Prophetic perspective in Moving beyond 2022

Part 1



Prophetically, the body of Christ is in a calendar season of reformation and restoration, which means that the type of word being emphasized from the throne of God should be adjusting our image, perspective, and understanding to the ascended height, where we are progressively increasing in the ascended required ministry of wisdom to reflect the current objectives of the Father for the redemption of creation.

Our vision in moving into 2022 must be straight and strengthened to continue looking towards the glorious future we have been called to manifest as Sons entering their spiritual inheritance in Christ. The future is not some calendar months ahead, but the prophetic activities of the Lord shaping and redirecting everything back to their ordained place in Christ. The future is a prophetic reality of God’s seed, lucked within the womb of our visionary callings and mandates. Carrying this seed for the next season as a pregnant mother carries her seed in anticipation of her day of delivery is a state of faith and hope we must keep alive.

We must not be distracted by the activities of the world. However, we must seek to be established in the ever-increasing revelation of Christ’s light. The glory of Christ, truth, and light should be more amplified as we daily yield to the redemptive voice of the Lord through the gospel of the kingdom that will be coming to us. Indeed, the kingdom of God is coming, and it is nearer than we first believe. Our belief in the progressive coming of the Lord’s light should be our greatest motivation as we wait on the watchtower of heaven’s prophetic activity for this season.

The dawning of the morning star we saw rise in 2020 is no longer where it was. There’s been a movement of this Star as the Sun takes its rightful position in governance. Let us be the Sun, empowered to govern and rule the day, as the work of the morning star perfects its work in our hearts.

The glory of the morning Star is entirely different from the Sun. While some are just beginning to awake to the brilliance of the morning star, many have shifted into a more mature level of the rising Sun, moving towards the full light at noon. The Star is given the power to govern the night, while the Sun is given the authority to govern and influence the day.

By the time we enter 2022, we will see and witness a new position and brilliancy of its illuminating power and glory. Hence, the day of the Lord dawns within the Church and across the world. The Lord led the children of Israel through the pillar of fire by night and the pillar of cloud by day. Without a doubt, we live in days of the leading of fire and cloud, and how we respond to these two elements will be determined by the quality of leadership we submit to.

We will be called to break camp and journey through the night season.; these are always the most difficult periods to journey. Of course, many would love to sleep and get rest. Still, if the trumpet sounds at such a [season] period, we must develop the character fortitude to respond in joy and obedience to the desire of the Father, knowing that all things are working together for our good. 

We must not allow the enemy to whisper his lies to our ears as he did in the garden, but we must shun every voice of rebellion and humanistic tendencies that want to be his own captain of the ship. Learning to follow leadership even through their ministry of Rod and Staff is something we must keenly learn and submit to again as we hear the voice of the Spirit through their leadership.

Let’s get ready as virgins whose lambs are filled with enough oil waiting for the bridegroom’s coming. Going into slumber, as we’ve witnessed in the past few decades, I believe, cost us a lot. It’s time to be awake in listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit, as the ministry of Godly men and women rises again within the ecclesia in preparing us for the glorious coming of the King and his kingdom. 

The years ahead will require that we get our lamps trimmed and continually filled with fresh oil of the Spirit, even as we continue to actively and relevantly wait for the return of the Lord as the morning star gives way to the Sun. This type of Star cannot be challenged or stopped, as its glory continues to rise until its full dawn of heaven’s light permeates the entire earth. 


According to Psalm 23, God’s Rod and Staff brings comfort. Only a man like David can truly give insight or experience to such a seemingly controversial statement. In an era where the orientation that shapes our sense of spirituality is formed by a culture of democratization of the Church and the things of God.

Our European, Western, and even African culture has been deeply woven into what we call Christianity. This false order and pollution have continued to create confusion in the hearts of many, particularly this present millennial, so-called born frees. Just the idea of speaking on the subject of ‘Rod and staff’ is a no-go area for many in the Church who have become westernized in their doctrinal stand. No wonder the truth has no place to rest in our so-called progressive Christian life.  

Without necessarily understanding the framework of receiving instruction from the Holy Spirit, our pursuit for comfort has turned the entire meaning and purpose of comfort into something that merely satisfies the unregenerated soul. So many are in search of comfort, but they have continued to refuse to return to the one called the greater comforter. Only when we begin to yield to the ministry of the Holy Spirit will we not indeed know nor appreciate the comfort he desires to bring into our lives and space. 

