By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

Life is about service. God created everything, including man, to be an instrument of ministry unto him. The more we understand what we are designed to serve, the greater our lives become even more relevant, successful, and fulfilling.

Everything we are currently doing serves a purpose. The question, however, is, who’s purpose is it serving? You might serve a purpose that brings glory to God, or a purpose that brings glory to the self-life, indirectly serving the prince of this world who is the devil.

God created everything to serve a definite purpose. The entire order of creation revolves around a specific purpose, or else, the orbital order of life would be disorderly and chaotic, to say the least.

Purpose speaks into the proper way and order of how people and things should function efficiently, effectively, and productively. As we have said, purpose is not vision. Vision, however, informs and drives purpose towards effective functionality.

For example, marriage is God’s vision, and was designed with a clear, definite purpose that ought to bring glory to him. The purpose of marriage is made clear in the word of God, so that anyone venturing into it understands what is expected, and how such expectation should be run in a manner that brings the ultimate intention of the Father to bear.

As we know, there are three key agents of marriage, the man, the woman, and God, of cause. The purpose and function of a joy-filled and purpose-driven marriage relationship depends on the level to which the man and woman understand God’s vision [assignment] and intention for each of them.

When they both understand and are fully convinced of the intention of the Father for the union, and have agreed to come into such a (covenant) marriage with the fundamental spiritual resources to fulfill such assignment, they will in no doubt have a fulfilled, joyful relationship, and overcome whatever trials or challenges the enemy might throw at them.

If the man keenly understands that his life purpose has been eternally designed to bring glory and pleasure to God, regardless of his field of assignment or professionalism, he would certainly do everything within his capacity and understanding to offer his life, family, and work as a devotional worship unto his maker.

And on the other hand, if the woman also understands that her life has been created and wired to serve God through partnership with the man called to serve God, she would undoubtedly find success and fulfillment in her life’s career and journey.

Just as the man cannot truly find fulfillment without his life directly connected to being God’s priest in the earth. So also, the woman cannot find lasting fulfillment and joy without seeking to assist her appointed man in fulfilling his ordained visionary assignment.

Everything in creation is intricately designed to function in a direct or indirect purpose to make life flow well, as a river supplying its source of life to others for their survival.

God has placed this seed of his vision and purpose within all his creation, and it is, for this reason, the word of God informs us that creation is waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God. These sons of God are Saints who have come to the revelatory understanding of the divine order and purpose of life and its governing system.


All vision comes from God, and they are ordained to be carried out within a framework of time with profound clarity of sets purpose objectives. Hence, the purpose assigned for the fulfillment of a vision must be completely aligned to the principles and values of such a vision. The kinds of people that will finish all the intentions of the Father for their time will have in common the clarity of God’s dream or vision.

The quality that will drive such understanding of vision will be underscored through their commitment to the pathway of understanding why certain routes are required or refused. The values and character traits of all authentic driven Saints will be based on the principle and priority of kingdom-driven vision, purpose, and focus. Apostle Paul probably is one of the clearest individuals when it comes to understanding and articulating what vision is.

His insight and manner of communicating the philosophy of vision and purpose in no doubt gives us insight into the nature and knowledge of not just how to understand our assigned vision, but also how to develop the processes of entering the scope of fulfilling such a vision.

His explanation of his calling into ministry to King Agrippa lays for us a profound, apostolic standard in the knowledge of sound biblical philosophy of what a true visionary calling and ministry is about.

This scripture below gives us the insight into what a vision is, and how such a vision formulates the correct purpose-drive, and focus a true disciple needs to make such a calling a true reality.

Acts 26: 18 to open their eyes, so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those sanctified by faith in Me.’ 19 So then, King Agrippa, I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision. 20 First to those in Damascus and Jerusalem, then to everyone in the region of Judea, and then to the Gentiles, I declared that they should repent and turn to God, performing deeds worthy of their repentance.…

The church in the past seasons has built things through the power of a purpose that is not in sync with the correct spirit of an authentic apostolic visionary philosophy. Purpose without the correct attitude of submission to the spirit of God’s vision is like a powerful general in the army. If you don’t use your executive position to check and balance his or her influence, he can subordinate your authority and takeover your government easily. By the way, we saw this spirit manifest in the life of Joab, King David’s army general. 2 Samuel chapter 18, 19.

