The awakened Spirit is one of the most exciting realities of biblical spirituality. To be awakened means to be alive and alert to what the Spirit of the Lord desires at every interval and season. To be awakened means to keenly follow the footsteps of the Father’s counsel and wisdom as his kingdom advances towards the next frontier.

Unfortunately, many people who want to learn about or follow the things of God are still being controlled by the former religious beliefs and ideas, which has become obsolete. Once we are truly awakened in our spirit, we are able to see and experience divine, kingdom realities for what they truly are, and not just what we presumed them to be.

The book of Isaiah 50 verse 4 tells us that the Lord awakens us every morning; he opens our ears to listen like one being taught. The one who allows the Lord to be his teacher is the wisest and matured person. The Lord seeks a generation of people who will commit themselves to a lifestyle of discipleship under Christ, never tiring of being instructed in His ways.

In other words, if we present the Father the correct attitude of faith and obedience daily, we would be able to more accurately develop in the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of executing will and purpose of the Lord.

As we allow God’s Will and counsel to gain inroads into our lives, we become spiritually awakened and empowered. Our senses and spiritual organs become mature in a manner that obeying God’s voice becomes a lifestyle of faith and courage, rather than a mere sense of duty and struggle.

We know the enemy will not fold his hands in seeing this spiritual pursuit become a reality, and it’s for the reason we have to daily carry our cross in following Christ. Without doubt, those who have learned to take their cross, follow Christ, have allowed Christ to be formed in them to the extent that the enemy has no foothold over their will and desire.

The Lord is calling us to a new position where we must be awakened daily until we are fully awakened in the fulfillment of Christ’s counsel and desire.

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