Believe me, Rod and staff are two keywords that will lead us into 2022 because they are the arrowhead ministry of the Holy Spirit, as He seeks to unveil Christ to us in a way we’ve never known Him. At every season of our journey, there’s a way the Lord comes and reveals himself to his people, which allows them to become more yielded and productive in their advancement to the place of their assignment and spiritual maturity. In this season, the Lord is revealing himself to us as the great shepherd, and this is not just about provision but about bringing guidance and protection that comes with instructional warnings.  

As we continue to align to this restored leadership Spirit of the Lord as a Shepherd in this coming year, we will see progressive development in our kingdom lifestyle. As we deliberately break away from the culture of pride and rebellion, we’ve allowed due to several false teachings and humanistic positions we have allowed into our space for years now. The voice of the Lord, like a shepherd with his Rod and Staff, will become more and more pronounced in bringing correction, reform, comfort, and ultimate restoration.

The Spirit of God, who is the great comforter, is reclaiming his position in our lives in this season.

Indeed, we are full beneficiaries of the ministry of the Spirit of Comfort and Grace, and we must allow ourselves to fully return like the prodigal son who returned to his senses. As we continue to yield to the ministry of the Spirit of God, we will see an increased manifestation of comfort brought into our lives and spaces.


The prophetic ministry of watchers, portals, gatekeepers should start aligning and realigning the order of times and seasons within the core thinking philosophy of the Saints toward advanced kingdom engagement. 

The sound of these governmental agents should start demanding compliance so that the quality of the kingdom education received by the brethren can build up every aspect of the ‘Body Ministry’ of Christ. From this point of ministry, we can start to flow towards that one universal spiritual experience of the ascended life of Christ, thereby accurately presenting Christ’s corporate kingdom priesthood.

Philippians 2: 4-5 

Each of you should look not only to your own interests but also to the interests of others. Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus

Of course, this process requires deeper fellowship with the Spirit and the Body of Christ, which then produces the needed trust, humility, and obedience that makes us more malleable and pliable in the hands of the husbandman.

As I have said, the matured and advanced prophetic ministry for this third day should be teaching and calling every member of the Body of Christ to reflect better the glorious ascended revelation of Christ nature and life in a manner that allows the nations to start streaming towards the glorious light shining out of the temple of the Lord’s mountain, according to Isaiah 2:2.

Since the dawn of 2020, the prophetic objective of the Lord for the Church has been to bring sound and precise instructions, corrections, directives, and sometimes words of judgment to the Body of Christ and the rest of the nations, even as the Spirit of discernment and justice is restored to the Church. 

For a truth, only the Lord has the right to condemn, and He does when he needs to. Both the ministry of judgment and condemnation have their rightful place and timing in the Church, and we need to allow Christ to carry out this ministry when such occasion calls and demands it. Unfortunately, using our soulish, humanistic wisdom to interfere with the ministry of truth has brought the Church to this point where we have almost lost our governmental expression on the earth.

Indeed, some have abused the ministry of spiritual authority, and we have spoken and written extensively about it in the past. We will continue to speak out against this false, illegitimate leadership in the Body of Christ. However, we will not allow the mistakes and irresponsibility of others to cripple the Church from taking its rightful place in bringing authentic leadership to every sphere of human existence.

1 Corinthians 6

4 Therefore, if you have disputes about such matters, do you ask for a ruling from those whose way of life is scorned in the Church? 5 I say this to shame you. Is it possible that there is nobody among you wise enough to judge a dispute between believers? 6 But instead, one brother takes another to court—and this in front of unbelievers!

The work of judgment is a sound, powerful spiritual governmental position assigned to the Church as we see through the Bible. And this comes with a deep sense of maturity and wisdom to precisely represent the mind of the Lord in situations or conditions we are allowed by the Spirit.

Any honest person will agree with me that the present image and activity of most of the Church is almost being distorted to the point of non-recognizable, and this should worry any true Saints committed to the return of the Lord. The return of the Lord is directly connected to the reestablishment of his kingdom agenda and truths within every sphere of the Church of the Lord. In other words, how quick and efficient we yield to the instructional ministry of Christ through his assigned leaders will determine the nearness and return of the Lord.

As hearts are being stirred in the direction of the reformation and restoration of the ecclesia towards that place of relevance both in knowledge and experience, we are beginning to see a closer manifestation of the restoration of the kingdom agenda in our time.


