It is sad to admit that many of the people I have met who have spoken great things about the kingdom of God and what can be called deeper things of the spirit are indeed the impression of pride. Spiritual pride, which is what we are concerned about by definition, is when we show an attitude of superiority in a derogative way. It is not seeing or appreciating the deposit of Christ in those He died for.

It does not appreciate the potential of the kingdom’s investment in people, due to their inability to comprehend what we often call the deep prophetic realities of the kingdom. Pride is to forget that we too lack some insight, wisdom, and understanding in matters of divine representation. Pride is to say indirectly or directly to others that they are stupid, unlearned, uncultured and illiterate.

Therefore, they have nothing of substance to offer than to listen to us or serve us in such a way that they can be rewarded. Pride becomes more dangerous when it is mixed with religion or spirituality.

One of the primary bases for solid biblical spirituality is the possession of the spirit of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, which is manifested through a well-matured character of humility. Humility is not only the ability to show sobriety and pity, but also a reflection of the ascended character nature of Christ in everything we do and say.

Therefore, the way we receive and administer what we claim to be revelation itself must characterize the value and virtue of Christ, which is humility and servanthood. If your ministry is not a reflection of the core nature of revelation, that itself proves to us that what we have received is not from the Lord. The Christ character life must precede our journey as the forerunner.

Biblical revelation comes from the Spirit of the Lordship of Christ, and this sovereign attitude of the Lordship of our Lord Jesus Christ must clearly reflect in the message we claim to have received from the Lord. So, again, if we talk about issues of the Kingdom, our life first must display the true character of the Kingdom. If we talk about church or the ecclesia, we must manifest the life nature of such meaning as the Church. The fruit of what we call ecclesial must be seen through our conduct and service first to the Body of the Christ, then to the world around.

Whatever form of revelation or spiritual insight we claim to be in our possession, which still breeds pride and a certain complex of superiority in us, is not from Christ. The fact is that this attitude stems from the one called Lucifer, the son of the morning or the morning star. Remember, it was the position Lucifer occupied that got into his head that made him assume the false sense of authority and invisibility before the Father, and he was immediately judged.

But the path of the just (righteous) is like the [MORNING STAR] light of dawn, That shines brighter and brighter until [it reaches its full strength and glory in] the perfect day.

EZEKIEL 28:14-19
When our God-given gifts and beauty are not focused on pleasing God in a humble way, that same gift or beauty can become a breeding ground for the works of the flesh to capture our heart. We must never forget that the Morning Star, as much as it is an excellent title, which Our Lord Jesus Christ also bears, is a lesser light; it represents the beginning of our journey into the fullness (Sunlight) in Christ. Let us intentionally guard our hearts against the sin of spiritual pride.

There is a need to pay closer attention to issues of spiritual pride, as we strive to continue to climb the hill of the Lord. We do not want iniquity to be found in us, as it was found in Lucifer, who became Satan, the deceiver. The nature of true revelation should bring us closer to the character nature of humility, sobriety and faithfulness, in order to serve God and his body in the spirit of wisdom and understanding.

The quality of the spiritual values we embrace in terms of the truth and nature of kingdom life will directly define and determine the kind of lifestyle we will ultimately manifest.

Biblical spirituality is directly linked to the value and standard of life that we are [assigned] to manifest in society, and I can tell you that this is not always palatable where we have not fully accepted the path of the Cross.

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