Relocating your purpose


Dedicated to all in search
for their purpose and destiny!

By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola


Psalm 36:8 For with you is the
fountain of life; in your light we see light

This material is an update of an original article written about three years ago. I hope this update will bring more clarity and in-depth insight into this highly critical subject. I pray the Lord will use this material to expand our spiritual perspective and insight towards God’s purpose for us.


Apostle Paul lays the right understanding and attitude in approaching the journey of discovering the purpose of life, according to this excellent scripture in Philippines 3: 12.

This is a beautiful and excellent example in lay on the right footing and attitude in engaging how to find or discover our purpose in life. The beginning points of finding all purpose in life starts from the awareness that we called to worship God.

The place of deep, intimate devotion lays the right foundation and framework for the development of the right atmospheric relationship with Christ. From this point on, we will develop the spiritual narrative and the environment to hear his voice in relation to his interest and plans for us.

The development of the right spiritual foundation in the spirit, in terms of worship, devotion and relationship with God, enables us to cultivate the ability to hear the voice of God by knowing his mind, and, of course, to know how to respond in terms of what he says to us.

God is a speaking Father, and he always speaks of the unfolding goals, his plans, his counsel and his purposes for us. If we have the right quality of spiritual education that can hear, process, and respond accurately to the heart of God, we will know his purpose for life at every injunction.

Life is a gift given to experience the glorious beauty and purpose that the Father has ordained for each of us. Yet, life can be confusing and, in most cases, frustrating when we are clueless about how to assess this excellent purpose ordained for us correctly.


The architecture of life is based on divine inherent principles, values, and premises that must be clearly understood and adhered to from a personal level to a corporate point of view to complete development, transition, and productivity within the human space. The further humans shift away from these core values, philosophies, and standards, the more we will see and experience the degeneration and collapse of all systems and ideological foundations adopted as an alternative.

Not that I have already grasped it all or have already become perfect, but I press on if I may also take hold of that for which I was even taken hold of by Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:12

There is more to life than everything we see, know, understand, and have accepted as the objective or purpose of our existence. Since you may or may not know that life, I mean your life is connected with a divine prophetic intention, which regulates almost every aspect of your existence. Your life is a complex integrated system of purpose-driven by an ascended revelatory reality of your connection and deep relationship with your maker.

No one knows or discovers the essence of their existence without a keen relationship with the author of their life. This is because of truth; our source of joy and fulfillment comes through our discovery and acknowledgment of the essence of our existence. Many, unfortunately, have been raised and developed through life without being aligned to the precise biblical worldview, values, and understanding of their essence.

Life was designed to be lived and engaged in the actual knowledge of God’s will, plan, and intention for everyone, according to Chapter 12 of the Romans; 1-3.

Therefore, if there is a genuine desire and passionate hunger to search, know and understand what the Word of God says and teaches about who we are and what we have been designed for, we will receive the spiritual experience to uncover the essence of life. We will also take on more profound spiritual and psychological transformation, which further enhances our ability and ability to enter a higher prophetic dimension of our identity.

The reality is many are aware of an assignment upon their lives, but the challenge is very few know the assignment or are just utterly confused on how to locate it and work out its fulfillment. And for those who have to some degree located and even start to function in what they believe is their purpose in life, suddenly become disorientated, fearful, or insecure when they are removed from what they are used to doing, or suddenly get shifted to another area of life or ministry that seems completely different to what they thought was their CenterPoint of their purpose and destiny.

Many in the body of Christ do not understand that the purpose is dynamic and progressive. It works with the various realities of the seasons and the affairs of the Father in our lives, even as we grow and mature in his kingdom. But, unfortunately, the purpose of our lives is not a one-off task, nor a permanent ideology of business or ministry that many have been made to believe.

Purpose through the light of the Spirit is alive, and it’s a progressive journey in line with the voice and direction of the Father for us, even as we are guided through the new pathway and highways of his Spirit according to his ordained timing and the prophetic program for us. Growing up in a way that introduces us to our prophetic identity and purpose is an excellent thing that very few enjoy, for several reasons. Parenthood is primarily sandaled, with the task of helping their children discover and grow in the knowledge of God’s will.