The diversion and misrepresentation of what the Church was ordained for is a major ongoing battle fought by Saints across the nations. The Church must begin to align itself to a kind of leadership built on and well-matured in the ascended revelation of Christ, thereby bringing the Church back to the point and place where our essence and purpose are restored.

The further we grow and mature in the ways of God’s kingdom culture and lifestyle, we will begin to witness the unfolding ministry of Elders at the gates, who will be used by wisdom himself to clarify and bring directives via the Spirit of sound judgment into matters that may look highly complex before communities.

Exodus 17

4 Then Moses cried out to the LORD, “What should I do with these people? A little more and they will stone me!” 5 And the LORD said to Moses, “Walk ahead of the people and take some of the elders of Israel with you. Take along the staff with which you struck the Nile and go. 6 Behold, I will stand there before you by the rock at Horeb. And when you strike the rock, water will come out of it for the people to drink.” So Moses did this in the sight of the elders of Israel. 7 He named the place Massah and Meribahd because the Israelites quarreled, and because they tested the LORD, saying, “Is the LORD among us or not?”

In the leadership of Moses, we saw how the ministry of his staff was used not only to provide for the people but also to bring instruction, direction, and even judgment when needed. Unfortunately, many mainstream charismatic leaders today have been trapped by the power of false influence given by people, which has caused them to lose their spiritual legitimacy. When Saints and leaders alike disregard the protocol and instruction of the Spirit through a heart of single-minded devotion to the Lord, they directly become disconnected from the Christ headship, which makes them vulnerable.

The long season of abuse and false leadership experience in some places we call churches and ministry has raised the Spirit of pride, utilitarianism, rebellion, and complete disregard for leadership, to the point where many leaders today are now threatened to be stoned by their so-called followers. As I have explained in my book, this is an unfortunate reality today in the Body of Christ, redefining spiritual authority. 

We are in a day where leaders are afraid to actively exercise their God-given authority to lead for fear of being rejected, isolated, and of course, the loss of funds to maintain they’re larger than life lifestyle. Many of these spiritually weak and immature men and women who have found themselves in some leadership or pastoral position have developed a nervous breakdown; many have committed suicide. Others have become addicted to all kinds of substances, including sexual sin.   

The further we proceed towards the new day of divine restoration, I believe we will witness a type of leadership that will know how and when to use the Rod and Staff of God to bring the Father’s will and purpose to bear in the Church and society.

As the Lord continues to restore himself through the various ascended ministries, He has set in the Church to advance his kingdom objectives, and the Saints will be restored to comfort, peace, joy, and righteousness. One of the Ministries that we will see manifests this season is Elijah and Moses’s ministry type. These are two types of prominent governing ministries that would characterize the type of kingdom leadership influence in the work of redemption and restoration.

As the Spirit of the Lord continues to restore us in the Spirit of reformation and transformation, we will progressively witness a deeper sense of kingdom-focused, governmental leadership that will lead the Church out of the type of leadership of Pharoah we’ve seen enslaving the people and the nations.  

These combined ministries will rise with a governing prophetic voice against the powerful influence of Jezebel sitting on the throne of many churches and position of influence across government institutions. This ministry with the Rod and Staff of Authority will further bring direction and insight to people, translating to comfort and joy, which is what the nations are looking for. Therefore, the Saints need to learn how to trust the voice of the Spirit by surrendering to these restored ascended ministries of his Rod and staff.

The Ministry of Rod and staff are restored as part of the Father’s reformation initiatives. I see these two ministries of Rod and staff as a symbolic ministry of Moses and Elijah. In the New Testament, they are the ministry of Peter and Paul. These two are arguably the most used leadership instruments to break the ground of the new reality of the apostolic community established in the book of Acts.  

These two are well-seasoned apostolic and prophetic instruments the Lord uses to usher in or close a season that has done its time. Rod and staff are the two governmental instruments of divine instruction, guidance, direction, protection, and even provision that will be prominent in the unfolding days ahead. There are seasons and positions, leaders and ministries that closed in 2020 when the Lord proclaimed his sacred Sabbat upon the earth.

Some things, ministries, and individuals shutdown in 2020 did not rise again for reasons only known to the Lord. However, there are new things the Lord is doing on the earth that we need to consider according to Isaiah’s prophetic word. God is doing a new thing, and it has begun to spring forth…New creams of sound prophetic leadership voices are now rising post-2020 and are being trained and prepared to step into various ministry and leadership affairs with greater authority. These young, dynamic leaders will need lots of spiritual information, guidance, and instruction to prepare adequately.   

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