By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola


Four hundred years of silence, a famine of the word, sealed heaven, undeclared revelation, scarcity of divine truth, religious perversity, lack of the fear of God, and complete misdirection of heaven’s intent was suddenly interrupted by Angel Gabriel’s visitation and declaration to the virgin girl living in a little town called Nazareth.

The message to her was, blessed are you among women, for you shall bear a son, and his name shall be called Emanuel, meaning God with us.


Nothing in the world of religious knowledge, piety, and Rabonic ideas devotion could have better prepared Mary or Joseph for such profound prophetic declaration that will forever shift the cause of human destiny. This pronouncement altered the Roman Empire, which includes Palestine, put to an end the entire religious Pharisaical system, and of course, the whole human race.


Here we are introduced to a divine pattern of how heaven kick starts the process of divine initiative in the birthing and advancement of a new season in the earth. This pattern of conception defines to us the core footing heaven employs in shifting the history of humanity from one predominant concept of existence to the next. 


There are things (divine initiatives) right now the Lord is birthing through the prophetic office that will alter and shift things in the coming seasons and time, regardless of how well rigid and established they may look.


God was ready to shift his priesthood and government from a blind, obsolete humanistic religious system to a new day of kingdom priesthood, initiated by the birth of the Son of God through a lady known to be a virgin in a little town called Nazareth. 


However, this initiative will not become evident until certain important events shift and reposition the footing and structure of the former priesthood institution, which usually takes place on the platform of a high-level prophetic governmental declaration and warfare.


This declaration stirs the spirit of reformation, which usually occur through seasons of strategic intercession and systematic apostolic confrontation of the false order of leadership at the gates.


This principle can be consistently seen all the various reformation and restoration processes in the entire scripture.  The birthing of a new order that will change and transform nations and destiny comes through a season of the fullness of time.


Time and season must collide for that which has been announced to be manifest. It is essential we don’t keep the portal of Gods entrance into the human world locked in a little Bethlehem manger of our minds. The Father has given us a sign, a pattern, and blueprint of how his purpose and objective are conceived and built in the earth.


We need to learn from Mary and Joseph, who become heaven’s gate for human redemption. The father is still loving for people he can use to enter their community, city, and nation. would you avail yourself for him today because this is what gives the Father pleasure.


Christmas greetings to all my friends, family, and co-laborers in the vineyard.

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