When parents are uncertain about their primary purpose because of their spiritual ignorance, it becomes a challenge to have this sense of our task, unlike our Lord Jesus Christ, who was acutely aware of his task from twelve. It is no wonder that he was already done with the work of salvation, to which he was sent at the age of thirty-three.
The earlier we are introduced to who we are by virtue of a precise biblical identity, the easier and faster it becomes for our children or us to adapt to the program of heaven. Indeed, heaven has a design plan and purpose for each of us, and the foundation or footing we approach this purpose is critically important.

Suppose we are grown up in an environment that does not encourage us to invest time and effort in developing our faculties in a way that allows us to function strategically and effectively. In that case, we are easily distracted and diverted by others who have a stronger identity or opinion than us, which usually happens when we grow up in life.

Secondly, no parent decides your birth or purpose; they are but an instrument in the hands of the Father to bring you into this world where you fulfill your assignment. Some parents are aware of the Father’s plan for their children due to their close relationship with the Father’s divine intention. In contrast, other parents are clueless and void of truth and wisdom to raise their children in the ways of divine destiny.

Even in this seemingly terrible dysfunctional foundation, the brilliant plan and purpose of the Father for you remain firm and undeterred. The Lord usually places people in our space to help us develop our spirit-man in recognizing the ways of divine guidance and direction.

Still, no one has been given such power or authority to determine your purpose and mission in life, including your biological father, husband, pastor, prophet, or apostle. This is an exclusive ministry mandate from Christ alone, who is called the way, the truth, and the life that enlightens your heart into all truths and purposes.

Unfortunately, many people have been indirectly derailed in their honest desire to locate the purpose of their lives through the inappropriate relationships they surround themselves with, especially in spiritual directions. Through this article, I desire to address this seemingly elusive issue.


This is the day of redefinition, consolidation, and increased spiritual insight to enter the realm of mature kingdom life. Maturity, however, in divine things requires accuracy, soundness of truth, and clear application of revelation in the character lifestyle of an ascended wisdom in humility.

Many of the initial spiritual things and truths restored and later misrepresented in the late 80s and early 90s are currently being corrected and realigned to their rightful position of purpose and function, so the ecclesia can effectively and productively reflect the image and likeness of her assignment in the earth.

This explains why many of the current spiritual activities within the Body of Christ tend to focus more on the correction of false knowledge than on the mere desire to manifest the so-called power gift ministry.

Please do not get me wrong; there is absolutely nothing wrong with the manifestation of the ministry of miracles, signs, and wonders. After all, these gifts are given for the beneficiation and profiting of the Body of Christ and creation.

I believe the Church is yet to witness the eternal purpose of demonstrating the miraculous hand of the Father on earth. Yet, I know we are entering that season, where there will be a mature alignment and operation of the entire ascended ministry gifts for the perfecting of the Saints as we await the arrival of our Lord Jesus Christ back to earth.

However, we first need to precisely respond to the present demand of the Father to correct the lies, deceit, and extremes that have brought the Body of Christ into disrepute and redundancy. One of those extremes is the wrong narrative that has beclouded the precise understanding of what constitutes the operation of an individual’s purpose in life.

This is a topic troubling many within the body of Christ. It is why many are no longer attending church gatherings or have gone the way of the current New Age yoga meditation frenzy that we see today in America and Europe in search of alternative means to find out what they believe is their reason for existence.

Many individuals are afraid of leaving this earth, merely because they are not sure if they are fulfilling the reason they’ve been sent to this earth. The fear of not being certain that you are in the place where the Father has ordained for you, or that you’re carrying out the assignment you’ve been ordained for is a major challenge across the globe today. So I think we need to address this issue once and for all so that people can be liberated in their persuasion of purpose.

Indeed, ignorance, lack of insight, and understanding can bring destruction, as the Word of God declares. But if we give our hearts to divine understanding and allow the Spirit of knowledge and wisdom to guide our pathway in truth, I am sure we will arrive at the place of divine rest in our journey through life.

I believe you have heard this saying that you have to find your purpose to find fulfillment. In fact, in identifying purpose lies your joy and contentment in life. I could still remember as a young adult how desperate and driven I was to locate my purpose just before heading for Bible school.

