Theme scriptures: 

Galatians 1:6-18, Acts 20:29. Proverbs 29:17-19, Luke 6:56, 


Habakkuk 1 

By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

I will stand at my guard post and station myself on the ramparts. I will watch to see what He will say to me, and how I should answer when corrected. 2 Then the LORD answered me: “Write down this vision and clearly inscribe it on tablets, so that a herald may run with it. 3 For the vision awaits an appointed time; it testifies of the end and does not lie. Though it lingers, wait for it, since it will surely come and will not delay.…

There is no doubt that we live in one of the most significant, defining moments in human history. Due to the nature and season we have been ushered in, it is critical that we regularly revisit and evaluate the core essence of our spirituality as kingdom representatives prepared to do the bidding of the Father.

The nature of the Age demands that we are keenly position spiritually, in terms of our identity and definition of prophetic vision and assignment.  The scheme of the enemy in this season is not only limited to disrupting the order of life, but also to distort and confuse our sense of prophetic vision, and the purpose drive that brings to pass such a vision.  

Vision gives you purpose, purpose creates the necessary path for you. These unique pathways, created by the purpose of your God-given vision, qualifies and disqualify almost everything your life represents; from the kinds of relationship suited for us to the kinds of environment required to nurture and develop such a vision. 

The purpose of our unique vision defines many of the challenges, trials, persecution, and even resources that come our way.  Furthermore, when we only have the knowledge of our vision, but lack the discipline focus that train and prepare us for action, such a vision will still not make the necessary impact. 

Focus is the discipline and resolve we have developed in the required mental and spiritual training, for the sole expression and fulfillment of our assigned vision mandates.

Brother Paul’s farewell speech captures and defines the spirit and attitude of one who undoubtedly understood what the power of vision, purpose, and focus is, in the fulfillment of God’s calling upon his life.

Please read this reference scripture below to get a clear insight into how this threefold chord is played out in the life of Paul. Acts 22:13-31

When we look back to history, there are various lessons that we can uncover from the lives of people who had significant impacts on the development and transformation of their society. One of the keys that makes exceptional leaders is the ability to present themselves in a time when everyone seems to be hiding away from the challenge or need at hand. 

These extra-ordinary leaders understand the essence and intention of the spirit of leadership, born out of a vision whose time has arrived, and are willing to allow the required purpose, anchored to a discipline, focus drive for the fulfillment of such vision’s mandate.

From a kingdom perspective, the days before us certainly require more than just a new skill-set, or a highly competent leadership aptitude, but rather, a well spiritually mature, kingdom driven philosophy of men and women, who have their leadership identity and competence firmly rooted and anchored in the very prophetic Spirit and nature of Christ’s priestly lifestyle.

In a day and age where we have AI tools that can almost rival any form of leadership or managerial skill solution, we have to present more than just intellectual intelligence to the challenges of the 21st century society. 

We now must present a more profound, prophetic spirit of knowledge, understanding, and highly matured wisdom and grace, as seen with people like Joseph, David, Esther, and Daniel, to mention a few, who produced an excellent spirit in dealing with the issues of their time.

We must produce a quality of spirit and value system that no human philosophy or artificial intelligence can counterfeit, override, or duplicate.

We must now go beyond just being able to perform certain acts that will wow the people to actually bring the prophetic counsel of the Father to bear with an unstoppable kingdom authority.  In a day of the emergence of super humans, we must, through the quality of our leadership spirit, present to the Pharaohs of our time the rod of our visionary leadership position. 

Noah, in his time, was able to start and finish his heavenly visionary mandate without hindrance, because he clearly understood the demand of the Father, and worked with the resources and ability provided for his mission without distraction.

Understanding the unfolding revelation of God’s dream for our day must connect to how we interpret the character personality that formulates our visionary spirit. This redemptive and restorative dream of the Father for his creation should be what informs how we see, understand, and interact with our interpretation of vision.  How you see, understand, and interpret vision will determine how we define our arrival or the success of such vision. 

The fact that something is of the Lord does not automatically define success. Success is a combination of several disciplines, which, includes a clear, precise knowledge, understanding, and wisdom application.  Vision must be understood from a well matured, biblical footing or foundation. 

