What is the prophetic significance of the devastating earthquake in Syria and Turkey?

By Isaiah-Phillips Akintola

Hebrews 12:28. Therefore, since we are receiving an unshakable kingdom, let us be filled with gratitude, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe.

Matthews 24:6. You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. These things must happen, but the end is still to come. 7 Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. 8 All these are the beginning of birth pains.…


In the Bible, there is a principle that says first the natural, then the spiritual. Just as we have in the case of what is known as the first Adam who is of the earth; the natural man. So, we have the order of the second man-Jesus Christ, the last Adam, who is of the spirit.

The same principle that can be applied to almost every aspect of life is also relevant to the occurrences and realities unfolding in the physical realm, such as the earthquake that just took place in Syria and Turkey.

Again, we know that the natural always precedes the occurrence of the spiritual. The repercussions of what just happened will be far-reaching and devastating, as we have seen in the physical realm. This event will have a spiritual manifestation that will be just as devastating.

Consequently, we must question how ready we are to face such spiritually damaging and destructive forces if it ever occurs? Are we ready as the ecclesia for the age of the kingdom? Do we have the quality and spiritual technology that can withstand this kind of [spiritual] earthquake when it impacts the spiritual house?

If we have not built our houses with the kind of divine material, insight, wisdom, and understanding that allows us to be firmly stayed and rooted in Christ, the eternal rock that cannot be shaken, then we are in trouble in this season as the Church, because the rain, flood, storms, and fire will come.

I heard one of the people being interviewed on one of the German media houses, and this man said, “We do not have the technology that can withstand this kind of earthquake and tremor”. He said our houses are not designed to resist this kind of earthquake. Hence, the level of devastation and loss of lives.

The question we should ask ourselves during this period of global loss is, have we built the kind of houses with the engineering capacity to withstand this kind of destructive earthquake and after effective tremors?

Do we have the spiritual wisdom, knowledge and understanding to withstand this kind of earthquakes and tremors, because the word of God says? Once again, I will shake the heavens and the Earth. God’s voice is shaking everything that we have built in this last day, and if our foundation is not built on Christ, who will suffer great loss

When we have over 21,000 people lose their lives in this kind of earthquake between Syria and Turkey, that is a devastating impact that cannot and should not be ignored. There is no serious follower of Christ and the nearness of his kingdom that will dismiss this as one of those unfortunate disasters inevitable.

There are no isolated occurrences when it comes to the understanding of life as it is intended, particularly in terms of biblical interpretation. Everything within and around our lives is meticulously interwoven and interconnected, even when they seem not to have coherence. Life is one that is woven with a far reaching mysterious connection that we can ever imagine or understand.

My point is, what just happened in Syria and Turkey in relation to the earthquake, or what is going on in the war between Ukraine and Russia, carries a far bigger in the redemptive purposes and counsel of the Father, which should bother any serious follower of Christ.

As we enter the age of the Kingdom, we have to completely change the way we look at life, the way we interact, and the way we connect with the things of the Spirit. The spiritual things are now beginning to find their way into the natural realm. And of course, the natural realm is a pointer of greater spiritual activity that must adjust the way we see and interact with life.

For a certain, the Church of the Lord is progressively entering the twilight of what Christ and his apostles call the kingdom age. This requires us to adjust our sense of understanding of God’s prophetic objective, even as we posture hearts towards the ultimate revelation of the second coming of Christ.

We need to be re-establish on the principle of kingdom truth and lifestyle that cannot be shaken even at face of the most devastating. The foundation of faith and hope again is a reminder to reinforce the eternal truth of God’s prophetic desire. The Lord said again, “I will shake not just the earth, but also the heavens”.”

The question we are felt with is, how solid is the footing of faith, and how strong are the pillars that hold the commitment and philosophy of the revelational realities we have in Christ. The foundation of human ideology and philosophy is now being tried as we draw nearer towards the day of end of all things.

As we mourn the loss of thousands during this earthquake, biblical prophetic students cannot but relate this to a profound signal of the end-time manifestation of biblical prophecy. Hence, in keeping watch to the unavailing [final appearance] of Christ and his kingdom, we cannot but seek to know the heart of the Lord regarding this sign.

The reality is, there will be more signs that require us to be prepared, as in the days of Noah, as the signs of the days of the Lord draw closer than ever before. I believe this is a major prophetic sign of the last days, which calls the Saints to adjust her vision and wineskin towards the fulfillment of heaven’s divine agenda for this age.