When the whole idea of purpose was revived and presented to the mainstream Church in the late 1980s under the banner of the faith and prosperity movement, it was as if “purpose” was a treasured commodity; a hidden jewel if you wish, or an elusive path that requires a certain spiritual specialist to help us discover it.

Most Christian book shops were besieged, with authors coming up with various versions and steps to discovering purpose and destiny. Books from Kenneth Copland, Mike Murdock, the late Benson Idahosa, Rick Warren, the late Dr. Myles Munroe, and many others become the Magna Carta of many church leaders, particularly here in Africa.

I could still remember reading the book Plan, purpose, and Pursuit by the late Kenneth Hagin, in my quest to be firmly established in what I believe was my purpose in ministry. These were a few authors who laid the foundations for what many charismatic Pentecostal circles are doing today, especially in the field of church ministry and leadership training, especially in the discovery of purpose.

Reading some of these books helped me relate and claim the blessings of discovering what the Word of God defines as purpose. But, even then, the realization of a lingering sense of emptiness and disconnection within me led me to begin to probe and question many things I will usually consume as spiritual truth.

As I continued to dig deep in examining what the Word of God says in terms of my relationship and heart condition towards life and the complexity of understanding my purpose, I realized the missing piece. This missing piece is primarily around the wrong context in which purpose was defined and presented to people, which invariably made it highly difficult for anyone to accept or relate to.


Many are familiar with the life story of David. Still, very few have considered David’s life as a symbolic, prophetic pattern that reveals how to locate and achieve one’s own purpose. David’s life has always fascinated me and the value system that drives his philosophy of existence. His life as a teenage shepherd boy who later became the king of Israel is a beautiful concept of understanding the progressive principle of fulfilling the purpose.

As I have already explained, the purpose is progressive, and the life of David and many other icons in the Word of God attests to this truth. Every aspect of David’s life, from his age as a teenager to his creative art skill, battle, victory, and even mistakes and later defeat, were all divinely woven together in speaking directly to the Latter-day Saints on the matters of the required character lifestyle in carrying out our assigned, seasonal purposes. Here are some interesting highlights that need to be considered when it comes to the progressive nature of the purpose in the life of David.

  1. He was a shepherd boy
  2. He was a skillful harp player and psalmist
  3. He was a warrior and commander in the army
  4. He was a prophet and a priest
  5. He eventually became the king of Israel

Although many of these highlighted points may not have happened intentionally, they all played a divine, progressive role in unveiling the Father’s plan and purpose for David until he finally reached the place where he became the King of Israel. As we can see, each of these qualities in the life of David is interconnected in the unveiling of the next phase of the prophetic plan of the Father for David.

In other words, everything David knew was eternally ordained for him as the right package to prepare him for this great assignment in destiny. David was not born into a royal household that groomed him as a prince who will one day become a king.

He was a shepherd boy passionate about his Father’s sheep, so he was willing to risk his own life in fighting a lion and a bear to save his Father’s lamb and sheep. Yet, his passion as a shepherd prepared his leadership spirit to be accountable and responsible, even to the point of defending what was placed under his care. This was a powerful leadership character that will be later useful throughout his ministry career. I discovered many dreams of becoming the next commander or king of Israel, without being willing first to become a shepherd boy.

When we despise and reject the days of small beginnings, we also defer our day of entering the greater realm of the fulfillment of purpose. The things of the Spirit, particularly relating to the fulfillment of destiny, are usually progressive in nature. When we are not faithful to seemingly little things, we will not be committed to bigger ministry kingdom assignments.


There are two fundamental ways to approach them in dealing with matters of divine truth. The first approach is to examine it from a man’s traditional ideological and religious perspective, or to approach it directly from God’s eternal standpoint, and then relay it back to the world from such lofty understanding in a manner that can be comprehended. This is what I call living from the order of the tree of life.

Whatever truth or spiritual reality is approached from man’s perspective, regardless of how imposing and profound such truth may sound to the hearings of men, are often from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Viewing life from the ascended throne room of the Father speaks of the wisdom that comes from above, and this wisdom will always challenge the best of religious philosophy and the intellectual perspectives of men.

It is the eternal desire of Christ that we approach our lives and the things of the earth from the lens view of the creator himself, so that we can cooperate with the unfolding pathway wisdom may guide us through in the fulfillment of our unique purposes.

