Hosea 12: 13

But by a prophet the LORD brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet he was preserved.

There is a Confluence in the spirit that is currently shaping the prophetic landscape of activity on Earth.

A confluence is a place or point where various types of people, grace, gifts, or skills come together for a commonality of a divine objective.

Many of these grace or gift are often not known or appreciated in the past until a confluence is triggered.

When a confluence sets in , there’s a commonality of platform that gives each one the right , space, and authority to contribute towards the next prophetic objective, and this is what I sense in this hour.

No one by accident find themselves amongst those assigned to confluence around matters of the kingdom, or as related to the redemption of creation.

A confluence is a manifestation of the best disciplined individuals who have sacrificed their time and resources in the preparation for the next chapter of heaven’s prophetic objective.

Where you find yourself in this season determines the spiritual seeds and the investments you’ve made in the past.

There are no coincidences in life. Life by its design is a response to the season of seed time and harvest.

It’s not enough to know how to seed; most seed requires precise knowledge of reading the change in season, meaning climate.

When we miss the timing of seeding, it impacts not just the quality of the harvest but also the quantity.

When we fail to respond to the appropriate timing of the Spirit, we risk losing many benefits that ought to drive the next season of our advancement.

When heaven calls us to action, but we then choose to delay or procrastinate for whatever reason, tells us we lack the fundamental principles of biblical spirituality.

How we understand and respond to the moments of God is a clear indicator of how we see and react to the events on earth. Events on the earth are often shrouded in pain, sorrow, disasters, disappointment, needs, and confusion.

Yet, those following the voice and directives of the Spirit of God know too well that there’s a more significant message heaven is conveying within those challenges. Thus, their response system is not reactive to what they feel but to what the Lord is saying.

Adjusting our spiritual status plays a critical role in the movement of lives toward that ultimate end in Christ.

Each day allows us to examine ourselves in light of the voice and directives of the Spirit. We must pray for continual examination of thought patterns so we are quick to respond in obedience to the voice of the Lord.

Now, we are being called to move to another height in our climbing experience to the mountain of the Lord.

Does this word of instruction resonate with your spirit, or is it just another nice message to you? What next level are you called to attain in your spiritual journey?

While there’s a corporate journey before all the tribe, yet, there is an individual demand each of us is called to know and respond to.

To some, it could be a matter of our spiritual fervency; to others, it means dealing with issues of commitment and faithfulness to matters of the kingdom.

To many, it is still the issues of the past entangling our soul to the lust of the eye, pride of life, and the deceitfulness of riches preventing us from totally yieldedness to the ways of the Master.

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