The coming of the Lord and the ultimate appearance of his kingdom can be summarized into two basic signs, which can be described as external and internal signs. External signs are often what we are fixative on, because we are moved by destructions and devastations occurring in real time that speak to what we have read, or taught in our biblical class or prophetic training. An example of one of these signs is the devastating earthquake that just happened in Turkey and Syria respectively.

It is said that over 21 thousand lives have been lost, with countless injuries. The first thing that occurred to me is that disaster does not recognize geography, religion, geopolitical, or economic boundaries.

It is said that this massive earthquake destruction is the highest seen in recent times, and this is still forecast that the potential of a more devastating earthquake will take place in the nearest future due to the nature of the region. One thing that is clear in the nature of devastation witnessed today in terms of either natural disaster or war between two nations is the high increase in human fatality.
Yes, we are told that the nearness of the day of the Lord will trigger wars and rumors of war between regions and nations as we witness the invasion of Russia over the region of Ukraine.

Then we have the signs of famines, a powerful diabolic activity of Satanism, economic meltdown, the almost collapse of sound moral judgment in sociality, and of cause, the final appearance of the anti-Christ, the man of sin.

The second signs of the end of the age deal directly with the state and condition of the heart of those whom we assume already know the Lord. These are individuals who have openly confessed and accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

As we rightly say among those who have been freed and delivered from an organized church system, the journey is within and not necessarily external. The prophetic activity that defines the coming of Christ and his kingdom is an internal sign that shapes how they adjust and interact with life.

These individuals have changed from the physical human temple built by stones and clay to a spiritual lifestyle that follows the lamb wherever he goes. Within the world of these Saints are signs and signals that inform them regarding the nearness of our Lord and the kingdom of God.

It is not about what they see in terms of the prophetic manifestation of earthquakes, devastating destructions, famine, increase in deception, or global platforms prepared for the final unavailing of the man of Sin.

If care is not taken, due to a well crafted, deceptive and seductive agenda of the enemy, according to the speaking of our Lord Jesus Christ himself, the elect may be deceived. This deception is due to believers shifting focus from the inner life journey to start fixing attention on the physical manifestations around us, there is a tendency to be lured away.

When we allow the physical signs of devastation, hate, and rejection, and the increased compromise of leaders in the body of Christ to impact our focus, we will eventually be sway from the center-point of our inner journey and transition towards Christ. Our Lord highlights this concept when he used the analogy of the ten virgins in Matthew chapter 25, known as the wise and the foolish virgins.

As important as the physical signs are to our watch of the coming Messiah, we need to focus our attention on the second sign, which is the most important prophetic sign needed to keep watch and prayerful so we don’t miss the arrival of the bridegroom.

As we move towards an accelerated activity of prophetic season of the nearness of the kingdom, we must endeavor to keep our signal directed towards that inner experience and journey towards his appearance. The inner signs will allow us to be prepared for the outward sign of the end of the age. In other words, if we start to get spiritually cold, we begin to get lukewarm and disorientated regarding the directive of the Father.

If we allow the external forces and challenges to pin us down to the level where we begin to lose perspective and direction in terms of who we are, and what we ought to be waiting and watching for as bride, we are bound to miss the inner voice of the Spirit.

As prophetic watchmen and gatekeepers, we need to give clarity and perspective to such a profound activity that has changed the narrative of the state and condition of the Church and the nations as it relates to the divine agenda of the Father for this epoch. We need to watch and pray so we can keep watch on what the Lord is doing within us.

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  1. roberta says:

    Grace to you. I was so pleased to “happen” upon this site. I have served with the underground church in Turkey in a mission to locate Syrian refugees and supply them with the gospel. Amazing…stories to tell! Miracles that happened. However, I just wanted to say that while there I kept noticing the architecture and the way in which they built buildings, vastly different from American construction. I thought maybe they had more knowledge than us until the great earthquake…then I realized that the buildings were being built not to code which is so unfortunate. However, the negligent contractors have been detained. In the spiritual sense, I realized that the largest quake happened in Antakya, which was where the church at Antioch was situated. All of the 7 churches in the book of Revelation are located in Turkey, but with modern names. I knew within myself that these earthquakes had a greater spiritual significance than we knew.

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