When we ascend on high and look at the whole structure of life and creation from within the holiest of holy view lens, we will not only discover how things are eternally arranged and designed to function, but also be invited to participate within that ascended culture and wisdom of divine existence, even in the matters of purpose and destiny.

This is a powerful truth that can completely turn your philosophy of life, family, and ministry upside down, but will leave you reformed, transformed, and ultimately restored back to the divine pattern of existence.

When powerful spiritual principles and value standards are turned as an instrument man uses to build and further his own objective in the name of serving the purpose of the Father, such truth becomes a weapon in the hand of the enemy to corrupt the hearts of men, pervert justice, and even hinder others from coming into the arena of divine light that ought to bring lasting freedom.

Think for a minute how the illegitimate churches and their leadership have contaminated the idea of purpose to justify control and intimidate the people of God from discovering themselves in the light of biblical truth.

Many church leaders, including some that I know well, have turned their members to some form of beast of burden in the name of serving some purpose, created by the pyramid leadership system that enslaves the people of God. How many pastors have wrongly placed titles and positions on their members’ lives to show what the calling and purpose of those church members is?

I have heard of certain guys who call themselves apostles and Bishops who travel from place to place, anointing and ordaining folks into ministry and fivefold offices just to merely increase the numbers of followers to their illegitimate apostolic or so-called prophetic networks.

There are countless saints within churches today serving, yet not happy or fulfilled because their pastors, prophets, or Apostles believed their position of service in the Church is there called, ordained, the position of assignment in life. Yet, we know that these individuals were placed in those pastoral or leadership positions, not because God called them to those areas. Still, because of certain financial resources, talents, or gifts those individuals have.

To make this false narrative of locating purpose even more difficult for people at the time, we were told that we had to fully serve our local church assembly with everything we had, which many later discovered was merely an attempt to manipulate and control people. Indeed, the whole exercise served as a major distraction and diversion designed by the enemy to indirectly derail many from the true path of acceleration in the ordained plan of the Father.

Let me clarify what I’ve said. I did not say saints are not to interact or serve the Church. On the contrary, you and I understand what divine purpose means through selfless kingdom service. The reality is that 60% of the things I know today came from my position of service, both from the personal and corporate order of the Church.

What I am saying is, when you use the legitimate concept of spiritual service and leadership to circumvent or manipulate people’s loyalty, in the guise of grooming them to find their purpose or destiny, we become a powerful tool in the hands of Satan himself in derailing the advancement of the kingdom of God. The truth is that no one has to go on a goose chase to find their purpose of existence if there is clear insight and a well-built spiritual foundation and understanding of how the Lord has divinely designed the [functional] life.

What do I mean by this? Every facet of your being was designed to respond in divine attraction to your ordained, designed purpose. From the day you were born into this world, regardless of how or where you were born, your life has consistently gravitated directly or indirectly towards the fulfillment of its original, progressive mission, and this is a powerful truth that you should not lose sight of.

Your purpose in life is quite simple but complex in terms of the kind of development environment in which your upbringing was formed. Secondly, complex because of the diverse dynamism of your teenage life and those who determine your paradigm outlook other life motivations. Finally, the incidents and even accidents that shape our thinking influence our values, perceptions, and trust, ultimately defining our identity.

It is significant to note that our purpose is to step into the arena of creative leadership possibilities, which are, by default, made up of many core wiring values, designed to function together to find peace and rest, as we take that step of initiative in what you’ve been designed to carry out for such a season in time. Let’s remember that purpose is progressive and not static.

Another point we need to consider is that your purpose is not something you want to achieve to determine your success in the future. Your purpose is to find out who you are in Christ and where he has ordained you to be in the now of your position in him.

Since Christ’s life is the light of man, we become illuminated, especially in areas where He wants us to function when we allow His life to live in us. Such spiritual reality begins to point or motivate us towards a specific direction of life productivity that brings satisfaction to us. The discovery of this creative, resourceful imprint of Christ light in us releases the grace of wisdom so that you can increase the seasonal purpose that you have been invited to share with Christ.

What am I saying? We all have certain default characteristics that make us see and respond to life and its various challenges in a peculiar way. If we allow ourselves to develop a relationship with the Father daily, we will end up fulfilling his purpose effortlessly.