Be careful who you assigned a mission. Without their keen knowledge and understanding of the spirit of the vision, they assume their own purpose, which will eventually destroy your objective.

We must be careful of what we, or someone else, define as purpose, regardless of how spiritual such a matter of objective may seem. All purpose must be directly or indirectly linked to the advancement of the kingdom of God. Any objective we believe is linked to God’s kingdom must manifest the fruit of Christ and his values in principle.

Purpose is a dangerous leather weapon in the hands of a deceived, confused, abused, and disgruntled person or group in the Body of Christ. Don’t let religion and humanistic belief systems give you purpose.

Purpose can be created and empowered through selfish motives and carnal agendas, and still be veneered as God told me. Objective [purpose] often motives strong actions and passion, but ensures that such reason is directed and channeled towards the fulfillment of the correct vision assignment.

The philosophy of purpose must be understood and shared in the context of a clear visionary spirit anchored in submission and obedience. When you create a PURPOSE that does not align with God’s divine vision and intention, either for his Church, or for humanity in general, whatever money or resources pass through your hands will be abused to promote such a fraudulent purpose created.


As we can see, purpose defines and explains the course of an event; the reason why things look or pan out in certain ways, and why they should either be accepted or rejected.

Many, in my opinion, especially within the Body of Christ, do not understand or can correctly differentiate between vision and purpose, and this has caused unnecessary confusion, divisions, and setbacks in relationships.

We are told that two cannot walk together unless they agree. Agreement is underscored by the uniqueness of an assigned vision that brings two or more people together.
It is the understanding of our agreement that allows us to compromise on the secondary values and methods that are best suitable for the fulfillment of a visionary objective.

Vision cannot be compromised, but we can disagree to agree on the best methods or route to take to reach our ultimate goal. Often, people who do not understand the core nature of a vision’s philosophy spend unnecessary time fighting over things that can be agreed upon based on the best ideas and methods available.

These individuals spend time on trivial externalities, rather than the internal order and configurations that hold the key to the key components of the assignment. They fight around trivial things, rather than ascended truth, which allows the kingdom to advance. They are forever wasting time trying to enforce their ideas or opinions on matters that don’t carry spiritual weight on the scale of preference and performance, just because they have a strong opinionistic attitude.


Mathew 5:38-40

It is critical in these days of overwhelming darkness that we understand the meaning and objective of purpose within the framework of kingdom definition. For example, when you read this scripture according to Matthew 5, you must turn the other side of your face when you are slapped.

No one will be willing to turn the other side of their face to be slapped when they are yet to understand the spiritual purpose behind such a request. Now, I am not suggesting they must first comprehend the benefit of turning the other side.

No, what I am saying is that, in trusting the leadership and wisdom of the Lord, they begin to find joy and fulfillment in what they’ve been asked, even when such a request doesn’t make sense.

Proverbs 29:17-19

17 Discipline your son, and he will give you rest; he will bring delight to your soul. 18 Where there is no vision, the people cast off restraint; but blessed is he who keeps the Law. 19 A servant cannot be corrected by words alone; though he understands, he will not respond.… Restraint is a discipline developed when purpose is in clear focus.

We are meant to be happy and fulfilled even in the most challenging circumstances of life, when we understand that what guides us into such painful circumstances is the dream and vision of the Father. David said he would prefer to be a doorkeeper in the house of God than to seat with princes in the palace.

This is certainly the voice of one who understood the purpose of his life within the context of vision. It is not just about what we do, but also the understanding of the purpose behind such action. It is not just about where we are, but also the keen insight of why we are placed in such a place.

When we live from a position that responds to life generally from the perspective of good and evil, we will in no doubt resist the people and circumstances designed to enhance our capacity and movements towards the ultimate destination of our mandate. There can be no purpose guiding us towards the fulfillment of a vision without a clear definition of its source.

Purpose is the pathway, created through the understanding of an objective. Purpose is the DNA that determines the uniqueness of our individual vision and assigned calling. Purpose can be said to be the bus-stops, junctions, and events of life that shape how we move towards that final destination of our prophetic assignment.

Both the family and church organs are the primary instruments created by the father to fulfill his dream or vision. Purpose is a powerful instrument; a means to an end. When we are finally awakened to the reality of our heavenly calling, and the definition of such vision, everything within and around us becomes altered and rearranged through the uniqueness of such vision.

