By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola.

My entire journey and spiritual history can be summed up in one word, prayer. This post was first published on my Facebook page in 2018 to encourage my followers and friends. I have written extensively on my journey and experience around the ministry of prayer.

I was born to pray and intercede, and this is not some meterphiric words. My mum literally birth me on a crusade ground while praying. My life has challenging as it has been is one carved out of the mountain of prayer.

I have nothing in life to boast or glory on than the spirit that fashioned me in the womb of prayer and burdened intercession—praying as I moved from the position of choice to mandatory ministry for me. If I don’t pray I have no sense of perspective or direction. No praying to me is like a wondering lost ship on the high seas.

I was called, educated , and inspired with divine, creative leadership spirit on my knees in prayer.

What many call ministry to me is a call to pray and study God’s word. Giving myself to prayer and the ministry of God’s word had become the most part aspect of my life. As prayer and intercession shaped my spirit in courage and boldness to proclaim the Father’s heart in prophetic ministry,

I have also birthed a generation of men and women all across the globe in the same womb that births me in prayer and intercession.

It is my most profound prayer and hope these men and women are also doing the same through intercession.

It’s in prayer that we birth people and nations to serve their prophetic mandate. Anything initiated without the womb of prayer will not last. We need to reclaim the meaning, purpose, and power of prayer.

Many of the issues we are seeking to understand or resolve will easily answer to the power of a man or woman who knows how to reach the chamber of heaven in prayer. It said that prayer is man talking to God while studying the word of God is the Father speaking to man.

When we yield ourselves to the spirit prayer, we become highly favored of the Lord. We are able to see the world in its true state. False brethren or worldly people do not deceive us.

I don’t have friends who cannot pray. I hate the company of them who hate praying because soon or later, they will drag you down to their low level of carnality.

Prayer is the food that I eat and the wine that satisfy my soul; it is the very breath I breathe. It defines my hope and future. I have invested a lifetime resource for my children in prayer.

Yet, I dare not assume I have arrived, or feel secured on my spiritual achievement. My goal is to keep praying as if I have never prayed before.

I step into the arena of prayer as am lead as if I have never prayed before. Friends, prayer changed and named me. If I cannot pray I feel hopeless, faithless, and loveless.

My entirety is captured in the prison of my love to prayer. My spirit is wired to interact in prayer so as to have a continual in and out flow of my prophetic assignment fulfilled. Those who know me can testify that there’s no Isaiah-Phillips Akintola without a prayer life.

I love the engagement of interceding for people and nations, and of course, the SWEET FRAGRANCE THAT COMES ON ME AFTER A HEART FELT PRAYER.

I wear this fragrance of beauty as a woman wears her expensive perfume on her way out for all to perceive.

What do men perceive of you when you come around them? Do they smell God or something else?

Its time you join the company of them that call upon the name of the Lord on behalf of their nation and generation.

Can you hear the call?

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