Whether we are Christians or non-Christians, God created us as humans to function in various fields that speak productivity and harmony to the rest of creation. In other words, our lives are a vast ecosystem that helps others function and succeed in their assigned mandates. In fact, when we give our hearts to the Lord and our dead spirit-man becomes alive again in Christ, we have a better insight and greater advantage to naturally see our position of strength and grace in the art of understanding and fulfilling purpose.

From the very day we came into this world, we’ve been responding directly or indirectly. Even when the enemy tries to put stumbling blocks across our pathway, we’ve never stopped to fulfill our purpose. We need to understand that we are aware that our life is designed daily to move towards our ordained purpose.

To merely go to work, earn good money, live in the best places in town, travel across the world, have the best of what money can buy, get married to your so-called dream husband or wife, have children, attend Church and be morally good without understanding the purpose behind those things which only come through your close walk with Christ is to end up frustrated even as a minister of the gospel.

May I be bold enough to inform you that purpose defines our existence, your existence. Your joy, trouble, battles, fear, needs are all reflections of your purpose. The kind of children the Lord gives you, who you choose to marry, are all part of the packed that comes with your purpose.

The environment you live in, either classic or downtown slum shark, is every factor in your ordained purpose in life. Your education, qualification, management or leadership skills cannot be separated from your purpose. Unfortunately, many are cut up searching for joy and fulfillment in life, without understanding that what they need to find is included in their purpose package.

Your joy is attached to how you perceive and understand the reality of your purpose. Your location and ultimate relocation will eventually be determined by how you follow the voice of the Father in the fulfillment of your life’s purpose. Your purpose determines your entire life, and as I have earlier said, purpose is progressive and not a one-time bus stop.

It is vital to realize that one easy way to start dealing with the embedded, inner most hurts of our lives is to learn to find someone we can trust. In most cases, trusting people, at least the folks you think you can trust, will require you to become vulnerable in opening your heart to share your own story.

It is rather a shame and disappointing, to say the least, that only a hand full in the body of Christ today has actually had the sacred space and opportunity to honestly and opening share their life story unscripted. When they do, we make them feel condemned just because we don’t know how to handle complex human issues.

The fact is, there’s nothing closer to us than the essence of our purpose, though you may not initially appreciate or acknowledge it. We are daily confronted with issues that call us to lend a helping hand. We are regularly faced with circumstances we know deep within us. We have the answer, but we will not respond because we are fixative to our own battles, inadequacies, fear and acceptance.

The wrong images and identity created around us have continued to cripple us from rising to the task we know we can resolve. Secondly, some wrong teachings we have listened to in the past relating to purpose have also created another sense of fear, inability, or need for certain individuals or groups to give us approval before we can confidently step into the arena of fulfilling what we believe will give us satisfaction and spiritual fulfillment.

When the idea of your purpose of existence is presented as something hidden in some maze, you’re trying so hard to find, or you find yourself locked within the false narrative that God deliberately hides away your key to fulfillment because he desires you to pay penitence in journeying to locating it, you must realize that this is far from the truth.

The Lord is not some taskmaster who takes delight in your pain, to prove your commitment and worthiness to receive or hear from him. But unfortunately, these are some of the few wrong mindsets I grew up in, and I am sure I am not the only one who was almost damaged with this wrong, perverted narrative of what many termed purpose. I am sure you have noticed that I have not used the term destiny to interchange with purpose because destiny and purpose are two different things, although they sound similar.

Destiny is what the Lord preordained for all his children before they were born to this world. Purpose, on the other hand, is that aspect of your being wired to interact and respond to the simplest and more complex realities of your environment in a manner that unleashes your creative-leadership Spirit, which then produces the light of God’s truth and will to that particular area of life’s need.

Destiny is the pathway your life’s purpose follows, which eventually leads you to the Father’s ultimate destination for your life. Following your pathway to purpose starts with being responsive to those little nudges that attract your intercession and compassion. It begins with how deeply you’re touched when you see people in need, and you feel or even wish you can help.

It starts with a deep sense of listening to what people are not saying in their conversation. You may hear their needs cry out, you may feel their pain, and even see their fears, or may gain insight into their potential possibilities, and this is all wonderful. But purpose, the primary aim of your life’s purpose, is not just about meeting the needs of men as wonderful and highly critical as they are.

