A new spiritual height must be achieved in the spirit of the ascended Christ. We cannot be seen to try to run any form of ministry without being restored to the love and passion we’ve lost.

We now need to move away from trying to do anything with the residual, soul-knowledge, and wisdom of the former seasons. It’s time to leave behind the shadow and glory of yesterday.

It’s now time to strive to attain in the spirit of (rest) Sabbath in this present prophetic season, so we can be found on the right footing that would allow us to achieve the various objectives of the kingdom we are seeking as members of the ecclesia.  Agape is the current summit that we are called to reach if we need to enter the current confluence of a company that can represent today’s apostolic leadership demand in government.

The love of God must be rooted again in our faculties. This love must become a passion that ignites the fire of our relationship and ministries.

While the love of God is a gift; a gift of salvation, redemption, and deliverance, this love is a journey of uncovering dimensional truths and revelation portals in the ascended call to maturity. 

The Body of Christ is now being invited to experience a new season of God’s love, even as we enter an uncharted spiritual territory of warfare.

Wisdom is now pointing the Saints to re-examine the exaltation of Brother Paul, according to his letter in Book of Ephesians chapter four, as he lays down the values of moving to the fullness of the height of Agape in Christ.

This love is the arrival of seasons of journeys that transcend the experience and understanding of what many may have believed to be spiritual.

Indeed, we know in part, and we prophesy in part.  In this new day, The Lord is adding other required parts and levels to our sense of understanding in the operational approach of kingdom realities and representation.

There are mountains in God, which we are called to discover and experience as believers in Christ. Each level of our spiritual journey is captured in the height of mountain climbing experiences until we reach the last spiritual summit known as Zion.

The experiences of spiritual development are not the end itself, but spiritual portals that enable us to move from one dimension to the next until we arrive at the place where we see Christ face to face on Mount Zion, the place of ultimate beauty.

Friends, the Lord is opening the heart of the Saints to another height of the knowledge of his ways, truth, and life, as we are required to manifest a greater dimension of his glory to a world manifesting false light to the mass.

This glory, however, will only be revealed to those individuals who have chosen to remain in the atmosphere of the transforming beauty of God’s love, which has become the default operating values of their redemptive ministry.

As the Church continues to yield herself both to the primary and advance (ascended) knowledge of Christ, we will come into a dimension of spiritual perspective where we begin to walk in greater brilliance of the ascended knowledge, wisdom, and counsel of the Father until we reach fullness.

 The knowledge of the glory of God is about to be released in a greater measure than we’ve ever known or experienced, but we need to first leave the realm of yesterday’s manifestation.

We are told that God is doing a new thing, hence, we must forget the past to see and enter the reality of the new being ushered in. It’s been said that the enemy of the new is the past we are accustomed to. If we refuse to break away from the old we are already used to, it will be almost impossible to see and appreciate the new spiritual experience waiting for us on the other side of the mountain.

 Zacchaeus, as we will study, showed the character quality required to enter the sphere of this glorious life of the new which sees the Lord from an elevated position. Zacchaeus saw a possibility with the spirit of his mind when he had the Lord was coming to Jericho that made him changed his mind regarding what others may think of him.

One of the reasons why people often don’t act on what they believe is because they are not persuaded. When you are convinced that what you’ve seen or had is the truth, you are not left with many opinions than to act on your conviction. In the next chapter, we will examine a critical point regarding how the mind plays a key role in the climbing up towards the mountain of the Lord. To attain fullness in Christ is to have your mind aligned with the truth.

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