The year 2020 has opened a new spiritual frontier, which now requires the wise at heart to adjust their spiritual wineskin and operating system to walk into all the Father has ordained for this new day. The year 2020 was not just another calendar period, but a period in time when God’s prophetic demand for his creation entered another realm of expression.

According to their use in revelation chapter 3, the word door and key of David are metaphorical words that God uses to depict and explain the next position that he will have the Saints to enter to proceed towards the next frontier of spiritual realities of the activity of the manifestation of the kingdom of God.

There are doors, access points into dimensional realities that we need in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, so that the Holy Spirit can lead us to understand the unveilings of the glory of the Father and his kingdom in this third day.

Without the spirit of wisdom and revelation leading us into this spiritual expedition of the brilliance of light in Christ, there’s absolutely no way we appreciate the prophetic significance of the season we have been ushered in, and the wisdom required to be revealed in bringing down this wisdom and knowledge of this Age. Without this guidance, we would be entirely lost.

The Key of David is essential to gain access to these eternal dimensions of the truth and glory within the heart of a Father. As God’s kingdom agendas begin to take on a new level of spiritual importance, he will want us to have a deeper understanding and connection to the fulfilled realities of his prophecies. To fully understand the realities of the kingdom’s life and operation, we must have and utilize divine keys. David represents one of these essential keys.

There are spiritual realities that surpass all the knowledge and experiences we’ve gathered from the first and second-day position of our interaction of either Christianity or what some of us call kingdom truth. We are told that no human eyes have seen, or even imagined, the things that God has prepared for those who love him and are called according to his eternal purpose.

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