Unthinkable benefits are waiting for us in the place of a sacrificial fasting experience. I do not doubt that most people reading this material must have been involved in some form of fasting.

Many would argue the Lord answered their request for the fasting exercise, and I have no doubt he did. However, the fact that God answered our prayer or fasting exercise does not necessarily mean he approved the means and methods we applied.

Often the Father gives us what he believes we need, not because we deserve it, or because we have followed the required due process and protocol, but because of his eternal love, manifested through his ministry of mercy. But a time and a season comes when he no longer responds to our ignorance and unwillingness to develop and mature in the knowledge of his divine standard and principle.

This is a new material just finished on biblical the concept of fasting. By the way, we are on the 5th Day of a 21 Days fasting at the Portalsgate community.

This It’s an honor and a great pleasure to be a conduit of God’s voice and expression of the current prophetic emphasis of the Spirit to my generation. material is dedicated to every man, every woman out there who’s had a set on a journey to see the glorious beauty of the Christ manifest in this new day of the Spirit. I dedicate this book to those who have continued to be of great help and support to me by lifting my hands in assisting the huge responsibility of ministry.


Just as we abstain from certain habits and diets in the natural so that we can achieve specific set purposes and goals, the same principle applies to the protocol of spiritual growth, awareness, and maturity. Training our spirit to discern life the way the Father ordained it is an excellent spiritual value that should be commended.

But here lies the battle; the enemy does not want any person to reach such a height of spiritual awareness. So, he puts all types of excuses on our way to blind our eyes from seeing the necessity and benefits to wait on the Lord in the place of fasting.

Secondly, he gives us a thousand reasons why we don’t have the time, space, and strength to wait upon the Lord. The flesh, as I have noted, is the veil that blocks and hinders [the spirit] us from seeing and accessing the ever-increasing glorious realms and realities of the kingdom of God, closer to us than the breath we breathe.

When we talk about fasting in accordance with the Lord’s way, we generally refer to the various means and methods available to shed off the sinful weight of the old man, hindering us from ascending towards that mountain of divine wisdom in our assigned representation ministry.

Bringing the old man to the place of the Cross and maintaining that crucified life is the primary purpose of biblical-focused fasting. Why? When we finally make our way towards that spiritual height in the Spirit, we suddenly realize that many of the things we pursue in prayer and fasting are not the main issue. The spiritual perspective we wear defines how we see things, people, and our personal needs. The higher we go in spiritual understanding, the more our needs and requests change.

Our spiritual height defines our needs, regardless of how things may look in terms of our material conditions.  The word of God says, a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of what he possesses. Many, however, measure their spirituality by what they possess. Of course, this is a false measuring yardstick of who we truly are and represent.

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