The essence of your life’s purpose is to know and meet the needs of your heavenly Father’s heart. It’s about seeking to know his mind in all things and for all things; it’s about spending quality time talking to him and waiting patiently to listen to his response back to you. Your purpose is to learn his ways and desire for his creation primarily through his word.

It’s about standing for the truth when everyone is falling towards the pathway of compromise. It’s about being his voice to the voiceless; it’s about being his eyes to the blind. Whatever purpose you sense for life starts with the heart of profound compassion, but you can seldom develop compassion in a world of pain and cruelty without responding to the ministry of prayer and intercession.

It’s in the place of intercession where the Father begins to reveal his heart to us; that’s the place where he shares his deep secrets with us. That’s the place you receive the love to feel, the resource and strategy to help, and most importantly, that’s where you receive your deployment marching order.

Purpose gravitates towards the ultimate fulfillment of a destiny. In this note, I’d rather want us to focus on purpose, for the mere fact there’s still a lot of confusion and misrepresentation around it. I would like us to carefully examine the mind of Christ in relating to what purpose is, so there can be a balanced insight and understanding.

Again, I have not suggested that locating divine things comes easy or cheap. What I am saying is that a false representation of the ways of the Lord can cause people to end up disappointed and frustrated. Of course, when we misrepresent the principles and values of the kingdom, we derail the objective of the Father in the lives of people.

Due to the days we’re in; we cannot afford to miss up people’s lives and time in the name of serving God. It’s time people know the truth and the spiritual patterns and blueprints ordained for them to live and successfully live here on earth, particularly relating to what purpose is all about.

The reality is, there’s nothing closer to you than your purpose of existence. In fact, it is closer to you than your breath if you understand and pursue the central reason for your regeneration and restoration back to the Father of light. This means that anyone who is truly rebirthing in the Spirit of Christ should not find it challenging to discover and connect to the essence of their existence. The moment a person becomes spiritually alive, the activity that awakens the gravitation towards the fulfillment of purpose increases exponentially.

It is, however, equally necessary to understand that there’s a divine pathway required to connect with your purpose, which comes primarily through one’s intimate relationship and obedience to the voice of the Spirit of God. While your purpose is a breath away from you, it is also true and critical to note that entering the scope of your purpose can also be a lifetime journey of adjustments, change, and a total rediscovery of your biblical, spiritual perception and value system.

Please continue to follow my trend of thought. I am heading somewhere I don’t want you to miss. It took me years to arrive at this point of ascended truth, and I don’t want you to take other decades to arrive at this position of truth.

The reality is that my primary audience’s millennial audience doesn’t have the luxury of another decade to play around with the important kingdom principle. So every moment of acknowledging restored truth and revelational knowledge of the kingdom of God is an advantage to press further into the realities of God’s prophetic agenda for this third day.

Friends, truth and its wisdom of understanding and application are locked within your spirit man. However, the soul also carries many of what I’ll like to call fragmented truth. In order words, truth that is not holistic, meaning they are incomplete. Facts are good, but they are not the truth.

To know truth about any area of life, including what constitutes a sound revelation of purpose, you need a sound spiritual foundation. And when you have a sound and strong Spirit, you will need to align the faculties of your soul with your Spirit, so they can be in agreement. For as long as the soul and the Spirit are not in agreement, it will always create a conflict of interest and understanding within you in relation to what to believe and accept in the matter of purpose and destiny.

I once asked myself this question: what is the space distance between my soul and Spirit? If you’re a student of the word of God, you must have read in the book of Hebrews chapter 4 that the Spirit and soul are so keenly connected that it will only take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God, to divide them for clear identification perfectly.

Yet, to close the distance between these realities through the misguided ideals and wrong desires we’ve accumulated and allowed society to build within our hearts for decades can take a lifetime. My take is, we can define purpose by what we know and have discovered within the myopic world of our soul lens view, without the correct spiritual alignment in accordance with the knowledge of the spirit man.