Acts 26

This purpose set in motion through the uniqueness of our vision, regulate and motivate us towards certain values and behavioral order of thinking and acting to ensure the fulfillment and actualization of such vision.

The reality is, where your motivation and inspiration comes from is an indicator of the ideology that shapes and defines your purpose. Purpose is the fuel that makes the engine of your [vision] car drive effectively towards the direction of your ultimate vision.

Hence, if you have an inaccurate understanding of vision, your set objective will be wrongly interpreted, which would cause you to accept any means or method in the name of purpose in seeking to carry out heaven’s dream.


Vision is God’s redemptive [solution] dream, impressed upon the hearts of all true apprehended ones. This vision creates a unique pathway of purpose for each one.

Vision shapes destiny. Destiny is achieved through adherence to the voice of God, which often comes from dreams. Purpose by design carries within his womb the seed and fruit of its assigned vision.

Vision by design is heavenly; it is not the product of clever human thought, imagination, or ideas. It is not a philosophy derived from religious teachings or church beliefs. Vision is a directive message with a clear mandate that seeks to advance God’s redemptive agenda and kingdom standard of existence on earth.

All visions are prophetic by nature and design. Meaning, they emanated from the heart of the Father to fulfill certain demand within his redemptive and restorative agenda to creation. They have a timeframe and seasons of incubation and development until reaching the period of announcement and fulfillment process.

Because vision is transcendent, they cannot be stopped or captured by earthly circumstances and events. Visions are carried out through a breakthrough, irresistible pathway of purpose ordained for us.


That which God is about to birth through the vision you’ve been given will not be named, nor identified with the past religious system or the present status quo seen.

You’re God’s dream and purpose for life must not be tampered with, nor fashioned by the corrupt order that seems to have perfected the art of deceiving even the very elect.

The days we are in require a more advanced spirit of discernment to breakthrough the religious systems at the gates of what we are called to pass through to enter this next frontier of kingdom philosophy.

Developing the spiritual courage and wisdom to say to obscure and obsolete humanistic systems at the gates will be one of the greatest tests and challenges of the new generation of kingdom-oriented leaders for this season.

Learning from Elizabeth, the wife of Zachariah, the priest who refused and rejected the status quo of powerful religious (leaders) spirits at the gate, who think they hold the key to the knowledge of the things of God, is an attitude the Third-Day church must undergo.

Being able to say not so; his name shall be called John is not something that comes naturally. We all need to learn this kingdom value in order to maintain the direction of heaven’s divine intention.

There are spirits and systems waiting for you, even at the point of the birth of your God-given vision, to try to corrupt the seed by giving it a (nature) name pattern after the very order of what heaven delivered you from.


When you are called to contribute to a visionary assignment, you must make it your priority to know your areas of strength and weakness within the environment of the assignment. Don’t major on areas you know are not your core position of contribution and gift, only to seek to enforce an idea or opinion that makes you look weak and unwise.

Serving a vision that is not born from our spiritual womb, but yet, we are keenly convinced that this is what the Father will have us do for a reason or season. It takes a deep sense of humility and keen knowledge of discipleship spirit to obey such a purpose.

It takes a deep sense of maturity and wisdom to serve for many years, within a field of an assignment or ministry that does not put you in some front-line relevant role of leadership recognition.

It is the nature of humans to define success and progress from a position of promotion that can be measured either by certification, money, or climbing some kind of recognizable corporate ladder.

Please, don’t get me wrong, these things are great to have, but they are certainly not the best yardstick of measuring success or promotion from the Lord. The means and methods the Lord employs to elevate and promote his own are based on his sovereign wisdom, and such wisdom must be clear to everyone.

The Lord promised to reward all those who have left houses, family, and other things to follow him, and these rewards are twofold as the scripture recorded. There is a reward that will be given to us while we are still alive in this present world, and there is another reward waiting for us in the world to come.

Therefore, our theology or ideology of promotion and reward should be biblically accurate and balanced, so we don’t get into the deception of waiting for men to recognize or reward us while fulfilling an assignment we’ve been commissioned by the Lord.

It takes a different spirit to look at promotion from a perspective of being rooted, where the Lord has called and assigned us to serve. It takes a different attitude to live by the instruction and directives of the Spirit, to maintain clear focus on what, and where, we are called to serve, and to remain there faithfully.

To know that our promotion is within the objective and nature of what the Lord spoke to us yesterday, and to understand that our next promotion will come from the next voice of the Lord, who will guide us to the next season of his assignment for us, is the definition of wisdom and maturity.

