order that both defines, shape, and regulate such authority. If all authority comes from God, and we sure do know they do, then we must relocate the priesthood that connects and validate such authority’s effective use.

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