When David finds himself in a position to fight a Goliath, David must understand who God is, his identity, and it is that understanding that gives him the edge and courage to face and win the war against Goliath.

The priesthood is the administrative order of dispensing God’s prophetic intentions, counsel, and design for a season. This includes communicating what God has said, what He is doing, and what He wants to do. In the reality of God’s intention, priesthood must adhere to the order of its calling and function.

The Body of Christ needs to understand the nature of its priestly mandate to fulfill it in an effective and timely manner. The understanding of this priesthood not only allows us to have the skills and capacity to advance the intentions of God’s will, but also to release the necessary resources and prophetic direction for the people of God in a generation.

Therefore, to create the required change within human affairs, it is critical that we understand the nature of our priesthood for this epoch. Tracking the priesthood for this hour is a challenge, but highly necessary if we must remain within the order of the authority to represent heaven’s redemptive objective for our era.

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