When we sense that we are being called to serve a vision, we must not engage it with a wrong attitude, as if we are doing others a favor that must be paid back. Learning to trust and follow the guidance of others, particularly those in some positions of matured leadership sphere, is a learned act that comes with humility.

Not too many people have genuinely learned the art of serving and submitting their well of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to help others carry out heaven’s intentions. It’s for this reason that we regularly see conflicts in the execution of brilliant ministry initiatives.

When we serve in some area of ministry calling and then behave as if the front-line leader owes us some reward, the scripture says, we have already received our reward from God. Secondly, such an entitlement attitude is a reflection of manipulation, and at its best, the operation of a witchcraft spirit.

We must not behave in a manner that does not give the leader the latitude to create and expand their visionary mandate, just because we assume we hold the key to certain influences or resources the visionary leader may need to move forward. We must give the visionary leader the room and opportunity to work and move in the direction he or she believes the Lord is leading. Creating room for uncertainty often disrupts the vision projection, especially in the formative stage of such vision.

I have seen what inconsistency can create within the atmosphere of development and advancement of ministries assignments. Some people cannot be trusted due to their immature and inconsistent attitudes.

These are individuals we are told not to lay hands on suddenly. These folks are still immature in the arts and acts of the Spirit. They can easily be talked out of things they vow to commit to. They are the ones who follow a visionary leader for various carnal and self-serving reasons. When they feel it’s time to drop you for another personality or platform, they will not hesitate to do so.

And I have seen and met a few folks who are deeply connected and committed to the fulfillment of assignments they are called to play a supportive role.

These men and women have not only had God’s voice, but also committed themselves to the part they believe they’ve been called to fill in such ministry. The moment they sense it’s time to move to another area of assignment, they begin to prepare someone else as good as them to fill in the gaps they will be living behind.

We are told that when we are faithful to another man’s thing, we will be given ours. Certainly, one of the reasons why many are not able to see or hear the voice of the Lord regarding some form of ministry they believe they are called into is due to their unfaithfulness and inconsistency in what is defined as another man’s ministry.

This is critical, particularly in a season where everyone believes they have been called to pioneer some kind of new prophetic initiative for the Lord. The reality is, some visionary assignments are ordained to function in the ministry of administration, helps, and other supportive ministries.

Not all vision is a pioneering assignment. Some visions are designed to support the larger visionary assignment of kingdom advancement. This is where it is important to catch the revelation that a vision does not belong to a person. The fact that God uses a person to start a kingdom assignment does not suggest that we must own such an assignment. God’s vision is not our personal property, and it should not end up becoming our family, self-serving business.

A vision driven by Godly purpose should never create friction and division, but should rather reinforce the spirit of unity, edification, and the Father’s kingdom advancement.

Based on what we have seen and the data available regarding Christian spiritual index in global missions, it appears many folks are still not convinced about their calling and assignment, or are easily distracted and discouraged due to the failure of church leadership and dirty politics among members and leaders. Hence, many believers are falling by the way side.

This falling away is not limited to members of the Church, but also those in key leadership positions. In the past two decades, we have had more pastors of churches leave their position and ministry than ever before.

Folks in music and worship ministries have also been hugely impacted by this backsliding spirit. The wrong notion created by man-made, commercialized church ministry ideology has set many on the wrong path, and many today have become disillusioned and frustrated with their faith.

Many today are running their life and so-called ministry, based on the figment of their own ideas and imaginations, and they still wonder why they are frustrated, tired, and depressed. Life and its various departments of service are not designed to be driven by human strength or wisdom. The knowledge and wisdom of men is failing in this hour. Only that which the Lord is building will last.


  1. It gives your clarity.
  2. It gives you certainty.
  3. It gives you direction.
  4. It gives you motivation and courage.
  5. It’s select the assistance you need.
  6. It defines your measure of provision.
  7. It gives you a sense of priority and order.
  8. It helps you identify your success from failure.
    9 It helps avoid unnecessary wastage and relationships.
  9. It gives perspective to your peculiar needs, struggles, and challenges.
  10. It informs you where to invest the most.
  11. It defines your values and principles in life
  12. Vision, defines your life’s [objective] purpose

I pray that these outlines of truth regarding vision, purpose, and focus will help correct and realign your life back to the Father’s plan for your life, family, or ministry.

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