This foundation is critical in the formation of the philosophy that shapes the roots cause of such a vision, which we usually call purpose. One of the key challenges I see in the Body of Christ today is more of a lack of accurate understanding and interpretation of aligning our various visions, values and principles to various key prophetic agendas of God, and this is a big problem the enemy has capitalized to weaken our resolve and focus towards the ultimate end.  


Often, the manifestation of a gift or talent is an indicator that there is an assigned vision on the inside, tailored to the talent, gift or skill.  If we presume that such gifts or talents are only a means of self-elevation and prosperity, we corrupt, betray, and hinder the objective [purpose] of such gifts and talents and fail to fulfill our core vision. 

Having such a wrong ideology only further gives the enemy the opportunity to keep us focused and blind from seeing the purpose of our life. When we allow our gifts, skills, or talents to become more important to us than the vision or purpose they were meant to serve, we give the enemy an advantage to deceive and manipulate us.

We often see people who have been blessed with great gifts and talents, but who have no sense of direction or purpose, because they have not taken the time to understand why they were given such resources and skills. And since humans are easily pulled towards such individuals with special skills and talents, they continue to sing their praises until a false sense of success and happiness is formed, which is often short-lived, and then they are back to their default position of emptiness and dryness.

If you have some kind of gifts, talents, and skills, but you are not aware of how to use them to drive the fulfillment of a vision, you will only end up causing yourself more pain, depression, and regret at the long run. 

It is regrettable that many in the Church operate in some form of gifts or even skill without the necessary character and spiritual formation, needed to build and regulate the understanding and wisdom that should align them to the purpose of such a gift or skill at their disposal. This ignorance is usually what has caused the issues of the abuse of the gifts or talents we see in most frontline ministries today. 

When we take the gift and talent God has given us and misuse it, it goes against the very purpose of our life, and we end up being unhappy. The skills and knowledge that we acquire should be put towards fulfilling our life’s vision and discovering our true purpose. 

In order to find our purpose and lead a more fulfilling life, we must be committed to our relationship with Christ and others who are more knowledgeable and spiritually matured than us.  To assume or presume the place of vision discovery, and the path of fulfilling it just because you are highly gifted or skilled in certain crafts, is a grave mistake. 


Vision is the source of the philosophy and value that defines our purpose. Without the understanding of this philosophy, events can compromise purpose, people, or circumstances that seek to contradict our vision. 



Just as vision, in its true essence, is not stationary, so does purpose; as vision expands, so does purpose progress. Purpose is the driver of all heavenly visions. Hence, the true knowledge and understanding of a vision is characterized in manifestation through purpose.  Purpose is both the definer and expression of all vision. Without vision, purpose is abused and misguided; time and other critical resources and relationships get wasted.  


Vision, purpose, and focus are three components required to maintain and advance our calling and leadership values for the fulfillment of our prophetic/apostolic objectives. 

In whatever field of life we find ourselves, we need to install these three things within the subconscious level of how we think or desire our children or team members to function, and these three must be arranged and understood in accordance with their order of priorities.  Vision must come before purpose, and purpose must guide and direct our focus. 

Understanding this process will help us build and maintain the correct attitude and priority in the environment or resistance of any form of challenges we may face. 


Purpose defines and explains the course of an event; the reason why things look or pan out in certain ways, and why they should. either be accepted or rejected.  Many, in my opinion, especially within the Body of Christ, do not understand or can correctly differentiate between vision and purpose, and this has caused unnecessary confusion, divisions, and setbacks. We are told that two cannot walk together except they are in agreement.

Based on what we have seen and the data available regarding Christian spiritual index and global missions, it appears many folks are still not convinced about their calling and assignment, or are easily distracted and discouraged due to the failure of church leadership and politics.  Hence, many believers are falling by the way side. 

This falling away is not limited to members of the Church, but unfortunately, those in key positions of leadership. In the past decade, we have had more pastors of churches leave their position and ministry than ever before.  Folks in music and worship ministries have also been hugely impacted by this backsliding spirit. In the 

There are very few people who understand the ministry and protocol of fulfilling God’s plan. Fame, fortune, and social status created by talent, not defined by character, have caused great casualties in the Body of Christ.  

The wrong notion created by man-made vision and purpose has set many on the wrong path, and many today have become disillusioned and frustrated with their faith.  Many today are running their life and so-called ministries based on the figment of their own imaginations, and they still wonder why they are frustrated, tired, depressed, and even suicidal.  


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