It is through his light that we see light. The light of our purpose is hidden within our ability to be found in Christ. This point of connecting our entire being in the illuminating [revelation] light of the Father, which disperses every form of darkness and confusion within us, allows the space to see him for who he is, and gives us a brilliant opportunity to see ourselves through the eyes of his will and desire for us. At this point, we can begin to say that we have been connected to the heart of the Father, which holds the key that unlocks our progressive desire for him.

The more the Father’s light illuminates our inner life through call to walk with him, the more we are exposed to his [light] truth, and the more we can keenly see his will and plan for us at every interval or season in our journey with him. Our purpose in life is not a one-time call in fulfilling a lifetime assignment. Your purpose is a progressive journey of the unveiling of the minds of the Father for you as you walk with him daily.

How many times have we seen a vision or dream, and we become so convinced about what we have seen as our lifetime assignment? If I look back at the visions I have received from the Lord, and how those visions and dreams have grown and developed from that initial stage of what I thought was my assignment to where I am now in the fulfillment of the Father’s intended will, it is unfathomable.

Your purpose is an unfolding reality to share in the burden and desire of the Father. Divine purpose is never static, nor can you point a finger to say that’s my eternal purpose for life. There’s no such thing in the entire Bible. When we develop a heart to pursue the Father’s heart, and choose to honor him through our devotion, we will be invited to share in the fulfillment of his prophetic intentions, which may take a moment, an hour, a day, a week, a month, a year, or decade.

Your purpose relates to the prophetic seasons of God on earth, and as you and I understand this, we become his vessels of honor whenever he has to deploy his representatives on earth. The burden of your heart in search for a peculiar, so-called purpose is not to have a true understanding of the way of the Father, but perhaps also to reflect a deep sense of insecurity. I have discovered that many will rather find and define their security in a great project they are carrying out for the Lord than being secured in walking with the Lord.

Those who have truly learned to walk with the Lord are the ones who work with the Father. Suppose some significant achievement merely determines your search for fulfillment in some ‘purposeful objective.’ In that case, I can bet you that when such an assignment is taken from you, or you’re suddenly redeployed somewhere, you will go into depression.

How many pastors and spiritual leaders today are having a sleepless night, not because they are burdened with the desire of the Father’s heart, but because they are losing members, or they are sensing they need to leave behind what they’ve spent twenty years building?

Our purpose is not a destination or some lifetime job description, as many have erroneously defined. A proper purpose driven by the kingdom is instead a journey towards the place of the pleasure of the Father, as we work in obedience to his voice and will.

Friends, the context and platform of our quest for purpose must be precisely aligned with the Father’s divine, prophetic narrative and objective for us individually. But, unfortunately, many of our leaders and churches do not have the right, fundamental, spiritual value and perspective for the essence of life and existence.

Therefore, their entire idea of purpose is wrong and misrepresentative, even if they seem to quote the right scripture to support their false narrative. You will agree with me that many who have taken up the challenge of seeking and searching for their purpose through this wrong narrative we have presented in our churches have led many souls to disappointments and frustration, as they continue to serve under a system that enslaves them in the name of connecting them to their assigned purpose.

As I carefully consider this matter of finding purpose, which today’s one of the bestselling points of the marketplace business target, I realized how far many are willing to go and indirectly be led astray in the name of trying to find the reason for living. Yet, finding the essence of existence is something every human cannot avoid, regardless of how they try.

One of the default wirings of a human is to understand [essence] meaning and give and receive meaning. Where we lack the sense of meaning or purpose, we express dissatisfaction, disappointment, frustration, and even depression to some extent, which may lead to suicide in some extreme cases. People can take their own lives without connecting with authentic purpose in life.

The drive for meaning and purpose is so powerful that it gives us closure even when we lose a very close loved one. But, on the other hand, the lack of understanding of purpose is a powerful weapon in the hand of the enemy to destroy a person, family, community or even nation, as we can see today. This explains why online motivational coaching communities are becoming a prime location. As a multi-billion-dollar business hub, many are investing in today.

You must have heard the statement, you need to look inward to find your purpose, that may be a half truth. But certainly not the whole truth, because you know, as I know, that what is hidden in most of us is the dark realities of our past that we hate to hide or talk about. Nevertheless, many are struggling to develop the muscle of trust to open these dark realms of their souls to others in the name of searching for purpose because of their experience or what they have had.

to be continued!

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