Entering the arts of living

As we all know, January is one of the longest and the most challenging months of the year for obvious reasons.

It had become a long tradition that when people crossed the month of January to February, they want to breathe that breath of relief.

It’s almost like saying we’ve crossed from death to life, and that maybe true to a certain degree.

However, what we ought to be celebrating as people transiting from their former ways of life into kingdom perspective and lifestyle should be the change and progress happening within them.

We should not measure our progress or achievement because we entered another calendar month as highly grateful and appreciative as we should be in seeing the new month.

What we should be grateful for is how we are daily aligning in clear understanding to the prophetic blueprint and visionary intention of the Lord for this epoch.

We should develop the consciousness of living within the borderline of heaven’s direction towards entering the realm of our inheritance.

We should be numbering our days in the wisdom of the workings of the Lord within us through the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit.

We should daily, and regularly measure our ascension as we hear the voice of him calling us to come up higher.

There are new things, new impressions, further instructions, unique insight, and revelations that will add to our ascension ladder.

We should look back to January and ask ourselves what are the lessons we’ve learned are? What are the new things we need to know in this new month? What are new buillding blocks (stone) that needs to be added to the ones already established?

Are there things we need to adjust in our attitude and behavioral pattern that can improve our productivity in February?

We should ask ourselves what should be the focus and direction of our prayers in this new month?

Let us remind ourselves again the heaven has given us a window of opportunity to correct and realign ourselves as the ecclesia assigned to carry out the prophetic intention of the Father for creation.

Therefore, let’s receive all the courage, wisdom, knowledge, love, faith, and hope require you be that generation of people that seek to serve God for their generation.

Let’s remember how David served his generation. It’s our turn to serve the same way David did, even as we become that apostolic generation equipped with the finest of prophetic spirit for this hour.

Happy new month, fellow citizens of heaven!

Ekklesia, #bodyofChrist, #trust #February2021, #rebuildingtheecclesia

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