A prophet and those with a prophetic spirit are pioneers. They are sent to break the ground of a new seed of God’s word for the next chapter of heaven intent.

Pioneers do not wait for opinions, approvals, and Fairweather before acting on their conscience and persuasion. They are Pathfinders; they define and give clarity, meaning and purpose to things that may be confusing to others. They easily adapt to new environments and climates, regardless of how challenging the atmosphere is.

They set order, standard, and values based on the original intent of the creator. Their spirit is unbeatable by the tribulations of their day; they are daily faced with death as they seek to bring forth new life and experiences out of the pain of yesterday.

Pioneers are courageous industrial individuals who continues to learn new ways and methods to make the impossible come to pass. Pioneers are system builders; program designers that creates new template of interaction between God’s creation. They are versatile in their thinking and administration of the grace and gifts at their disposal.

A pioneer is prophetic by design and intent. He sees what others are yet to imagine and comprehend; they live in realms people of days believe are impossible.

They define the order of their time and season. It represents the state of things; they break forth the new ground of thinking, they create a new chat system of reasoning that makes their assignment a possibility, as they help others see their potential and competence.

A person with a pioneering spirit never settles for mediocrity. They hate substandard values and compromise that gives people an easy way of escaping from the challenges of life.

A pioneer sets the stage that causes people to reexamine the way things have been done in that past that has become obsolete. A pioneer is ever challenging the norms, ever pushing the boundary of thinking As the seek to establishes new standards that further improve the order of life.

A pioneer believes later becomes the order and measure of the next season. A pioneer lives outside the confines of the presently accepted norms. A pioneer is a heavenly vision-driven entity that lives where Angeles flies and interacts.

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