Munising on the call to raise a Godly family in a godless society.

In a world that is systematically killing marriage and the family unit the way the Father designed it, we need to be deliberate in using every opportunity we have to celebrate and promote the value and purpose of family the way it was intended, for this is the heart of the kingdom Gospel.

Behind every family, there is a divine purpose regardless of the battle or opposition you may face as the head of your family.

Don’t abdicate your responsibility because of resistance. Stand firm in humility to shape the direction you believe the Father is stirring the ship of your family’s journey as you continually seek consensus.

No family is perfect, but every family is designed to fulfill a prophetic mandate in the affairs of divine intention.

It is therefore essential to do everything within our spiritual capacity to bring redemption to our family.

Allowing our children to realize the importance of family the way the Lord ordained it is one of the call mandates of godly manhood.

While values may sometimes clash with members of your family yet, you must realize that it’s a calling to keep praying and standing on the pathway of the truth for your children to see, and someday, they will replicate what they see in you and through you.

Knowing and consciously promoting what the Lord designed your family for, mainly your children, is in a profound way of preaching the gospel of the kingdom to them.

The most people to preach to are members of our family for various obvious reasons.

However, you must never allow how they think or view you to deter you from establishing the standard of God for them.

Celebrate your family; honoring your wife, children increases the voice and authority to remain a worthy priesthood.

Leave a legacy of faith, love, and hope in family building relationships regardless of how challenging this may be.

Being a man in this season is more than just being a male; it’s all about you rising as a faithful priest with a prophetic voice that constantly seeks to promote the standard of God for your Garden-household.

Protecting your household by standing for the truth is a profound way of preaching the Gospel of the kingdom of God.

Give your children the true identity and confidence they need to become what heaven ordained them to become in life.

As I watch my Son study me, even the way I speak, once again, I am reminded that whatever I do around him shapes his outlook, perspective, and confidence. I realized again that he depends on me to shape his identity, development, purpose, and manhood.

The fulfillment of his assignment hugely depends on the amount of identity, confidence, and courage I released to him.

Unfortunately, many human challenges stem from the place of lack of confidence and self-identity.

Insecurity is society’s number one challenge that can only be resolved through a healthy, godly family unit.

There are children, both grown adults, who are deficient in trust and confidence because parents, particularly, the father did not fulfill his assignment in them.

Manhood is not just about providing money to run the house; manhood is about the provision of vision, faith, courage, confidence for possibilities.

Don’t lose your confidence as a man just because you don’t have money to buy certain things for your children.

It’s your calling to be confident and responsible as you communicate your position and assignment to your family.

Never feel disenfranchised due to lack of finance. Build trust, faith in God for your family to see and watch heaven surprise them.

Show your children that your love for them is more than just making a statement but a true calling of a ministry that our heavenly Father mandates, and I can assure you that they will do the same when they become mature to build their own home and family. The seed you sow is what you will reap in return!

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